Funny nicknames we give our "kids"

Our dogs have more unofficial names than the law probably allows. Hannah Rose (oes) AKA Bubblebutt, Muppet,
Zumi (lab) AKA Legs, Twiggy, Zoots, Zumster,
Lilly(Pyr) AKA Silly Lilly, Lils, Lillers
Katie (Pyr) AKA KK, Kates, Kater Tater,
Abby (lab) AKA the alien, Abster, Abber Dabber Do, Abs
Last but not least Ivyrose (lab) Pudgbutt, Pudge,
All of them at one time or another have gone by Buggerbutt.

I'd love to hear what nicknames your "kids" go by or are called.

Have a great weekend!
Susan and friends
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Pippin: ooossie, Pip, Pippy, Pipster, Poo, Poo poo, puddin, goober guncheon
Iris: Frissy, Frissy meow, Rissy, Trissy, Ivrus
Bell: Bell Bell, Hell's Bells, Whiny, Squeaky
Hmmm.... There are a lot of them....

Maggie McGee IV = Magpie, Magnolia, Mags, Pookie, Miss McGee, Shaggy S&%$box.

Nelson = Nelson, Jr., Junior, Nelzbar, Nelzer, Pooka, Zumwalt, Jr., Slimer, Shaggy S&%$box.

(the late) Winston = Mr. Winston, Zumwalt, Zoomer, Churchill, Shaggy S&%$box.

notice there is one common thread between the three.... :twitch: I'm sure there are more but most aren't fit to print. :oops: Doesn't mean we love them any less. :hearts:

Bunker get called many names:

Fatty, Bunk,Bunkie, dummie, little bus rider, mini moo (when she's grazing), stinky (which I think she likes being called) and *&%#head.
Her proper name is Dresdan, but of course she's never called that - unless we're angry! (Like yelling at human kids using the full name!)

SO - she's Drezzie, Drez, Drezderella (like Cinderella), mooch pooch, dirty dog, goofy girl, silly sheepie, garbage hound, dummie dog, @#$^ for brains. We also sing her songs, like:

Drezderella, Drezderella, do you have a special fella?
Is he pretty like you, does he have one eye that's blue?

She gets VERY excited at suppertime, so Dale sings as she bounces:

It's the most wonderful time of the day! (Like the Christmas song and the Staples commercial about the kids going back to school.)

Wow! Didn't realize we were so deranged!! :roll:
Chris -- you crack me up.

Chumley -- Chummie, Chum chum, Chum chuminey,

Maggie -- Mags, maggiegirl, magily.
There is Mr. Mojo, Mojo-jojo, Mojonater, snifferdoodle, soggy doggy, sleepy sheepie, kissy face, wigglebum. stinkerbutt, chick magnet and rotten just to name a few.
Ha Ha ha what a great topic, been having a good giggle with all the nicknames.

Brie - BeBe, goofball, Boo Boo, Moo, Pooh bum & Snuggle Bug

Kelsey- Kel Bell, terminator, ADD Kid, Burps, poochie & Kellie Wellie.

Mine is just Plain Ol' LISA!! :lol:
Thanks for sharing the nicknames! I've enjoyed reading them. Hope folks will continue to add to the list.
I forgot Hannah Rose may be called Bubbles now more than Hannah Rose as Ivy Rose is known mostly as Pudge. We use Ivy Rose when she is in trouble, like someone else said about their "kids".

Susan and the wild bunch
My daughter Lisa is "Lisa-beesa"! and she still answers to it in her 20's.

Macy (choc lab) may-may, Mace
Tator - (black lab)-just plain ol' Tator - it's wierd enough and so is he
Simon (basset) - Simon says, Saigon
Riley- (rat terrier)Livin' the life O'Riley
Bart - (OES)-Arthur
Dino- (min pin)- Beano, Dean Bean, Dino Beano
Tazz (min pin)- Spazz, Tazzy Wazzy, Tazzer
Chipper aka: Chip, Chippy, Chipster, Bubbychippy Chipper Boy

Midnight (cat) aka: Mid, Middy, Mid Mid

Tabi (cat) : Tab, Tabs, TabiGirl,

Both cats are females, so they come to "girley girls" too....

It has been gret fun reading all the nicknames- great string to start!!!
Pepsi aka Peps, Pepsi Cola, snuggle bug, cotton ball, sausage, sheepie and my honey bunny
Rags aka Ragsy, Ragserella, Ragser, The Bitch, Ragamuffin, Soda (Ryan calls her that) He says Soda Pepsi's wife & sheepie
Peanut aka Nutter, Nutter McButter, Nut, Mr Peanut, Peaby (Is what Ryan called him before he could say Peanut.) So we all called that, and most all Psycho!!

