Help! My dog ate something bad!

My dogs have eaten:

A very large (1/2 pound!) Chocolate Turtle.
A travel bag filled with treats including wrapped granola bars.
Lots and lots of Napkins and Paper Towels and tissues
A pair of panties
An entire loaf of Cinnamon Raisin bread... but left the two heels sitting on top of the package! :roll:

The only one that gave any trouble was the bag full of old food and wrapped granola bars, and the wound up costing $1560 in vet bills.

Ok, time for some horror stories. Let's hear them.
Maybe Josh will start.
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Pip ate poop... lots of poop... and then threw up poop... all over the living room floor... So I had to clean up poop vomit.

not particularly dangerous,

But utterly disgusting.

And yes, I'm working on that!
a wet terry cloth wash cloth

plastic bits off of a whole lot of stuffies

a rabbit's ear - a pink stuffie rabbit - not a real one :roll:

any food item in your hand and you drop it down low enough - surely you intended it to be a sheepie snack 8O

Can somebody tell me why they wait until the middle of the night to vomit it up?
Bobsled, the second sheepdog ate a box of chocolate, a loaf of bread and the wrapper and half a dozen hamburger buns. He had seperation anxiety issues.
drywall... everyday for about 2 months
Harley ate a full size bed, comforter, pillows, sheets and 10 rolls of TP when I was pregnant.
Then ate my custom oversized comforter about a week later. Then my camera case...
Then Harley & Pepsi drank the Peanut oil. Which still haunts me to this day since the stains come right back up through the carpeting only weeks after it is cleaned :roll: Also Harley puked it up on the couch :evil: so the stains are there too. Then Pepsi drank the corn water a few weeks back and got sick only in the house :twisted:
Peanut used to eat the bottoms of the cabinets in our rental house.
As a pup he used to chew the heels off my dress shoes.
Should I even mention Rags trying to eat Peanut (the dog)? 8O
Kelsey ate Dry wall, bottom of the washing machine, door frames and window frames. A few years back a rainbow lorakeet parrot hit our window when Kelsey was outside, I went out and by then it was gone 8O , a few days later she vomitted up a delightful pile of rainbow feathers. :?

Peppa ate anything that looks edible, once was a rotten bird egg, obviously kicked out of a nest, she ate it and the breath was enough to send you to an early grave :? Then she came inside and threw that up, PHEW run for your lives!!

Not to mention with her 1kg of rock hard frozen mince meat and one whole cooked chicken, and also the trash can, well that was put away as to peppa it was a goodie treats bin YUK.

Brie use to eat the top knot bands out of Kelseys head coat, dum dum would let her do that, a few days later the colour bands would appear in the Poop, always a surprise at clean up time to see what colour band appeared in todays lot. :lol:
These posts are insane!!!!! WOW - I'm going to be on my toes in a couple months - WOW (the only word I have) 8O
My turn.....

Panda has eaten...
1 book (left the front and back cover on though)
bbq knobs
screen door
sprinkler heads
spigot heads
and the turtle 8O (fortunately that has stopped)
So far Noodle has only eaten a partial roll of toilet paper and the cover of a paperback book :D

Our Australian Shepherd ate: a pound of fresh pasta, the linoleum in the hallway, the linoleum in the kitchen. Bottom frame of a window. Wallpaper and drywall from the hallway, drywall- frighteningly close to an outlet- in the kitchen.

She must have been a decorator in another life :wink:
Drywall? Yikes. Jasper is picky about what he eats - if it's not his food, he'll hardly touch it. Guess we got lucky with him. The only other thing I can think of that he likes is cooked steak and popcorn.

Now Joy...let's see - a mole, a bird (that she brought into my house today - grr), she "digs" through the garbage can, paper towels, toilet paper, toys, apples, whatever is on the table/counter (she's bad about "climbing' up there). She exhausts me! She's worse than the kids and I'm constantly chasing her around to see what trouble she's getting into, lol Thank goodness she's only a few months old and still learn pretty quick (at least she should be, lol).
Flash: an entire 1 lb bag of peanut m&m's, right out of a covered candy dish, after which he put the top back on 8O

Rosco: loves rabbit poop, cell phones, eyeglasses, remotes, anything he can grab off the counter :evil: :evil:

Luke: anything Rosco will steal for him :evil:

Daisy: if it doesn't taste like bacon she isn't interested :roll:

Beau: he was such a good boy he wouldn't eat anything we didn't give him; in fact he would hide if the others got something they shouldn't because he didn't want to be involved :D

Quincy ate whatever we gave him (dog food, table food, etc.), and nothing else. If I left food on the coffee table, all I would have to say is "not yours", and he wouldn't touch it. He was such a good boy!!!!!

Oscar isn't that well behaved, but the worst he's done is grab papers off my desk and chew them up....when he was five months old! He hasn't touched anything since.

Now my friend has a black lab that we swear is a goat. The things she's had to pull out of that dog's behind......... plastic grocery bags, socks, underwear, the list is endless. Knock on wood, in 12 years that dog has never gotten an obstruction. A miracle if you ask me!
Geez ! Don't you guys feed your dogs? Are you sure they are sheepdogs and not goats? Right now I have 8 loaves of freshly baked bread - right out of the oven setting on the counter. I'm in the back room, they are both in the kitchen. They won't touch them (anyone want a loaf of my homemade bread? :D.)

Barney is my taszmanian devil - he did eat a sponge once and occasionally will eat poop - but he's grown out of that since I switched to Proplan.
Any paper products that fall on the floor in our house are fair game. Yesterday, either I (or one of the dogs) knocked a book off the coffee table and onto the floor. We came home from shopping to find shreds of paperback all over the living room. I found the book under the couch-- missing the cover and the first 10 chapters. Luckily, I was well into the book so I only had to endure a few chew marks. The funny but not so funny part? It was James's book and he hadn't started it yet. 8O
Oscar's Mom wrote:
the things she's had to pull out of that dog's behind......... plastic grocery bags, socks, underwear, the list is endless. Knock on wood, in 12 years that dog has never gotten an obstruction. A miracle if you ask me!

I have always heard that you should never pull anything out because you risk pulling out intestines or something. Is this true or just an old wives tale?
Let me go to the drawer with the remnants of stuff Bentley's eaten . . .

