Advantage Flea Drops

Have any of you used advantage once a month flea control drops? I've used them before with cats, years ago, and haven't seen a flea since, until now. This morning I found one on one of my cats. I also have used them with my first oes, but again, a few years ago. I haven't had any fleas at all on any of my four-leggeds in so long and I think they changed the formula for advantage. I called the vet, and got a prescription filled for my cats and my dog, it has gotten so expensive! About 60 dollars canadian per animal! That's for the entire season though, and I know it worked really well before, but at that price it had better work just as well now!

There is construction going on right behind and beside my house, they are digging basements and cutting down trees and building new homes all around me (I must say, I preferred having no neighboors, and we're now looking for another house) and I think they've stirred up all kinds of bugs, I think they must have stirred up some sand fleas as well. I've also seen a lot of caprenter ants (huge) in my house (grrrrrr). Anyway, done venting.... so if anyone has any recent experience with advantage I'd love to know how it worked for you.
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I use Advantage on Henry year-round and have had no fleas--it does not work on ticks though. (Henry and I live in a place that does not freeze so we need year-round protection.) Check the internet for the best prices, I found my vet to be more expensive than on-line ordering, and in the US I don't need a perscription.
I used Frontline for the longest time. Then it kept getting more expensive so I swithched to Seargeant's Pretect. It worked great, until this year. Abbi has her first fleas, and Pretect does nothing for them.
I am on my way to the vet this morning to get Frontline, because ticks are plentiful down here also.
I found this link, but there's lots of them around:
Please be very careful with the flea meds from pet shops and grocery shops around your young puppies and cats. I work for a vet and have seen too many cats die from Hartz Mountain flea drops. Be very careful and read all the lables wich I am sure you all do I just wanted to put out the warning.

I use Advatix right now and I doin't really like to use it but it is the only thing that really works for me with the tick problem here on the shore.

I like Advantage and it seems to be very safe (The Advantix is not safe for cats at all even, and even for the cat to groom the dog could be fatal.)

Frontline is also good, but it does not seem to kill the ticks or fleas for as long as the Advantix, and it does not repel mosquitos.

Good luck, and I hope you find a new home and good neighbors.
I have been using Advantage on my cats for a number of years. In the past year, it seems that Advantage has become weaker or less effective in controling fleas. I administered the drops to my cats about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks ago and one cat is covered in fleas and the other two aren't covered, but I have spotted fleas on them as well. Has anyone else had any problem at all with reduced effectiveness using Advantage? The problem is so bad I have to spray for fleas today after not having fleas for years. I am anxious to hear from anyone else has this problem.
For whatever it is worth, I started using Zodiac brand this year. I looked
at the active ingredients and they are the same as one of the big name
brand drops. I have (knock wood) not seen a single flea on either of my
dogs. My neighbor had a really bad infestation, and I helped him spray
outside and gave him stuff to use inside and then we put the spot-on flea
stuff on his dog. The problem was solved very quickly - to my surprise.
Now I did have my dogs on the spot-on treatment as soon as I suspected
there were fleas next door, cause my dogs play with his dog. (He is quite
naive about fleas and ticks esp. where his dog is concerned - it can't
happen to him) But when he began finding bites on himself he was willing
to listen.
I have used all the big names for years -all with big prices as well! I have
been VERY happy with Zodiac - I have found it every bit as effective as
anything I used before. And the very best part is...... $12.99 for a 4 month
pack!!!! YAY!!! A bargain always makes me happy. You may want to
check it out for next time. If it isn't the coverage you need though, it
won't be a bargain for you.
I hate fleas, and ticks for that matter! What purpose in the grand scheme of things do they serve anyhow?
I would think their niche could be filled by something a bit less evil!

I to use Zodiac brand and it works well.
My Vet uses Frontline but I did not see any differenc except
the cost was more.

My breeder uses Frontline and has for many yrs.
Vet said Frontline protects the dogs more , stays on a whole month
and that advantage is just like useing Flea spray.
Hope this helps. :)
I use Revolution for a number of reasons. The dog and cat Revolution is the same stuff, so if I run out of kitten or cat Revolution, I can call and they will tell me the amount of dog revolution to put on, or vise versa, however it can take a few cat Revolutions to get one of my dogs done....LOL Also in dogs it treats a wider range of things, such as fleas, ticks, heartworm disease, earmites, and a form of mange. In cats, the same ingredients treat the same things, including aiding in the prevention of hookworm and roundworm.
2 months ago, I ran out of the Revolution, and had a few extra Advantage vials left over that I hadn't used yet, the date was still good, and since a full month had passed, I saw no reason why I couldn't apply the Advantage to the sheepies. Annabelle had no reaction, but Jack lost a patch of hair the size of a 3 inch circle in diameter, and the area turned red and raw. I assume it was a reaction to the Advantage, it healed quickly and the hair has grown back. I won't try that again though. :roll:

We had an outbreak of fleas, not too long ago, we used Adams flea shampoo on the sheepies and umpteen cats, and then treated everyone with Ivermectin, and fleas were gone again. We learned to be careful and quarantine for a period of time when we bring a new animal in, and make sure it gets a flea and tick treatment before going around the other furbabies.

