Rubbing up against you like a Cat

Recently Rags has started to accompany her bulldozer move (where she comes at me with her head down between her front legs and plows into me) which is usually followed up with attacking me with kisses, with a very cat like move. She rubs her head on me, just like my cats did.
Any other out there that do this?
She is quite "bitchy" as it is. I really am starting to think she is part cat. lol
I do love her kitty rubs though. She rubs against my legs, hands, body and head.
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Koda used to do that. He was just so big he didn't quite know what to do with himself. No matter where he was going, if there was aperson in the yard, he would run over to them, and rub his rear end on ther leg or backside. He wouldn't try to get patted, he just wanted his but sctrached!!! He would even raise his rear the more u scratched it, like a cat :wink:

srw808 wrote:
He would even raise his rear the more u scratched it, like a cat :wink:


That's so funny. I can totally picture that :D
Pip will come in for cuddles with his head down and rub on my legs... It's sooo cute :hearts: that is right until he decides to follow up by doing something naughty, like trying to steal my shoe or snack! :roll:
Tucker doesn't, but Zeke does. He just started this recently,hmmm.
I thought it was kinda cute at first because it was only with me. Now
I realize he has started doing it on the sofa too. At first with the sofa
it was just after he ate or drank, and he was actually wiping his face
off by rubbing his face the whole length of the sofa just under the
cusions. He then turns and does the other side. Silly dog. But now
he has started doing it whenever, and he is even rubbing his face on
the floor. I would like to believe when he does it to me it is out of
affection, but I think he may actually have allergies. :oops: With me
it is a very cat-like movement, like when they rub the side of their
faces on you.
(Zeke is part slinky -he rolls off of everything)

My sheepie also wipes his face off after getting a drink by rubbing his face down the whole length of the sofa. (I hate this!) He also does this to the hallway walls and sometimes rubs his wet chin on the rug. :oops:
My girlfriend has two sheepies and they do it also.
Poppy does this to me as well. She will rub up against us and shove us into a corner. I figured it was the "herding" instinct.
The latest attention getter is sitting beside me while I'm at the computer and putting her head on my keyboard tray and nudging my left hand while I'm typing. She knows that I can pet her with that hand and still use my mouse to work on the computer and if I take my hand away to type, she doesn't like it....
She also does what we call the "recharging" thing. She gets a great big slurp of water and comes bounding back into the room all wet and rubs up against the sofa or my arm or leg until she is dry. I's gross, and she thinks it's funny!
And of course, the topping on the cake is the fact that her head is exactly the height of every visitors "privates" :oops: , and she insists on sticking her face directly there and having her butt rubbed before she'll let them pass. :roll:
I don't know what to do with her. She certainly is a clown.
Bart does the nudge-the-left-hand move when I'm at the computer too. He thinks I should be able to use the mouse and type with my right hand, and pet him with my left! This also gets Simon, my basset, all bent out of shape. Simon is a mama's boy and was here before Bart. :( He is NOT happy to share. I think he wishes he was tall enough to do that too.
Panda does this all the time LOL
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