Bose Remote
Chap Stick
Black Pen
Crest Spinbrush Pro
Plastic Coaster
Plastic Shim
Cat Toy
Toilet Paper

Today's list consists of
Hot Dog Buns
Hot Dog Buns (2 packages)

At least he only chews the dead canes on the rose bushes.

The bottom of my antique marble top rosewood coffee table. - Sam

Couldn't he have chewed on the cheap modern one in the den???
Louie has chewed:

A paperback book
the cover of a hardback book
the corner of the coffee table
all the corners of a decorative bench thing
my glasses
my cellphone
movie cover
drink coasters
my desk chair

but these were all when he was a puppy (except the glasses-that happened when we first moved). So I guess we're pretty lucky that his chewing is pretty limited to his bones or other assorted toys. :D
You all probably don't remember this from a few months ago, but I
posted about it- among other disasters at my house. (I'm just too lazy
to go find the post.)

I came home to find a blood splattered all over the kitchen, floors,
counters, cabinet fronts, both dogs, everywhere blood. My dogs had
taken a really heavy baking dish out of the sink, which of course
broke when it hit the floor. ( I can't imagine how they got it out of the
sink, I would have said it wasn't possible for them to do it, but well...)
I guess whatever (can't remember) was
in there was irresistable, because they licked it clean and ate some
small pieces of the dish. One had a pretty good
gash on his nose, the other had some cuts in his mouth and on his tongue.
Fortunately, they both healed fine and we had no other broken
dish related problems.
I still cannot believe they escaped with a few minor cuts, because if
you could have seen all the blood... I thought they had mauled an
intruder - or worse- someone had cut or shot one of them.

Then there is the time Tucker sailed through the storm door glass to
get a neighbors yippy little pocket pooch out of his yard- no injury
at all, and that was a miracle. But this thread was about eating
bad things, so... :roll:

George, don't tease us about the bread!
And Holly, yes, that's true.
None of my sheepdogs has ever eaten anything bad, besides my shoes..And lego

But my Lhasa, Paula, she just looooved baby pampers, especially whit poop , she eat two green canary and a goose .and she just loved it if she could find some leftover beer :?
LMAO :D Great thread, Ron!

ANNIE: Three POUNDS of Hershey's miniatures. She had to pull apart wrapped holiday presents and ribbons to get to them. I posted the story a long time ago, but can't find it. The ER vet asst told us they got all of it out STILL WRAPPED. Did we still want to give the chocolates as gifts??? 8O
- Entire loaves of Oatmeal bread
- 1/2 sheet of Texas chocolate cake
- Kleenex
- Fozzie's nose

- Foliage (leaves, grass...)
- Page of Jan Fennell's Dog Listener book
- Paper goods
- Annie's paws
Hee Hee, such a funny thread...

Maggie: all the baseboards in the kitchen
Toilet paper

Barney: cat toys

Lenny (the cat): 2 purses
4 sweaters (cashmere!!!)
anything with straps (shoes, laces, camisoles,bras, bathing suits, underwear, hair things, drawstrings on ALL my hoodies AND pants)
lettuce (or any greens) from the sink
our fingers (lick lick BITE)
3 throw blankets
corner of the bannister...did I mention this is a CAT!!
I just came home from work to find a house plant eaten, and the dirt scattered in 2 different rooms. I believe Riley, the 9 month old rat "terror" pup was the bad boy, not Bart.
We luckily do not have problems with this as a rule. I guess that's why we have 7 dogs- we haven't had the problems like you guys have listed. :roll: Yikes, I would only have a couple if they were that destructive!
This is a funny thread! Makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only sheepy mom who can't always catch her in time. (although I will say now that she's almost two, the chewing has significantly slowed down)

okay, here's Callie's list:

dryer sheets
hair scrunchie
flip flops (yeah, we saw some rainbow poop too)
electric plug off the end of her humidifier (luckily it wasn't plugged in at the time)
a perfect square out of the carpet (I think she was trying to clean up where she had peed on the floor)
a long piece of plastic from the floor of her crate
plastic from the baby gate
a ziploc bag full of her baby teeth
table legs
rubber bands from her hair
and I can't count the number of purses and undergarments with teeth marks / holes / pieces missing

And the list for Lambda, our pug puppy:

Callie's hair!! Everytime I turn around she has a mouth full of hair she is trying to chew up and swallow! She just runs up to Callie and pulls it off of her - or finds those lovely hair tumbleweeds under furniture. The vet said we might have to start giving her cat hairball medicine.

They sure do keep us busy, don't they? :)
Loves socks. Every week I have to throw at least two away becuase they have a new hole in them. I also find a fair amount outside. I don't think she has acutally eaten a whole one yet.
Her favorite is the trash. We finally had to get a lid for it to keep her out.
The plastic handle to the crate.
And I totally agree with whoever said why do they have to wait until the middle of the night to trow it up. Every time I catch her eating something I say "We'll see that again at 4 this morning" and without fail, we do.
She's a poop eater. I have that same story of her eating poop and then throwing it up. That is the most horrible dog experience. So smelly, so disgusting. I can handle most dog messes, but that was the worst.
She also really likes to steal the stuffed Eeyore. I find his detachable tail all over the house. It's getting smaller and smaller.
When we were little my sister and I always used to leave out crayons out...and Ollie would eat them...technicolor poop always followed.

Our next two, Jake and Izzy, were mostly just regular counter-surfers. Banana bread, pumpkin pie, easter candy, nut roll and a bag of chocolate chips(attempted) are all I can remember. We learned to have extremely clean counters and never left food out. I believe they did manage to chew up at least one of my sisters hearing aids once. After that she made sure she put them in a drawer at night.

