Constipation-My dog is not pooping, how long should I wait?

Hi - my sheepie has been eating and drinking water (lots) but he's not pooping. he did pooped out 2 little nuggets..but other than that, nothing. He's not throwing up or anything and we just fed him a can of pumpkin..

the question is how long do we wait until he poops it out? has anyone experienced this? has anyone tried using human laxatives on dogs? (dumb question but just a thought)
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I thought Pumpkin was to harden the stool? :? I never considered myself to be an expert though :D
I have always used it when my dogs have diarrhea.

I did come across this old post.. Maybe this will help.
Heather wrote:
Just got some great advice on dog constipation from our OES breeder. She said, "Go to the grocery store and buy a can of pumpkin (not the pie mix blend, just plain pumpkin). Give it to the dog 1 tablespoon several times a day. This is good to help get things moving along and also does double duty by helping to stop any diarrhea that you may see on future occasions. Pumpkin is a good thing to keep handy. When I open a can, I freeze any unused stuff in sandwich bags, so when needed in the future, I have the dosage already measured out."

Is it possible that he ate something he shouldn't have?
If this continues I would contact your Vet.

In another note:
Adding yogurt to your dogs diet helps keep their stomach and digestion system healthy. It must be plain yogurt, not flavored as the flavored contains too much sugar.
Was your dog having diarrhea before, and is now not going? If so, then don't worry, a day or two of nothing after the runs is normal. Any longer than that might start to raise concerns.

Is your dog straining to go? (You've already mentioned no vomiting)

If no, then at three days, or any signs of discomfort, vomiting, straining, I'd be kinda worried enough to call the vet.

I'm not a vet! If you're worried give your vet a ring.
If he has had a whole can of pumpkin though, you might be looking for the diarreah posts next. Good luck! :)
Dogs not very active won't have bowel movements every day. Constipation is small, hard and dry feces, straining or general problems.

Constipation is most often related to diet. Imabalanced diet is one casue. Inadequate water is another especially if you are feeding dry food.

Are you feeding bones? They can cause impaction if they get chewed and swallowed.

**Also all the misc items dogs eat may be causing a problem; paper wrappers, plastic, etc.

Old dogs have constipation more often. Long haired dogs might be be plugged due to hair caught at the rear end port.

OK: solutions:

Mild cases can be treated with Metamucil; 2 tsp /10 lbs body weight up to 6 tsp. (don't use if dog has kidney disease!) I've done this and used very dilute chicken broth to help get moisture inside for the Metamucil to swell.

Laxatone is a doggie laxitive. Don't give mineral oil!

If the fesces are blood streaked, give the dog a pediatric Fleet enema (NOT something I'd care to do). If done twice w/o results, consult vet.
My Japanese Chin was actually very ill and in pain --so after hundreds of dollars at the vet..x-rays, and even was determined that she was constipated. So a $1 can of pumpkin - given a tablespoon once a day along with a tablespoon of french style cut green beans...did the trick!! So, before you spend a lot of might try the pumpkin and green bean diet...along with her regular food. Now, I give it to her everyday - but, again only a tablespoon of each. Pumpkin and green beans are very high in fiber and fiber does the trick!!! Good Luck - hope it works for you too!!
My old dog was contipated for 4 days after 1 day of diarrhea. I gave him a pediatric fleet emima. If you do this go outside because if he's stopped up it will come out immediately!!! He was having problems straining but this worked very well and he was normal after that. Don't get the supositories, get the liquid and flush it out. Like Ron said, ask your vet first.
a can of pumpkin will work for my 10 yr old black lab mix also?
Yes, but I'd also give broth to encourage more liquid inside the dog. Dilute the broth, they don't need it full strength. If at any time the dog shows discomfort, consult your vet immediately. It could well be a life or death emergency.

Older dogs have less active guts. Your dog may need to go to a senior diet food. Talk to your vet.
I have an elderly Jack Russell. I find the best way to keep him regular is to give him a bowl of dry human cereal. I give him Kellogg's Bran, in the little stick shape. It works a treat. As he is elderly, if he has an accident this helps as it keeps the poo firm. I give him a bowl every day, or every second day. Be warned, it works very well. Within six hours it starts to work. Don't give it early evening, you may not get a lot of sleep if your pet needs to go to the loo.
Oatmeal has worked here as well. I've taken ground turkey, boiled it added old fashion oatmeal. Allowed to cook a few minutes, lid on, let sit and hour or so to make sure it has swelled. Oatmeal is hydrophilic, meaning it attracts water, so in the gut it helps lube the passage. Turkey gets it into the dog.

With my older guys I use this as a supplement to their food, often cooking some veggie in the water first.......often carrots, until mushy, then the turkey and then the oats. Chicken broth if you want but isn't necessary. Goes down real well and noticed both are having easy time out in the yard.
I have a friend who uses Cheerios with her senior dog to keep him regular.
If there is a chance he may have eaten anything that could cause a blockage, I wouldn't wait too long. If he attempts to go but can't, if he is walking funny or seems stiff jointed, if he is swelling in the tummy area, if he seems uncomfortable when you touch his belly, get him to the Vet. He could have eaten something that is causing a blockage...ood Luck...Keep us posted.
Anything with fiber will help regulate your dog just like it does with us. If you use chicken broth be sure to check on your breeds dietary restrictions and make sure none if the ingredients (such as onions) could hurt him/her. Add a little bit of pumpkin to the diet because it is high in fiber (which is why the Cheerios work) and this will help him/her losses up but unlike any other kind of medicine possibly loosen up too much. Even with changing his diet you may want to just get him a check up and make sure he doesn't need to switch food types period.
I recently tried the pure pumpkin with my dog as she hadn't pooped in almost 2 days. It's been cold out and she is finding it hard to go outside so I think waited a bit too long then got bunged up. She ate the pumpkin and about an hour later took her outside and it worked like a charm, no effort for her and then went again a few hours later. Whew!!
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