A dog slowly closes its eyes while looking at you?

What does it mean when a dog slowly closes its eyes while looking at you?

I see Dancer doing this all the time, when she looks at me, I know it sounds silly, but I know she loves me. The look on her face is so sweet, it makes me heart melt, but I wonder if there is any real meaning, in dog-language, for this sort of slow motion blink.
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I dont know, but I DO know the look youre talking about...lol...it IS the look of love...no doubt!!
I always thought it just meant they were "panting themselves to sleep."

I know that when a cat does this it is cat language for "I love you". If you gaze at them..(not stare) and slowly close your eyes...they usually do it in response. If they are across the room they will come over to you purring and full of love.

Now as for dogs...dunno? Maybe they are saying..go away! :D

Okay I'm joking as it probably means the same thing with dogs too.

I mean what's not to love...as alpha we protect them , are good hunters as we bring home beef, chicken, and a number of things home for them..yup..probably means they love us.

Marianne and the boys
Yep...ditto on the cat comment!

I think its the same for dogs, or at least, I'm hoping!
I was told that when an animal closes their eyes slowly while looking at you, that it means they are submissive to you. I don't know how true that is, but that's what I have always thought it meant :)
Anj277 wrote:
I was told that when an animal closes their eyes slowly while looking at you, that it means they are submissive to you. I don't know how true that is, but that's what I have always thought it meant :)

I have heard that too. But I think the "eye closing" that Stacy is talking about is something else. I have always heard you shouldn't stare down a dog that is is a signal for confrontation.

But as anyone with a dog knows it's hard not to look into those lovely eyes. I always thought that slow closing was a kinda way of saying "I love you and I trust you and we don't have to worry about dominance issue here" It's a different look than the quick blinking that indicates submissiveness.
I asked Barney and he said: "Ruuuufff!.... In the morning it means Geez what a horrible mug I have to look at. Otherwise, it means I know you love me and I don't have to keep an eye on you because I trust you." :D
I have no idea, but Annie can literally wink one eye.

We were once in the car with Annie in the back and two tough "gang banger" types were in the car next to us smiling at Annie. Then I heard one say, "Man, did you see that? She winked at me."

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I thought of this.
I thought it meant Mom, I am watching you and if you leave the room I will know, you only think I am sleeping. :lol:
When charlotte is looking at me and slowly closes her eyes, i do the same to her, and she snuggles then up to my lap for a long big cuddle.
So i think it must be the love u very much thing.

Charlotte has beautifull long eyelashes, and that makes me even meld more when she gives me that loving look.

She is also using this look when she knows that she is very naughty, or when i am on the phone.

It is sooooo hard to resist. :D

Greetings Anita (the Netherlands)
I've seen this in my alpha female Border Collie, but she does it as some sort of defiant act towards me when I've told her to do something; she sits her bottom down firmly and does the blink and it makes me feel like she thinks she can dare me to get her to do something. My OES pups have never done this to me, but they do the slow love blink that just melts me.
When dog look at you and close it eyes , it means love you lot and I’m feeling sleepy but I know you are always with me to take care of me. Thanks for your love and I’m always with you whatever happen next.
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