Our new Izzie...she is actually very good. She has barely chewed anything she isn't supposed to.
My angel, Bosley, hasn't eaten anything really. :clappurple:

Dixie spends her time dragging our shoes to her cushion in the family room, one by one. We are 5 people, with at least 2 pairs each, so if we don't watch her there ends up a HUG pile of them....When she is done she picks one and chows down on it. :twisted:
(Warning - not for the squeamish) Bailey is fond of paper products - any kind of paper he can steal from a trash can is fine with him. Usually he just shreds it up and leaves it for me. However, he has eaten a few tampons. I was frantic the first time - and embarrased to call the vet. But I did and he said it was more common than I would believe 8O
Bailey's Mom wrote:
(Warning - not for the squeamish) However, he has eaten a few tampons. I was frantic the first time - and embarrased to call the vet. But I did and he said it was more common than I would believe 8O

Our last Family dog, Baxter (cockapoo +) had a thing for tampons too.
We didn't have sewers where we lived so we could not flush them.
It was so gross, we used to find them in his poop, all over the floor shredded.
As a matter of fact Hayley (my upright 16 month old daughter) recently got into the cabinet where I keep mine (about 2 months ago). She came out of my bedroom with a tampon hanging out of her mouth. Thankfully it was not used...she had opened the wrapper and was chewing on both the tampon and the cardboard 8O I also had to fight with her to take it from her :roll:

I told her there was no need to play with them now. She would see enough of them when she was older.
OMG this is a funny thread. We have been very lucky with Otto--we can leave food on the coffee table and he'll leave it alone, and he's never eaten anything that wasn't food. He also never chewed anything inappropriate (again, just lucky!) EXCEPT twice. When he was about a year old we were feeling bad about leaving him in his outdoor kennel during the day (this was before I started working at a place where I could bring him with me). So we decided to buy him a nice cushion to go into his doghouse. It was not cheap, but we thought he'd like to have something to lie on that was softer than the hard plastic floor of the dog house. Well you guessed it, the very first day we put it in his house we came home to find it shredded to pieces. 8O And the other thing he chewed--the day after we had proudly stuck it on the fridge--was his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate! He had never taken anything off the fridge before, so we're convinced that he was telling us not to get too cocky! We laughed so hard about that. I taped it together and uncrumpled it as best I could and framed it. We still laugh when we think back on it. :lol: :lol: :lol:

As for Quince, we were warned by his foster mom that he's a real counter surfer, so we have been trying hard to retrain ourselves to not leave anything remotely edible out ... so far so good, but I'm sure I'm going to have stories eventually! One thing we have going for us is that with only three legs, he is pretty loud galumphing around the house--he doesn't have the advantage of stealth that your Sheepies have!

Marjorie, Quincey the Sheepie and Otto the BMD
My puppy beagle just swallowed a pair of panties... has this happened to anyone else and if so what do I do???
I kiss my dogs thanking them for not eating misc items.....Oh, there was some interest in tampons and wastebaskets, but nothing serious. Except for Crumpet sheepdog who loved to eat gravel and ended up dieing from it..........

However I do have stories about friend's dogs:
First was a mini doxie who open the refrigerator, pulled out a whole lasagna and ate it including licking clean the broken glass from when the casserole was pulled from the frig. People came home to a very bloated dog.........trip to vet for laxatives............and several very, very large poops over the next few hours.

Second is ......well.......friend's son had just discarded his condom when the dog ate it. Guy freaked out, jumped up and rushed the dog to the emergency vet, leaving the girl friend in his bed, in his mother's house. Dog was fine, relationship between boy and girl a bit strained. Mother poured herself a gin and tonic and went to bed.
Stacy, did the puppy eat the entire pair or just part of it?
Any vomiting? Difficulty breathing?
Any change in behavior?
How big is your puppy?
Most of the panties and washcloths and socks will be vomited back up with no help within 24 to 48 hrs or be passed on in the stool. For some reason they always seem to throw it up in the middle of the night.

Make sure you watch your dog that he continues to eat and drink and poop normally. Should his stomach become distended or he appears to be lethargic bring him to a vet immediately.
My dog Storm has also taken a liking to tampons and paper towels. A few weeks ago I came home and my house was covered in blood... my cat decided that she was bored and started playing with Storm and scratched her tail. Well Storm ran around the house wagging her tail for hours spraying blood all over the walls. Every once and a while I will find a blood stain that I missed!
I am so glad that my two are not the only ones.

Rosie and Max both have a thing for used tissues, clean ones just don't do.
Max thinks he's an Andrex puppy and loves to roll toilet paper down the stairs while we're out and has a nibble while he's at it.

Rosie also used to eat socks whole which you wouldn't know about until it appeared out the other end. How she never got bunged up is beyond me. Thank goodness now that she is nearly 10 she has grown out of it :D
Used Tampons, yuck, used Pads, yuck,,,,,, a 3oz Dove Candy Bar, threw it up ( I called the vet anyway ) Used Ear Plugs, Egg Rolls (left over dinner) :lol:
How are all of these dogs still alive after eating all of this JUNK?

I though that animals eat certain foods based upon what they are nutritionally lacking. Since when does a dog need a screen door? Where in the food pyramid does it say, washing machine or dry wall? Oh, my!!! I am so confused.

I thought Rheba was bad because she ate a sausage/potato casserole off the stove then a couple months later she ate a dozen chocolate chip cookies. She ate the cookies because I came home from work and left right away to run an errand. She was mad at me and that was her way at getting back at me. Thief!

My aunt's German Sheperds ate a whole pot of stuffed cabbage off her stove. They simmered all day for her husband. He came home from work to a wonderful dinner except the pot was spotless. (The pot was typically used for that means it was huge!) The 2 shepherds ate everything. Not only was my uncle mad because he had no food but the dog's had some violent gas...the cabbage was a bad choice!!
ARTabone wrote:
the dog's had some violent gas...the cabbage was a bad choice!!

LOl - that is so true. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: It must have been a hideous stink cloud - Whheewww!
George ate the footboard on our bed!

And two (yes count them ) two pairs of my new shoes :evil: :evil:

hes one next month and so lucky to have made it :lol:
I love this thread! I'm glad that I'm not the only mom that can't take her eyes off her boy!

Max is a HORRIBLE counter surfer and has a BAD sweet tooth- This is just a few things he's gotten:

CRAYONS - we have rainbow poop outside as we speak!

Last week he got an entire bag of candy corn and ate the whole thing - but not the plastic bag. He has some class - LOL!

Burger buns by the truckload. Can't leave anything out!

A few weeks back - I ordered an extra lg. pizza for dinner (they were having a special) and I left the pizza box on the counter while someone else in our house was having an emergency and when I came back to the kitchen-the entire box was empty. He didn't knock the box on the floor - he somehow lifted the lid, engolfed the entire pizza, and left the box there!

He ate an entire box of dark chocolate bite size bunnies - last Easter. He was fine. Thank goodness!

At a large popcorn tin full of my daughters candy - I think I counted about 15-20 lollipop sticks and all kinds of candy wrapers all over the floor. It was smashed into the carpet and everywhere! What a mess - and then the "candy farts" that we lived with for days after! They were HORRIBLE!

