what are hot spots???

Dexter has been licking his right front paw alot lately.......well last night after I finally wore him down I was able to get a closer look....... the skin between two of his toes is really red - - - I shaved it down - but can't seem to see any scratches or anything....... it seems really damp between these two toes too and somewhat inflamed............ could it be a hot spot??? or what??
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Hot spots are infected, open, oozy skin wounds. With enough licking, that toe area could develop a hot spot but it doesn't sound like its quite there yet.

I would see if you can figure out what is causing the irritation and perhaps try an antiseptic to cleanse it and an anti-itch powder to soothe and dry the area. I apply Gold's Medicated Powder when I see my dogs persistently licking at an area. Others may have better recommendations.

You want to keep the skin dry, so you may need some help keeping your dog from licking the area. . . perhaps a sock would help or maybe an elizabethan collar. . . I am not sure if a bandage is good because it might keep the area moist. Hopefully, others will chime in.
Could very well be. Hot spots are acute, moist dermatitis and common to our hairy breeds. They may occur just because theire is old hair and skin scales near the skin, allergies, injury, scratch, infections, parasites such as fleas...........just about any skin irritation.

Lesions can develop in a few hours, are red, moist and very painful. If not treated quickly, a Staph bacteria can enter and then things really get exciting.

1. clip off all hair in infected area.......you may have to get help with this...like a vet.....if the dog isn't willing to cooperate.

2. Clean with a povidone-iodine solution or any mild antiseptic soap.

3. Ointments may keep the area too moist, however a corticosteriod or antibiotic ointment may be just fine.

4. Keep the dog off the spot......good luck. Can you cay "bucket head?" I'd suggest wrapping but it would keep the area moist and, let's face it, the dog is just as good at unwrapping as we are wrapping.

5. Sometimes vets give antiobiotics espec if they suspect Staph has moved in.
I've also often read on various sites that spots like that between the toes are often from food allergies, a yeast thing?
does it look anything like this:


of course that isn't between the toes so is bigger than what you may be talking about
Every time Dixie goes in for a check up the vet looks at her toes. If the fur is brownish I am asked if she is licking her feet, again...due to allergies....
My Max seems to get them in the summer. My Vet said all it takes is for him to start itching in one area, which could easly be caused by One Flea bite on him. Once the dog starts itching, it gets itchier for him. And then bacteria sets in and it itches more for the dog. Max has been itching so much latly, its driving me nuts. Because I know off to the vet I will go to get a shot to stop the itching.....which works very well, but cost a few bucks
Hannah gets hotspots. She loves to lick her front paws. If they lick the hotspot alot it makes the skin hard. You have to catch hot spots right away or they spread. We've been lucky lately because I am able to "catch" Hannah in the act of licking her paws EVERY single day. So that is helping to prevent the hot spots. Basically hot spots are a pain.

You've been given great advice.
Trim away any wet hair. If the hotspots are bad they need antibiotics. You should be able to get a topical ointment from the vet and when they are licking too much use the ointment.

Not uncommon Sheepie thing, unfortunately.
sounds similar as to what I'm going through now. Cheslea bear is going to the vet tomorrow to get checked out for what sounds quite similar to what you've described....

Hmmmm..... :?

Maggie has developed a similiar wound on her front paw. She is licking and it is red, and a little oozy - I spoke with my vet and she recommended Tee Tree Oil - apparently it acts as a anticeptic but apparently dogs hate the smell so needless to say Maggie will not lick the wound with the Tee Tree Oil on it - we put it on ever few hours to keep it clean and keep her tongue off of it You can buy tee tree oil at any drug store.
Sheepish wrote:
apparently it acts as a anticeptic but apparently dogs hate the smell

I used a mixture of teatree oil and olive oil on Dixie's sores when her skin was raw. I got the proportions off of the internet somewhere.

I was told that it can sting sometimes, so something to watch for...but yes, works well if the dog doesn't lick it off.
my vet ...recommended Tee Tree Oil

THANKS! Never thought about that! I can't stand smell either. Had some and threw it away :cry: Will get more and put in doggie medicine chest.

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