Computer is Slow, Help

Can someone please tell me how to clean out my computer so it isn't so slow?

I know there is very specific things you can do, besides running anti-virus and adware and spyware stuff. Done all of that. Checked the network, etc. We have high speed whatever it's called. Hubby handles that stuff but doesn't know how to clean it out. Or he won't tell me.....MUWAHAHA

Heard of cookies?

Any help would be appreciated.

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My husband swears by this program if you are running Windows XP:

I use Crap Cleaner (free software) to clean up my laptop & desktops for work and even my computer at home:

Hope that helps.
In windows go to "Tools" then "internet Options" and you can clean out the cookies and the history. You may also need to clean out all the temporary files.
Have you run a disk clean up?
This will also dump all unneccesary files, temp internet files...history..etc.
Start-All programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Clean up
Also if you haven't run a defrag lately that would also help.
That is also located in the system tools area.

I also use this program

Have you also checked to computer memory to see if you are running on enough memory? May need to add more.
LIke Ginny, I rely first on the direct method of cleaning. When I end for the day, I right click the blue "e" that the Explorer icon (LOL, you'd think I'd remember these things!), then click properties. Then erase the temporary files, the cookies, and I also clear history. That usually cleans things up. I also run the programs to clean up adware and stuff. You should have several different programs there becase just one doesn't clear them all up. Also do your virus scan frequently.

I've found some days the computer just runs slow tho I too am on a cable. Could be traffic or cable damage somewhere that is slowing things down.

Thanks Guys for all of your help! Turns out Hubby had been doing most of the stuff. But, I didn't have a clue how to do any of it so it was very helpful all of the info you gave me.

As it turns out our computers were hijacked. Even though we have all the stuff: ie, antivirus protection, spyware, etc. Something wasn't doing it's job. Had to have a computer tech out. Five plus hours later, He discovered we had two different things going on where they log your keystrokes and track everything that you do online. Then something else too, but I can't remember what it was. Only that it was BAAAAAAD. Any way something's fixed and somethings disabled. I know I'm just a wealth of information. I bet you wouldn't guess that I'm actually somewhat intelligent. :wink: I will be getting a brand new computer shortly to be on the safe side. And we needed a new router. And I changed my passwords to be on the safeside. I'm looking at the bright side, that I'm glad we found out what was going on and had it stopped in time.
I had someone put that typing thing on my computer too - I think they took 2 e-mail addresses from me and only god knows what else. 8O You have my sympathy.
BatonRougeSheepies wrote:
I use Crap Cleaner (free software) to clean up my laptop & desktops for work and even my computer at home:

If you face any problem to download CCleaner then you can download it from here:
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