A couple times he stole my breakfast banana off the counter and ate the ENTIRE banana peel and all except for the little branch part of the peel. I find that on the floor. He's feeling the need for potasium?

A couple times he broke into the bathroom and chewed on the tubes of toothpaste off the bathroom counter - probably felt the need to clean his teeth after all the candy.

He used to jump up and hit the "ice dispenser" lever on the frig whenever he wanted a ice cube to chew on - now we got a new frig with the ice maker on the inside....

Once he knocked over the trash can and had a yummy snack of bacon grease covered papertowels and coffee grounds and anything else he could get to. We now have to keep the trash can in a closet behind a closed door at all times. I think we're ok until he learns to turn door knobs - that's next.

He loves cat poop in the litter box - and cat food! Fortunatley - he doesn't eat anything outside - like grass, mushrooms or birds.
Thanks so much for the LOL........!!!!!!Max sounds like a handful, but I'm sure your post didn't do his acts any justice. Thanks again for making my day :D :D :D :D :D
Ok Lily is not a Sheepdog but a Shi-Tzu. Today when we were away she found a bag of bubblegum suckers and little bags of chocolate malt balls
that she consumed. She has been running around like crazy in the house since we came home. She also likes to chew up mardi gras beads and pieces of paper.
How much chocolate was in that bag of candy?
Chocolate can be quite bad for dogs. If it was very recent, you should force her to vomit using hydrogen peroxide.
Ron--Great thread!!! (ageless)............

Heart is the bandit in question here....

I am looking into buying stock in toilet paper--- there has not been an untouched role in the house since she came. :lol: :lol:
--the credit cards, licenses..wallet
--3 pairs of glasses
--2 pair of earplugs (kept wondering where I put them(snoring hubby) her poop..bright orange, can't miss 'em
--Kleenex..(see toilet paper comment)
--(almost) the remote
--used gum found outside from the grandkids
--various socks, underwear (just chews on 'em)
And she only 6 months old!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: (I'm sure I will be posting more in the months to come)
:lol: Love this... here goes
venetians curtains, toilet paper (tons of it), legos, barbies (oh excuse me my daughter would say they are not barbies but Bratz haha) , a stuffed sheep, speakers, cd's, crayons, erasers, what else ... oh yeah he has a thing for rabbit poop. Oh and of all the doors in the house, he only chews one door knob.

I like this thread, it shows me to laugh instead of cry out of anger hahaha
Oh, tons of stuff, including:

16 gold foil wrapped fundraiser sized chocolate candy bars. I called the vet immediately who was more concerned about the wrappers since Merlin was so large (110 lbs) and it was only milk chocolate, so less lethal to dogs. Only ill effect was the sparkly poop. Oh, and I had to buy an extra 16 fundraiser candybars. After that, no candy was ever left unattended or down low enough so that it was even remotely possible for Merlin (and now, other dogs) to get into it while left alone in the house.

My daughter's favorite pair of underwear. Which she had to help remove when it got stuck, discovered on her walk with Sherman, who was desperately trying to shake the offending garment off/out of his hindquarters. Bits and pieces of, well, you know, were apparently flying around.

She was not happy.

Lots of shoes (especially new ones), napkins, bits of 100 year old wood work.

I've removed the dessicated carcasses of dead birds and bats from my dogs' mouths more than once. Which is why I think it is so important that you train your dog to allow you to move whatever you want from it's mouth. Gross, yes, but potentially life saving.

So far, no vet bills. Thank god these dogs have large intestines!
My Beagles ate : Chicken bones, baking soda, foil. All went to the vet, about 3000 dollars
Ron thanks for a great topic and thanks to everyone for sharing LMAO. Obe's list is not quite as long but here goes: trash out of the bathroom trash can toilet paper, kleenex, hair and god knows what else. Used to eat poop thank god he out grew that. Rocks, sticks, dirt, which as stopped as well. Occasionally some grass, drywall the other day, grab one sandal not destroyed just teeth marks. He is always sticking his head in the trash and I am always saying get out of there. Found a lemon once, he took a lick/bite and refuses to do that again. I think that is about it. Knocking on wood at this very moment though.
einys list

any paper product particularly the tubes from toilet rolls
crayons loves them (rainbow poop)
and form of human food that he can steal off the counters and if he can't get it my 2 year old will feed it to him - we tried to stop that by saying einy can only eat whats in his bowl so my son just put it in his bowl now.
he does not eat the peppers on pizza will pick them off before eating the pizza (pizza is his all time fav food)

when he was small he dabbled in mayor chewing crime (shoes furnature etc) but his irehabilitation has been a sucess. so we over look the minor crimes of papper stealing but

he loves toilet roll inners so much that if you haven't changed the roll and the empty is still on the holder he will grab it and pull till it pops the holder out so he can have the tube.

zoe and einy
My 5 month old choc. lab just ate 15+ raisins...are they really toxic? :?:
They can be, how long ago were they eaten? If it's only been a short time induce vomiting and call your vet ASAP. Good luck.
1. the door
2. the sofa
3. the coffee table
4. the end table
5. the bible
6. the carpet
7. turkey carcass after Thanksgiving that I thought was well out of reach
8. garbage bags
9. any toy, plastic or cloth, dog's or baby's

Above is just a partial list of things my dogs have experienced in the past (and, unfortunately, some are in the not very distant past). Some of these "delicasies" got them emergency trips to the vet, others just got them in trouble!
Other than a bag of Hersey Kisses & some sesame seed hamburger buns , Winston has been pretty good.

His thing is to find something while I am gone and put it in the middle of the living room floor. So far I have found shoes, a Coach handbag, bottle of medication, bag of whole bean coffee, dish rags, collector teddy bears, and a large bag of potatoes (he pulled these out of the pantry). He never chews on the items - but I get the feeling he is saying " Look what I can do! - You might want to take me with you next time!" Needless to say, he generally goes with me :)
My little darling Vizsla pulled my purse off a counter and ate $300 out of my wallet. Luckily he "returned" $260. After that I got sick of looking. FYI, the money comes out just as it went in. Pristine in fact albeit for a few missing corners. Rinsing along with a clorox soap sort of took care of the disgustingness of its travels.[/b]
Ron, I hope you had insurance for that bill 8O

My younger dog eats "unknown poop" all the time. we say "unknown" because I know it is not ours as we walk and pick up immediately. She has been in the hospital twice for eating the unknown poop...with a 104 fever...and the bill was about like ron's 8O We think it was racoon poop...