Harley was Harley D, Dumb dog, Poop head, Poop eater, dumb a**, and when we would get angry. Harley Davidson Haden!!
Panda is....

Full name: Pandemonium

Nicknames: Pooh, Panda pooh, Pooh bear, Smelly dog, Baby, Love puppy. Sniffy, Drooley and one that really isnt a nickname, but we seem to use a lot....No bite........ 8O
Remy...Remhead, Bumwag

Zoe...Kids call her Ziva by mistake, and I call her Peanut

Jake (cat)...Jakekers (Jakkers)
Amy (cat)...Squeaky, she doesn't meow like a cat should

For the 2 legged:

Madelyn...monkey, and Parker calls her Sister, so we call her sister, but NEVER call her Maddie (she hates that, but I don't know why)

Scruffy... Her full name is Scruffy Duffy Doo, scruff, Fathead, crazy face, Scruffer, the fluffy one, the cute one.
Porshce.. Porshka Lordenski because weimeraners are German, weasil, the little one, the grey one, the pretty one.
SamSun is pink around his eyes so we also call him Pinky Poo. There is one other name that seems to stick with him but I'll keep that one to myself! LOL! Hint: It rhymes with Sampson....
Molly- snuppeluppa, lille vennen, :D :D
Beaumont's nicknames are: Beau, Beau-Beau ,Stinky Butt, Snootie Nose and Stinky Boy.

By the way, he's going to the groomer today!
Momoko - Momo (we just use that for her name most of the time), Moe, Moo, Moo-Moo, You, Girl, Girly (my favorite), princess or baby (Brad's favorites) and quite possibly Hair Ball at times.

Halifax - Muffin, Puff, Cream Puff, Fluffer-nutter, Puffin, Little Boy, PJ Bottoms and Fluffy Butt.

Kiley - Black Face, Pumpkin, Chocolate Kitten, Punkin', Brat and Puffy Pants.
Annie - Bananie, Annie girl, Sweetie pie, Pretty lady, Dolly

Fozzie - Foz, Tinklemeister, Water Boy, Kissy Boy, Turkey, Evil Keneval, Fozerelli

I'm sure there's more, but this is all that comes to mind at the moment!
Jasper is mostly just big boy, fluffyboy, or wigglebutt. We mostly call him Jasper, because if we call him a nickname, the kids say "That's not his name...his name is Jasper" :)
I don't know how I forgot this one, but Foz's other name is BUBS! I think he'll start to come to that name very soon because I say it all the time. Must also come from buebele which I associate more with a girl, so Bubs it is!

I couldn't edit for some reason so I had to post another time.

This post cracks me up! For a min I thought we were going to discuss Uprights. I had the distinction of being affectionately called "Yanoo" by my mom as a kid. Dunno what the heck a Yanoo is supposed to be? :D

Blue doesn't have many nic names, except I often find myself referring to him as Old Blue the last couple years.

Merlin has been called Mr Wiggle Butt by his trainer and I find myself calling him Merlin Boy, Mr Big Nose or if he's been misbehaving, a 40's type gangster name's Big Nose Merlin.

Panda is referred to as Panda boy to differentiate amongst the Panda girls whose moms are Jaci and Darcy.

Marianne and the boys
Murphy: Murph, Stink Bot, Little Man Dog
Dudley: Dud, Bubba, Biggie.
Dancer ~ Dancer Doo, Princess, Lil Miss Priss, Baby Dog

Sky~ Skyball, Stink Eye, Dum Dum

Panda~ Panda Puff Girl, Panda Poo, Poof, Goldfish.
As for my two legged kids, they are all Dirt Trolls. :lol:
It's great to know I am not the only one who gives my pets nicknames.... here are my animals real names and nicknames....

Sasha-OES we call her "Pickle" quite the nickname I know... hahah...and I have no clue if she likes them.. it has nothing to do with food she likes...

