Dog Stretching

Does anyone elses dog do the "front stretch'' then the ''back stretch''?
Panda does this constantly....first the front goes down and the rear goes up....then the rear goes down and the head goes up......stretching and groaning in pleasure the whole time...every time!
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Jake used to do the back side only, Mulligan does exactly as you describe!
Yep sheepie girls do the same thing, front stretch then back followed by that pure pleasure GROOOOAAAAN. Just love it :D

Maybe it is a form of doggie areobics :lol:
walter stretches his front paws every single time we ask him to do anything
Yes, Maggie does front then back in a streamlined motion, almost like the sun salutation in yoga. I keep saying "Bow" when she does the front stretch and "stretch" when she does the back because I hope she will learn to do it on command. I think Bow would be a hilarious greeting for certain people. . .
Hehehehe... Murphy does it exactly as you described... we call it his "Badness Strech".. becuase 9 times out of 10.. he will launch himself at you right after to play...

Tanner (my 8 year old).. says "Look out everyone.. Murphy is doing his badness stretch"
Yes, especially after a long nap!

It is what earned Bogart the nickname Yogi Bogey :lol:
Very funny! I have only noticed Annie stretch her front side. Mom's Tibetan used to do front, back and then kick up her back legs one at a time :D We used to call it "skating".

Steve noticed the other morning that Annie stretched and then Foz copied her...each with a moan (back to earlier thread about moaning and groaning). I hope they do it again so I can see :D
Izzie does that too. She tends to stretch her front legs one at a she sort of looks like a ballet dancer. :cow:
Mopsy only did the back stretch. Harry does mostly the back stretch. Moaning was optional.
Dancer and Sky do, but not
yes, Callie does the stretch just as you described also. It's so cute! Except when her paw is on your foot when she does it!! That hurts!! I don't know why she always thinks she needs to stand on someone's foot to stretch! silly girl! :lol:
Dudster wrote:
Hehehehe... Murphy does it exactly as you described... we call it his "Badness Strech".. becuase 9 times out of 10.. he will launch himself at you right after to play...

Dixie does it just like her cousin! :lol: :lol: :lol: She look so calm and quiet as she stretches her front than back... then BAM she catapults onto you. :P :P :P

Bosley stretches only the front end, then lays right back down again until the next stretch is required. Lazy boy he is...
Tasker did that when he was younger, now that he has old bone and a touch of arthritis he isn't as "stretchy" as he used to be. Come to think about it, neither am I 8O
MAggie does it, but Barney doesn't...
Yep boo does this aswell.
Dixie does it too! we say STRRREEECH. She makes the cutest sound, kind of a low groaning. She drags her back paws when she does the back stretch. She loves it.
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