We have now spent thousands cutting down trees, clearing brush from the yard and gating the property from other critters...and tonight she managed to find more unknown poop which she found quite amusing, rolled in afew times and thought it was terrific :roll: I'm sure a trip to Vet will be upon us next week...
Aimless wrote:
My little darling Vizsla pulled my purse off a counter and ate $300 out of my wallet. Luckily he "returned" $260. After that I got sick of looking. FYI, the money comes out just as it went in. Pristine in fact albeit for a few missing corners. Rinsing along with a clorox soap sort of took care of the disgustingness of its travels.[/b]

Well, that's a new take on money laundering :wink:

BRANDON chewed:

The spines off of an entire shelf of books when he was a puppy. Just once.
A few years later he ate my hubby's entire wallet.
Throughout his life he loved to steal my housecoat and lick the inside of the armpits all night. Great way to wake up. Ew, cold, wet, slimy.
Nothing else ever.

ThePas chewed/ate:

Absolutely nothing that was off limits, although he'd occasionally snag a stinky runner and lick the insides.

Portage chewed/ate:

Gnawed on drywall once (face front to the flat side...odd).
Nothing ever that he wasn't supposed to...except...
When he was on prednisone he got into a bin of dogfood, tried to eat his own body weight, bloated, and we very nearly lost him. A week later (and well over 3200 bucks later - but of course worth every penny) he took his first nibble of food and made an amazing recovery.

Hudson (Smudge/Evil Puppy):

three pairs of sunglasses
multiple bills/cards/letters
the blinds in the bedroom
three remotes (fourteen bucks a pop)
many DVDs - I haven't forgiven him for Firefly. That's sacred.
hubby's wallet
all the walls in the house
any laundry he can get into
about a dozen mechanical pencils
bark right off trees and firewood
two armoires and a dresser
a curling iron
wallpaper (on wall)
wallpaper (in roll on floor)
eyeliner pencil
telescope (also still holding a grudge on that one)
multiple magazines (seems to prefer cooking ones and science ones)
food dishes
a top hat
his leash
Portage's leash
the bag of poop baggies
the plastic container of poop baggies
an entire head of lettuce
several spoons
multiple washcloths (stolen directly from the sink)
a dirty frying pan (was soaking in the sink)
a purse
a two litre bottle of Coke - the hissing scared him when he punctured it, but he still enjoying lapping it up as it came out.

...and, I'm sure, a million other things I've long since blocked out.

In the interest of fairness, I forgot these and must add:

Portage ate a tampon (three days and a barium series later all was well)

Theeps ate a teabag...we were in hysterics at the vet, trying to figure out how to counteract all that caffeine when the vet noticed his lemony good breath. When I told him it was "lemon zinger" he burst out laughing. Now, neither my husband or I are really into tea, so neither of us realized that HERBAL teas have no caffeine. Glad that came to light before we began the heroic measures.

And evil puppy also ate 42 of the Synovi chocolate chews (medicated) and we had to induce vomiting.
Our dog Emma has eaten:
-crotch of most of my good panties
-rolls and rolls of paper towel shredded to bits
-tons of bathroom tissue
-all of my husband's favorite hats
-my husband's glasses TWICE in the same day
-A combo of a snickers bar and whole box of rabbit yogurt drops which got her a trip to the ER and they had to give her charcoal and pump her stomach
-Hershey's xl chocolate bar which she jimmied out from under a laptop
-" " special dark xl bar... she ate all of it and we wound up at the ER
they had to hospitalize her overnite and pump her stomach
-our couch
-wall paper
-rabbit poop
-tons of rabbit and guniea pig food
-maybe 15 chapticks over the 4 years we've had her
-plastic movie covers
-Timothy hay
-trash, trash, trash
-hot dog... she vomited it up whole with only one small bite mark
-raw chicken... vomited ALL night
-gum... her poop was beautifully wrapped in silver paper
-my laptop cord
- my husbands laptop cord while it was plugged in on top of the coffee table and she got electrocuted
-a wooden plunger handle... at least half of it
- and this evening it was our dinner from 2 days ago out of the trash...she is laying here burping and looking like she'll vomit any minute

Despite all of this... she is still our little angelic princess :D
my husbands laptop cord while it was plugged in on top of the coffee table and she got electrocuted

That list is really sad. :(
Ya'll need to be picking up after yourselves and put the garbage out of
her reach before you loose her to an obstruction, poisoning or accident.
At a younger age I had a dog named Roxter, I swear this dog must have been french since I found him scouting our sidewalk for snails. :roll: he would slouch over and use his paw in a racoon fashion to swoop them into his mouth and poof they were gone! NUM NUM NUM!
I lived near a beach side so snad crabs had also been on his diet along with sea stars and dollars , once I caught him chewing on a dead sea animal ( the orgin was unknown due to other creatures getting to it first) sea weed. The crotches of my ex girlfriend's underwear ( sighs)
Once he had been laying on his side coughing up blood so I had to rush him to a pet hostpital to find out by the ex rays that he had actually digested 8 industrial sized stapples.
All the vet bills was enough for me to decide to give him to a deserving family that was more responsible than what I could ever be.[/i]
My 7 yo German shepard has eaten alot of things she shouldn't have.

The most recent was i returned home from work to find she had dined on a box of crunchy milk bone and for desert a bag of bana chip!

past items
to list:
can of Dog Jerky treats
51 pieces of gum! that was a fun few days
4 remotes
A bathroom door. Some how closed herself in and the rest is splinters
A door Knob on the back door.
Molding in hallways
Rabbits squirls moles and a chance for a chipmunk in the livingroom long story
numerous empty soda boxes. my fault tourcherd her as a pup lol
oh and if you leave a plastic hanger in her reach ITS ON bits everywhere!!
Hawian rolls
and whatever else she could get off the counter.
This is the short list:
Two full iPhone chargers
The buttons out of the remote
Plastic cups and bowls
All the stuffed toys, mostly their ears, tails, and legs, and she eats the stuffing and the sqeakers
Dried worms
AND TODAY, we think (cross your fingers she didn't) a whole glass ornament! She had been chewing two yesterday and today we found only the hanger of one and bits of glass. Should I give her oil or butter?
Anonymous wrote:
AND TODAY, we think (cross your fingers she didn't) a whole glass ornament! She had been chewing two yesterday and today we found only the hanger of one and bits of glass. Should I give her oil or butter?