10 year old male cat Roger... and as if that is not odd enough in itself we nickname him "Rog"or "Roger Doger"

5 year old female cat Ginger... and we call her "Ninnie"

As far as two legged kids go my daughter Bonnie I call "Boo"and my son Jordan gets Jordie but only if you want ignored, he is not crazy about it... I try to use Jord when I shorten it... instead of Jordie its to babyish for him now.. since he is 11.
Collectively, they're The Wigglebums. :D

Beaureguard is Beau-Beau, Bo-ba-licious, Prince Charming, & Mama's Boy

Genevieve is Gennyboo, The Princess, Gen, Boo-Boo & Baby Girl
I've found myself calling my baby 'num-nums, gawd knows where that came from lol..just started calling her it in play.
Barney is...Barn Barn, Mr. B, Mr. Barney, Barnifer, Barney Warney, B Dog, Barns, Bock, Bubba, Bubs, Bubsy, Sleepy Sheepie, Crazy, Crazy Dog, Wiggle Man, Big Boy, Barn-Ba-Barn Barn, Barnaby, Barnabus, Barnard, Barnyard
I thought I'd resurrect this list and add to it:
Abby: Abbylou, bobadoo, Aboo
Eggbert: Bert, Boo-Boo, Poohbear, Shmoo, Hosenose :D
Funny Post! I've enjoyed reading about everyone's furkids.

Merlin has a couple: Big Nose Merlin (said in much the same way someone would say Pretty Boy Floyd), Mr Wigglebutt, Merlin Boy

Panda - Panda boy

Blue- Old Blue, Blue boy
We didn't have Chewie yet when I posted originally.
He also goes by Chew, Choo-choo, Chewster, Chewbutt :D
Fred is called:

Fredo-(I use this one the most because I could see him wearing a terrible leisure suit like in the first GodFather)
8) Violet (OES) Violator, Vi, Vivi, Shaggy, Shag a Muffin, girlie girl and when she is in trouble her full name Violet Jewel! lol :hearts:

China (Aussie Shepherd) Chine Chine, China Doll, China Dog, Chiney, Boo Boo, girlie girl and when she is in trouble her full name China Aqua! :hearts:

Pearl (white cat) Pearly, Pearlie girl, queenie, white fluff, your majesty
(she is the one who runs things here lol) :hearts:
Funny post! Fun to read!

Barkley aka Barcalounger, Baby, Baby Boy, Sweetie

I guess mine aren't very creative (except maybe the first). Reading everyone else's has been very entertaining.
Hi, the nicknames for my dogs are:
Shamu - oes gunk gocky fluffmaster general & moo moo
Echo - oes mix geck dog doodler & daddy's dog
Hearshy - german shepard / husky mix super dog soup & hershey sue
I read this forum all the time and I love it & I LOVE SHEEPDOGS
Ran across this...
Mine's Kiwi (corgi) BUT I call her- Kisi, Kiki, Keister, Oddball, Weirdo, Itchybutt, Silly, Silly Goose, Goose, Gosling, Bunny (because of the way she hops through grass on those stubby legs), Baby girl, Idiot (when I'm annoyed :oops:)...and more. Those're just off the top of my head.
love the topic!
patches goes by moots, babe and goose.
Cheyenne is piggy, pigster, chey, cheyannie, cheyenne marie, licky, bunny butt, (the way she runs) and spinny (she spins in circles when shes excited and wants to go out!)

Beauford is beau, beauie, sir bugford, wigglebutt, stubby, wiggly bum, smarty pants, Buford T pain in the butt, fluff butt and cotton ball.
Pirate has a couple:

Baby P
Pie Boy

Keira only has one:
Talullah (as in Bankhead. She's a drama queen!)
Maggie McGee IV wrote:
Hmmm.... There are a lot of them....

Maggie McGee IV = Magpie, Magnolia, Mags, Pookie, Miss McGee, Shaggy S&%$box.

Nelson = Nelson, Jr., Junior, Nelzbar, Nelzer, Pooka, Zumwalt, Jr., Slimer, Shaggy S&%$box.

(the late) Winston = Mr. Winston, Zumwalt, Zoomer, Churchill, Shaggy S&%$box.

notice there is one common thread between the three.... :twitch: I'm sure there are more but most aren't fit to print. :oops: Doesn't mean we love them any less. :hearts:


LOL Nita... that's funny. especially the "doesn't mean we love them any less". It reminds me of when Brooklyn (my Bichon) is really comfortable and I go to pick her up, sometimes she growls really loud and menacingly at me... the first time she did that I jumped, then I told her... "see? THAT'S why they call you a b#@ch." My skin kids still bring it up and make me feel bad... I told her and them a million times that I didn't really mean it and that I really do love her, lol.
Wow this post goes way back!

Max is

Maxie Paws
Max- a- baby
"The" Baby
Maxie Man
"Him" ( this is what my niece Skyler often calls Max" "Is "Him" better? - "Him's a good boy") She get on the phone and ask me if "him" can talk...
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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