Stormi and co.
There's a Husky in our conformation class that lost about an 8x8 inch patch of hair due to a reaction to Advantage. From what his vet said, this type of reaciton happens a lot. The hair has mostly grown back now but there's a ring between the inside and outside of the patch that hasn't grown back and they aren't sure if it will. He had no other reactions associated with it though.
Out of at least 20 cats and probably ten dogs over the years of my own pets and fostering I have only had one cat have a reaction to advantage....
I prefer it because I don't want to subject them to unnecessary chemicals. I don't like medicating constantly for worms, ticks etc... since we don't have a problem with those things. I do find advantage works well, and because our weather is cold most of the year, I only have had to use it one month this year.
:? we are using frontline for our dog and cats,that works perfect! :D
no more fleas~ :twisted:
We use K9 Advantix for Jasper. It takes care of fleas, ticks, and mosquitos (big problem around here).

With our kitties, we use the spray frontline. It works great for us and they don't weigh very much or have a lot of hair. One $25 bottle will last us about 6 months. Pretty cheap for them since one tube of Jasper's is about $13/mo.
My cat, Tommy 2 Tone, experienced a reaction to advantage flea tx. He quickly beacame a "wild, bronco" cat dashing about the house, avoiding our attempts at comforting, took up residence in his sand box,curled up in a "fetal Position" He refused food and water for the rest of the day. It was noted he had a bright redspot,Aprox. 3 inches where Advantage was applied. Cool cloths were temporarily applied,although he resented and acted fearful with my touch. Now. two weeks later he has lost his hair in that area and constantly scratches. I will not use this again. Is there really any safe flea tx.

Interesting post and I was glad to hear about the experiences of the various brands by members.

I have been using Advantage which I really liked. Even with so many pets I didn't have a problem for years until early this past spring. Blue is the best indicator as he's allergic to flees so as soon as he started straching I knew. Gasp for all my critters..3 month supply cost me 200 dollars!

I'm glad I read this post as I may explore other brands to keep the cost down.

Marianne and the boys
Anonymous wrote:
My cat, Tommy 2 Tone, experienced a reaction to advantage flea tx. He quickly beacame a "wild, bronco" cat dashing about the house, avoiding our attempts at comforting, took up residence in his sand box,curled up in a "fetal Position" He refused food and water for the rest of the day. It was noted he had a bright redspot,Aprox. 3 inches where Advantage was applied. Cool cloths were temporarily applied,although he resented and acted fearful with my touch. Now. two weeks later he has lost his hair in that area and constantly scratches. I will not use this again. Is there really any safe flea tx.


    I've had Muffy for 14 years, used Advantage regularly and never had a
    problem before. I used it on both my cats and both have become
    lathargic and have stopped eating.
    I don't know if it was from the Advantage or not. I bought it at a
    Pet Supermarket in Pompano Beach FL
    Snowball got sick first and then almost a week later Muffy got sick too.
    Muffy passed away this morning. Snowy is starting to eat a little, but
    still not acting like himself. Muffy was older and frail already.
    Snowy was solid and has lost almost all his weight.
    Has anyone experienced Advantage symptoms?
I found this thread while looking for help for my precious rescue cat who has been my best friend for 11 years. Within hours of my using Advantage (from my long time vet,) Samara became very, very ill and non responsive. Friday night she was happy and active but itchy. Saturday morning, I was rushing her back to the vet's. She had a bowel movement on the floor and was laying next to it barely moving. She had never gone outside her litter box, so I knew she was very sick. She won't respond to petting, treats or anything. She wont even move her tail. The vet gave her a cortisone shot and fluids and assured me it was just a reaction, but Samara has gotten worse in the past 20 hours since we were there. I have worked with special needs and elderly cats for years, and I know the signs of "the end." My beloved kitty is showing them and I am devastated. I can't imagine my life without my precious little fluffy cat who snuggles next to my face every night. I feel awful knowing that my attempts to help her have made her this miserable. I am taking her back to the emergency vet today to see if we can do anything more. In the meantime, I am a nervous wreck and can't eat or sleep. I will NEVER use Advantage again and I will warn anyone I can. Everybody who knows me knows how precious my little Samara is. I found her when her eye had been shot out with a BB gun and she has been devoted to me ever since. I hate Advantage for doing this to her!!!!
You did read my post about the poor poodle stuck to its crate after being treated with Advantage.......benzyl of the inert ingredients got onto the crate plastic dissolving it and then rehardening it, thus glueing the dog to the crate! 8O
I have a 7 month peakapoo who I have used advantage on 3 times. Three times too many. Each time she totally freaks out, running, shaking, digging her head into the furniture and more. I will never use it again. The strong odor is also very offensive to me.
I used Advantix once on Brick.
It made his skin so sensitive that just the lightest touch would make him droop his back.
Never used it again.

I use Frontline now with no issues and used it on Zeke when he was with me. No issues with him, either.
I have used Advantage on two occasions when I found adult fleas on my dogs. (Yes, I applied it properly.) Both times, approximately 24 hours after using Advantage, two of my three dogs (not related but same breed) had very strong "burnt" smelling urine and their coats also give off this same odour. This strong smell lessened after about a week. The dogs showed no negative signs other than this "stink." (No, I am not imagining it!)
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