There's a sticky post at the beginning Medical and Nutrition on what to do.
Anonymous wrote:
AND TODAY, we think (cross your fingers she didn't) a whole glass ornament! She had been chewing two yesterday and today we found only the hanger of one and bits of glass. Should I give her oil or butter?

I really hope you're kidding! If you already know she's getting to the ornaments why would you not either remove them from her reach or make certain she's supervised? The hangers and glass can do a lot of damage if swallowed :evil:
We have a pit bull husky mix who is 8 months old... so far she's ate (mind you at our BRAND NEW HOUSE)

the bedroom door
approx 18 pairs of shoes
bedroom carpet
3 bras
5 panties
2 pairs of slippers
4 barbie dolls
the floor in our oversized laundry room (25 x 10... she's eaten about 18 x 10 worth)
a towel
numerous diapers, pads and tampons (all used of course)
a purse
a boa (feather, not snake)
a few birds
whatever animals she finds outside
two flower arrangements (one real, one fake)
the rug in the spare room
3 thick welcome mats

Thats about as much as I can think of... but I know there's a bit more.....
HA! I prefer to think of it as what my dogs have chewed, as fortunately none of the below listed items involved emergency vet visit care (except for the bar of soap):

A sofa AND all the pillows, down to the wood frame.
3 TV remotes,
Bar of Ivory (only Ivory) soap,
Pine needles,
A squirrel they chased down,
Shoes - only mine,
Kleenex -boxes and boxes of Kleenex,
Toilet paper,
Woodwork - lots of woodwork trim around the house,
Homework :roll: (not kidding),
Underwear - of all varities,
Dryer sheets,
A full plate of appetizers put out for a party.

HA. Good exercise in remembering!
I didn't realize sheepdogs ate like my dog does. *Sigh*
Delilah is three year old pit bull. The gentlest dog I have ever met. Our other dog is Lily, a nine month old beagle mix. They are so sweet when I'm home you wouldn't expect the destruction I come home to. In the last month they have eaten:

2 of our son's Christmas presents(After he opened them, he had about twelve presents so we weren't too angry)
2 tubes of lipgloss
A bottle of Shampoo
A tube of Lotion
A broom
Dry wall in my son's room, about 2 feet off his wall
My son's play pen(Ate a whole side of netting off after accidentally ripping it with their claws)
My sister's favorite shoes(Haha, I told her not to leave them on the living room floor)
The front off the the vaccuum(Delilah is afraid of it, so we're assuming she felt brave because it was off)
Our cellphone and charger(While it was charging) It was a brand new Chocolate 3!! :evil:
2 Toy cars
Bottoms off the dining chairs(All of them, Delilah likes to chew on wood)
Linoleum out of the laundry room
A bag of wrapping paper(From Christmas, our fault for leaving it on the floor but it wouldn't fit in the garbage)
My favorite shoes I had put up(Delilah is very tall so we're guessing she got bored and pulled down a nice "chew toy")
My husband's very expensive wedding shoes(Also put up high)
Their water dish(They chew on it when it's empty)
Kool-Aid(Off the counter, they were in an uncovered dish, our fault again)
The wooden edging on our love seat
One of our son's baby bottles(It was one of his old four ounces he doesn't use anymore so we didn't really care)
A cushion off the couch
Cable cord to the TV(My husband was very upset because he had hung it up on the wall and they pulled it down)
Two stuffed animals(They like to tear open the head and take all the stuffing out through the open hole.

Delilah also likes to chew on the legs of our dining room table, she has yet to actually chew through it though.

Back when Lily was younger we bought her a dog bed because she liked to use our comforter on the floor as a bed, or she would pull down pillows to sleep on them. We thought Lily would love a bed of her very own. She tore it to shreds and preceded to take the stuffing out.

We put up a baby gate in our laundry room because it has a lot of space for them to play and we leave their toys in there, but Lily is small enough to go under the gate.

And who ever decided a tennis ball was a good toy for a dog was wrong, Delilah tore it to shreds. The only thing that will last in our house is toy ropes for playing Tug of War.

We still love them, but they need some serious training. :roll:
My 17 month old boxer ate a dirty pull up and q-tips today and she is throwing up and shaking really bad what should I do?
CALL YOUR VET or VET emergency center and ask for advice. Most times they will give you advice and you don't have to take your dog in to them. CALL NOW.
My dog pooped in his cage and got it all over him... i got him out and gave him a bath not even thinking about it... i sat on my couch and was drying him off and he puked poop and over my shirt and pants... he has been puking for hours now... dont know what to do.
Call your vet. They could advise you take him off all food for 24 hours. But the important thing is to call the vet - and think of anything the pup might have eaten to cause the pooping and vomiting....
Take him to the emergency animal clinic right now!!!
Call the vet right now for professional advice.
It could be an obstruction and the food in his stomach may be
rotting rather than passing through. An obstruction can be a
life threatening, medical emergency.
Hope by now you took him to the vet PRONTO! Vomitting any kind of fecal material or anything that looks like it is SERIOUS! Usually means an obstruction and the bowels are backing up. I got this post later so hope by now you have been to the Vet. Please let us know how everything is!
wowzers, this thread is crazy! We are so thankful that Sunny has never been interested in non-edibles. I had a Samoyed when I was younger, and he was a goat. (an amazing, beautiful, lovely goat, but still a goat!). We were so careful to not leave anything on the floor, ever, but if we dropped something he would lunge for it and run. We'd wrestle him over stuff sometimes, if we were fast enough, but usually he got away. When we'd catch him, he would fake swallow so we thought he's already downed it, then he'd run off again and keep swallowing it. Talk about major food issues. The things we know of that he ate:

-an unlit cigarette
-countless wool dress socks (he sometimes needed help passing them, it was pretty gross)
-Surgery #1 was to remove a 5 foot long piece of quilting scrap fabric. During the surgery to remove it, he needed several incisions along his intestine because it was still in his upper intestine, and it was peeking out of his bum. yup, he swallowed it like a piece of spaghetti.)
-Surgery #2 was to remove a large gatorade bottle lid, and a 2 inch square block of wood. No idea where he got them from, as we never drank gatorade, nor do we have bit of wood hanging around.
-work boot insoles (he looked pretty funny with his head down the boot, all this fluffy fur around the ankle of the boot, but no head).
-I caught him swallowing a pair of pantyhose, he was at the crotch already, so as I pulled on it, he reverse swallowed, to reveal that he had swallowed it whole, again, like spaghetti, bit by bit. Not even a run in the pantyhose, it was just about swallowing with him.

