What are Greenies made from?

Hi Ron, I see your post has been here for awhile but thought I would ask a question anyway.

I have read in a few places on the net about these greenies and how they can be dangerous to our pets re blockages etc. I think they look horrible and just going on the colour alone I wouldn't give one to my dogs. I have noticed that Pet shops here also stock them in large quantities and this worries me. My question is though, does anyone know what they consist of in regard to ingredients. Do they contain any nutrients at all. They just look like plastic to me. Does anyone know anything about them please.
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Jess, Getting stores to stop selling :evil: GREENIES :evil: has been one of my crusades for the last year. I have succeeded in getting my Vet to stop selling them as well as our local farm store.

The ingredients are:
Processed wheat gluten (wheat protein), glycerin, natural flavor, powdered cellulose fiber, monosodium phosphate, monoglycerides of edible fatty acid, magnesium stearate and chlorophyll.

The "problem" ingredient is the cellulose fiber. As you can see from the above list, there is nothing "nutritional" about Greenies.
Thank you Taskers Mom for that information. It's amazing just what manufacturers hoist onto our pets and to us as well. We have to try and be one step ahead of them. But it's a formidable task.

When I was in my pet shop last week a lady was looking them wondering whether to buy them or not. I didn't hear what the shop owner had said to her but when he went to serve someone else she asked me what I thought about them. I told her what I had read about them and said I wouldn't be giving them to my dogs. Fortunately she decided not to buy. I don't think she liked the look of them either.
Another life saved!! :high5:

I can't for the life of me figure out why they are still on the market!!
I can only think that the shop owners don't know the hazards involved with them. The manufacturer or agent certainly won't tell them anything.

Do you know I also saw them in my Vets surgery too. I must ask him about them next time I see him and find out if he has come across any problems with them.
I had no idea they were dangerous, they looked healthy (the name and all). Very, misconceiving. Then a few days later I noticed something weird in her poo. I was thinking weird her poo is shaped like a toothbrush! Then I realized. Then a couple days later I noticed the topic on the forum. But by then I had threw them out. Very scary!
They are also available as granules too. It makes me think that the manufacturer might also aware of the danger.
Jess wrote:
They are also available as granules too. It makes me think that the manufacturer might also aware of the danger.

I don't know if the granuales are safer but I'm not going to try it!!! I can't figure out WHY ANYONE would feed their dog cellulose to clean their teeth when there are so many other products available.
I was in Petsmart last week and a woman was piling huge boxes of these in her cart. I remarked that she must have an awful lot of dogs, she replied that they were going to be a donation to her animal shelter 8O . I must have looked horrified because she asked me what was wrong so I told her the danger. She was upset to think she may be putting a dogs life at risk and put them back :cheer: She ended up buying a cartful of food instead :)
We did the same thing at Target not too long ago. A lady said that she kept seeing them at every store she went to so they must be good. I interjected and told her Pooh's story. She dropped it on the ground and complained to the manager. Apparently another convert!
It's SOOOOO FRUSTRATING sometimes to try to talk to people, you give them the facts, show them all the information that is available and they STILL buy the stinking things. I actually had one person tell me that they couldn't be sold if they were so dangerous and I was making a big dela out of nothing!!!
Warning the contents of this link are GRAPHIC.
What absolute cobswobble. What about all the food which is foisted onto us - humans. Half of it is poisoning our systems and yet we are told it is good for us. Some people are taken in so easily. And what about the tobacco companys who used to say that smoking was good for us. I can't believe there are still people out there who are so naive.

Well, I WON'T give my dogs those dreadful looking greenies. And I will, if asked, deny that they are good for our dog's teeth. What about the good old fashioned bone, uncooked of course. At least animal bone can be disolved by the digestive system.
I still get goose bumps when I read about Greenies. You know they have changed the warning on their packaging.

Last week when we werein DE for vacation we went into a boutique pet store and she was selling greenies out of plastic bins. No labels, no warning no nothing. I politely said to her that I didn't want to tel her how to run her business and what to not to sell, but begged her to stop selling them until she could properly investigate the dangers.

I only hope she does.
GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :high5:
We had a near miss at our house with a Greenie this spring. I don't normally buy them, but had gotten a few free from a Pet Expo we had a booth at. Our little min pin Tazz (7 lbs) had a partial blockage - lots of vomiting green particles followed by dry heaves. About 18 hrs later he had a BM and passed the rest of it. NO GREENIES at our house!! I also discourage people from buying them whenever possible. There are many other safer options out there.
GOT SHEEP, I am so glad it was only a "near miss" and that your dog is OK. Did you write to the company to let them know? I don't understand why these things are still on the market!!!
Have any of you heard or seen anything in regard to greenies causing Pancreatitis?
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