At what age does a Puppy blow its first coat!

At what age does a OES puppy lose its first coat? DO they tend to lose it in certain spots first! I have noticed small balls of fur on the carpet and Drake seems to be thinning between the shoulder blades. Does this seem right he is just 5 months old?
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From my experience, the mature coat will come in at about 10 mo. or so depending on the dog. I have an 8 mo. old, Bentley, and I can see the adult hairs coming in (they are thick and white) but he still has a lot of puppy coat. You will find that grooming needs will change and a lot of matting will happen overnight it seems. If you want to keep the coat, it will need a lot of extra attention during this period. Sometimes with females their coat will thin when they are in season, but generally I think male coats remain the same. They won't lose the puppy coat but the adult coat will start coming in and if the puppy coat is not removed by grooming, it will mat. I think that many first time OES owners end up having to have their pups cut down around a year because this change of coat has happened and caught them off guard. Good luck :)
Sandy, Winston, Oliver and Bentley
Merlin's adult coat started coming in at around 6 months which I remember reading on this forum is pretty standard. I also remember that the transformation is complete a few months later.

I took Merlin for his first trip to the groomers today for a clip and was suprised to still see so much darker grey on his coat as they didn't clip much off. Underneath it's light grey which will be the color of his adult coat. (He's now 9 months old)

Five months sounds pretty normal for your pup to start showing signs of blowing his puppy coat.

Dancer is five months and I've noticed for over a month now that her adult coat is starting to come in. You can really see it if she's standing out in the wind and it blows the coat up so I can clearly see the difference.
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