I once reached down his throat up to my forearm to retrieve something he picked up at the park. This was after his first surgery, so I knew it was now, or surgery.

We didn't realize how on edge and careful we were about non-edibles until he passed away and we kept doing things like always closing bedroom, laundry, downstairs doors behind us, keeping the bathroom garbage can on the counter, putting laundry baskets on the kitchen table, kleenex boxes only on high counters or the fridge. He was just always on the hunt for something to steal. Crazy kid, but I loved him and still miss him.
Our Rhodesian Ridgeback will eat anything.

He'll steal it right out from under you.

He's eaten pounds of chocolate at atime, entire bags of dry cat food, the list is endless.

The best story, though, is when he ate the 12, yes 12, strip steaks - whole.
Now, he;s a big Ridgeback. About 29" at the shoulder and weighs about 125 (on the green bean diet).

I got distracted unloading groceries. Had 2 big trays of 6 steaks each, 2 big trays of chicken breasts and 1 tray of pork chops - all on the kitchen counter. Wrapped, from the store.

I went to the front door and when I got back there were 2 empty trays that used to have steaks on them. He ate them whole.

We found him in the corner, laying all spread out on his side in what my son calls a "meat coma".

Within about 45 minutes he puked up a pile of 4 whole steaks. A few minutes later, another 4 came up - whole. He kept 4. So now we know how many slabs of meat he can digest at a time.

He's eaten just the meat from the inside of a sandwich, loaves of bread with bags, he'll eat a whole bowl of tomatoes, plums, peaches bananas (with peels).

He's cleaned out the entire lower shelf of the pantry - pasta, candy, cracker, cookies, cocoa, dog treats.

He's eaten the cake mixes off the shelf in the basement.

He's sucked all the meat off the edges of plates set out in the dining roon for a party.

He's eaten whole bags of chips, lots of stuff with wrappers on them. Always my stuff. Can't tuen your back on him when you're in the kitchen.

The only person he won't steal from is my youngest son who must ahve done something pretty drastic to the dog to impress him the way it did.

He has a crate the size of Nebraska, so that's where he goes when there's food going on. It's too hard to keep your eye on him and the stove and the counters.

He's a really well trained dog, too. And a sweetheart. Just a counter-surfing monster.

We used to have a Schipperke who ate his poo and all the plastic toys in the yard. So you could spot the poo easily to clean it up, but if you didn't, he had to pick through the plastic to satisfy his "need".

Definately going back to all cats after this boy leaves us.
Oh yeah, I forgot.

We have out kitchen trash can in a base cabinet behind a keyed padlock.

The lock is built in the door and must be opened with a key. The key must be left out of the lock or he will play with it long enough to turn it and open the door.

He will eat everything possible in the trash.
Moe has eaten:
Underwear..mine butalso daddys
Half a bra
Any kind of paper product available when not paying attention to him
Two issues of Sport FIsherman
Half of a prescription bottle (empty thank heavens)
A dead toad which resulted in a two week plaque of the runs

My husband gets a kick out of this chewed up two of Ceasar Milans books..he does not agree with his training methods!!
idagin wrote:
My husband gets a kick out of this chewed up two of Ceasar Milans books..he does not agree with his training methods!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's pretty funny!

Nola is a counter surfer and in her 2 months in our home has eaten:
-a lot of Sam's food :cry:
-a Real Simple magazine
-instant lotto ticket (not sure if a winner or not)
-an entire bag of bread
-a few tupperware containers
-my husband's lunch minus the banana

Sam is not a counter surfer but he has his own set of issues:
-shoe insoles
-remote controls
-towels (one that had to be forcefully removed by vet)
-carpet (he prefers the looped kind so he can pull the string up easier)
-his leash :roll:
After Rudie's trashcapades the other day he has been fine.... except he threw up foam/bile yesterday morning and again this morning. No diarrhea and he is holding water and food down fine. Not sure what the problem is? Maybe just the residual effects of a tummy ache?
Hi Heather. Saw the pics of Rudie and his trash pile. 8O If all else is fine, and he's throwing up bile and foam in the morning, it sounds like his tummy is too empty. Oscar went through this during a bout of IBD, and my vet suggested giving him a little snack at bedtime. With something to digest in his tummy overnight, the bile did not build up in the same way. We have done that ever since, and we have never experienced that problem again.

Laurie and Oscar
ahh, lets see what my dog has eaten.

the front cover of eclipse and about half the pages
numerous pencils, pens, and nail filers
tampons (gross)
plastic bags
about 5 pairs of flip flops
the top part of my sneaker
a loaf of bread
stole a steak off the grill
eats flies on a regular basis
some wallpaper
a tv remote, but left the batteries 8O (smart dog)
and just now a pack of candy corn, and she seems fine
Oh how I love this post!! Oliver has been pretty mild but here it goes.....
Half pizza off the cutting board, was still hot I am sure he got his mouth burned.
make-up brush or two
pens and pencils
Bras he has a huge fasination with the things. Just like a man
He ate a boot
fun dip, what a mess that was
lots of stuffed dog toys
tubes of lotion
his bed a couple of times
rags, he just chews on these, doesn't really eat them
OH yes and a tube of 50 dollar mascara, gggggrrrrr

but I love him more today then yesterday!!!!! :hearts:
OESCrazy wrote:
fun dip, what a mess that was

Now how on earth would he have found fun dip to be yummy? I would have loved to have seen the sour face he made when he ate that!
I was just fondly remembering my earlier posts on this thread as I reread them. Sigh.

Now I'll add a cotton dress sock for Rudy (the synthetics pass...cotton did not). That cost over fourteen hundred dollars to fix and we nearly lost him. I still tear up even thinking about it.

