snow nose

Hi. my OES nose has been slowly getting white. I thought this may be snow nose, have no idea and am curious what I can do to prevent it to becoming white? Any suggestions re: this medical conidition? :arrow:
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I've never even heard of 'snow nose'' ....
:arrow: I'd take her in to get checked out by her Vet to rule out VKH.
How old is she? How long has she had it? :?:

Fading Nose

Some dogs and cats will occasionally lose pigment from their noses, causing this feature to turn white or red. In most cases, this isn't a health problem, but it looks unusual, to say the least. And for folks who show their pets, a fading nose can keep a pet out of competition until the normal black color returns -- if, in fact, it ever does.

The most common cause of a fading nose is "snow nose," says Grant Nisson, D.V.M., a veterinarian in private practice in West River, Maryland. Vets aren't sure why, but many breeds of dogs will lose pigment from their noses during the cold months. (This rarely occurs in cats.) People once thought that snow nose was caused by bright sunlight reflecting off snow and bleaching the nose white -- or by a combination of cold and trauma, since dogs often use their noses as miniature snow shovels. Vets have found, however, that even dogs living in warm, southern climates may get snow nose, so weather doesn't appear to be a factor.

There is no proven way to prevent snow nose, although some breeders swear that giving pets vitamin E and kelp will help restore the color. (Your vet can recommend safe amounts.) Vets sometimes advise getting rid of plastic food bowls and replacing them with metal or ceramic bowls since some pets may be allergic to plastic. Finally, your vet may suggest a thyroid test be done. There is no evidence to prove that it is true, but some vets believe that low thyroid levels can cause the nose to lose its color.

Snow nose isn't the only condition that can cause the nose to fade, although it is the only one in which the color eventually comes back. When a nose goes pale and stays that way, your pet may have vitiligo, a condition in which skin cells lose some of their melanin, or pigment. Pets with vitiligo may turn white on the paws, lips, and fur as well. Vitiligo appears to be a hereditary problem, affecting Doberman pinschers and Rottweilers more than other breeds. It will keep your pet out of the show ring but is otherwise harmless, says Dr. Nisson.

A more serious condition that can cause the nose to fade is Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada (VKH), or Harada's, syndrome, which occurs only in dogs. Vets suspect that it is caused by an immune system disorder that damages the eyes and the pigment in the skin. It can turn any part of your dog's body white, and without treatment, it can lead to blindness, says Dr. Nisson. Vets often prescribe steroids to pets with this condition, which help keep the immune system from going out of control.

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Thanks for the update re: my OES nose turning white. Now, his lips are turning light grey to white. I'm really worried, but when I brought him to the vet they said he was fine. Can anyone suggest a vet that specialize in OES in the San Francisco Bay Area? I would love a second opinion.

Hi Grace! Thanks for the informative news about Charlie's fading nose. He started getting this condition this year. It started when when my husband and I got married and moved. The water was the only thing that changed. So, at one point i thought it could of been that. I've been giving charlie bottled water. But just worried about the condition. Charlie is seven years old. When i talked to another OES breeder she said that the condition isn't common with the breed. Anyways, now I'm trying to find a second opinion. Any suggestions in the san francisco bay area? Thanks
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