Oh how I miss the days of Portage eating tampons, ThePas swallowing herbal tea bags, BRANDON chewing the spines off the books on the bottom shelves, and Evil Puppy (Hudson/Smudgie) gnawing holes in the walls! All that stuff was easily fixed or replaced.
My lab ate 10 paper tubes off wire clothes hangers!
My 10 month old Tibetan mastiff ~ Mouse, has eaten;
4 pipping hot chicken cordon bleu right out of the oven (to this day she still cant stay away from them)
about 4 pizzas, there was a couple of half boxes
a multitude of littlest pets, dolls by the Barbie boat load
pens, pencils, markers, crayons
bras, flower barrettes, make-up brushes
Enough shoes to make Emelda Marcos need another closet
a whole box of Sees chocolate, chocolate cookies, anything chocolate that is left anywhere her mind can puzzle out to get too.
any leftover bits of carcass from the cats hunting
the whole stuffed animal scene from E.T. in stufftees
blankets, couch cushions, pillows
two Xbox controllers, two Wii controllers, two recharging bays, and a bout 2miles worth of cable
oh and four sets of communicator headsets
this morning I found part of a lasagna tray in the yard
based on the rest of the list I can only hope it passes
at least shes left the books alone.
Sybil, you have met your match :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Though the wench is not averse to chomping on books. She ate my favorite canine genetics book, which, of course, is no longer in print :evil:

Kristine :wink:
now my dog is only 10 lbs and only 5 inches off the ground, heres all he has destroyed:
at least 6 pairs of shoes
countless books and magazines
about 4 square feet of our living room carpet
the window and door frames on multiple doors and windows
our rocking chair
both of our couches
a desk chair
3 different table legs
so many pairs of underwear-i have no clue how he gets them because i put them in the hamper!
he pulls anything out of the trash, but only the bathroom trash, things like tissues, pads, tampon applicators, and toothbrushes
any floor mat we have ever put on the ground
and any food within his reach- once he pulled an entire pulled pork sandwich right off my dads plate.
i dont understand how something so little and cute can do soooooo much damage, its funny when i tell people these stories they always ask what kind of dog he is and i tell them dachshund mix and they bust up laughing cause they thought he was a big dog! i think he thinks that too!
Alright, my dog *Lucy* has eaten:

Our whole couch. (not the covers on top, the fluffy cushions inside) :headbang:

Everything that ever sat in the trash can.

A bunch of paper towels.

Brownies that were on the really tall counter. :x

A bird.

And any paper, plastic, remotes, controlers she can get into. :evil:

But she's been pretty good about chewing lately, :go: (aside from the couch...) :crossed:
She's Golden Retriever 10 week old puppy with an appetite for cords...she actually chewed through my PLUGGED in cord to my heating pad. She threw up a plug full of small, precise pieces of the cord! She must have had a "shock"!

I noticed she had my reading glasses and took them away from her, the frames weren't nicked and I put them on and was reading at the computer...why is everything so fuzzy; took them off then on again, yes, seems like I could see better with them on...then I went to clean them NO LENSES!!!! I searched the place over and found them...thank goodness the sweet girl didn't eat them!
Luckily, Charlie only eats food. :D However, our previous dog, use to LOVE Barbie dolls. It would be quite disturbing to clean the yard and find Barbie heads, hands, feet etc., sticking out of the doggy doo. :twisted:
When my chocolate lab was about 11 she ate 15 lbs of beef jerky my dad swore she couldn't reach :roll: . About 3 days later she had to have minor surgery to remove 6 fat lumps from her sides she was fine one surgery and 3000 dollars later.
Many years ago, I used to bake batches of decorated Christmas sugar cookies for about a dozen neighbors and friends.
About twenty-four DOZEN cookies were all plated and wrapped in clear cellophane and topped with bows, all ready to be delivered the next day. My husband and I decided to go out grab a quick bite to eat and left them on top of the dining table. Neither of our 2 Old English Sheepdogs had ever touched ANYTHING we left out ANYWHERE in the house before. We didn't even think to block access to the dining room. We came home an hour and a half later to find the sugar cookies ALL GONE. SugarBear, the youngest, apparently ate none of them. Snoopy, our older OES, a Rescue girl, apparently ate them ALL!!! As you can imagine, she was sick all night and the next day, but none the worse for wear (thank goodness!) by the following day.

Linda Zimmerman
While not an OES, this must take some kind of prize.
Once while house sitting a Saint Bernard, I took a 10 pound frozen beef roast out of the freezer
to start it thawing and left for a 4 or 5 minute run to pick up someone at the nearby train station
just down the road a bit. I returned to find the entire 10 lb. FROZEN SOLID ROAST BEEF MISSING.
The Saint Bernard had eaten it and all that was left was a piece of butcher's paper hanging from the corner
of his mouth. He never showed any ill effects... not even a burp.

Linda Zimmerman
My pit bulls eat EVERYTHING! Whole deer roasts, canned food (yes, the CANS) HOW??, ANY plug or cord from an electrical device they can find, wires, coat hangers, shoes, the ENTIRE back of my sofa, dog poop, paper, paper towels, plastic wrap, tin foil with leftovers, entire turkey carcasses, Dutch has eaten at least 3 POUNDS of dark hocolate--WITH LIQUOR inside, furniture, underwear, s ocks, my levis, steaks and anything they can grab off the counter or table--opens the cupboard doors and pulls out boxes, cans and GLASS BOTTLES of ANYTHING and opens them and eats the entire contents!
Somehow, they must have innards made of steel! I simply cannot count everything they have consumed in the last 12 years!!! Knock on wood, they're still going!
My pooch was sucking on a bleach tablet like it was a mint....needless to say I flipped out. Gave her water like it was going out of style....she was ok.
:cow: Joy hunted these small fellows in the Mountains two days ago, sunday.
Looked like she swallowed one before I got up to her and saying: NO, leave it!

She looks ok, so far :crossed: :crossed: :crossed:
And this is not a halloween story. :roll:
Oh this is fun! I'm really glad to find out that my Shiloh is not the only one eating crazy things. So here goes:
-- 22 white chocolate truffles (this was meant to be a christmas gift for me and she unwrapped them and everything) 8O
-- 3 phone chargers
-- a valentines box of fun dip (15 packs)
-- the strap off a purse
-- a magazine
-- various socks and underwear
-- the heel off a shoe

And of course anything food related that may have been dropped regardless of what it was. She is quite the shameless begger under the dinner table!

P.S. I only got her from the shelter a little over a year ago.
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