clippers won't clip.........


was right in the middle of giving Dexter another shave........... and my Oster Golden #5's started making this small kinda grinding sound...... well I was worried about ruining them after only one use so I used the lubricating oil that came with them and put about 2 drops on the blades - - while they were running.........

was thinking I was pretty cool right about now - --

went to finish Dexter's "do" and they won't cut ANYTHING!!!!!

the blades are moving - - - - and everything sounds just fine........ they slide over the hair...... and won't cut ..........

did I ruin em?????

please advise.......... asap - - - -poor Dexter is only half done and I don't know what to do......... :oops:


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I have a pair of Andis and lube them during cutting but have never lubes them while the motor was running. Sorry, I don't know what to tell you about that. Maybe try to use them again?
I don't think a grinding noise would come from a set of new clippers.
Maybe there is something wrong with the blade?
Maybe you didn't snap the blade completely back into place?
That could totally be a plausible reason. Especially with the grinding noise.
Thinking about it, that has happened to me on more that one occassion, but when replying to this I didn't even think about that. I usually catch it as soon as it happens and snap it back in.
Just sounds like the blade came loose. On my clippers there is one screw on the plate and 2 screws on the other clippers, that occasionally need to be tightened.
By the way, you don't mean a "clacking" noise do you? If that's the case, it's the power adjustment screw on the side.
If the blade gets clogged, it will make that noise. Examine the teeth to see if there's a tiny stone in there. Then try the blade wash. Try resetting the blade: put it on the thingy but don't flip it down into position. Turn on the blade and then flip it down. If it still won't go back and forth, just make noise, stop, remove the blade and take it apart. Clean and then put back together (that isn't easy but can be done). Do you have another blade to see if it's the blade not the motor?
finally, a dull blade won't cut. Yes, I've had them quit after one shave, it it is rare. The dog has to be very matted and stoney.
I didn't even take the blade off - so I'm sure it's still snapped on pretty good - and the blades are moving back and forth - - I would think maybe they are dull - - but this is the 2nd blade that has done this - - I started the cut on Friday evening - - my original blade stopped cutting after I put some lube on them - - took the blades apart - cleaned them with canned air and snapped em back on - they wouldn't cut to I assumed they were dull - went out and bought a new blade - snapped it on - cut on Dexter for about one hour - then the "noise" started - without removing the blade from the unit - put 2 drops of lubricant on the blade and now no cut - - the motor runs and the blades move - but it's like they aren't grabbing the hair between the blades or something???

ugh - just really frustrated cuz I'm convinced this is something really simple!!!!

Clean the blades in alcohol. Maybe the lube is too thick and clogging the combs.
I'd check the adjustment on the side, any bumping or wiggling can make that go wacky.
Slight adjustments and you'll here when it goes right.
I wonder if you need to run the blades in cleaner? When you buy
new clippers or blades they usually have a coating on them that you
have to wash off. You can't really see it, but it is there. Run your
blade, while it is dipped in the clipper cleaner and you will hear the
tone of the clipper change when the coating is gone. I had exactly the
same experience as you when I first started using a clipper. Maybe
yours doesn't have the coating, but all mine did.

I pour the solution into the cap of the bottle(about the size of a spray
paint can cap) and run the clipper in it before, during, and after my
clipping is done. I really didn't want the expense of the cleaner, but
it was really worth it in the end. After the clippers run the particles
sink to the bottom of the cup and I pour the clean solution back in
the bottle. This bottle will last me a long time.
Good luck!

I don't have an English Sheepdog but I have 4 Yorkies & a Shih-Tzu/Pek mix and I like to keep their coats pretty short during the long, hot summers in Northern CA.

My 1st pair of clippers just stopped clipping. I thought I might have dulled them after cutting 5 dogs 2-3x. So I bought another Wahl unit; I figure that it will be cheaper to send in a couple sets of blades @ a time to get resharpened, as needed.

The 2nd unit quit clipping in mid-job just recently, too; it didn't seem to take this pair that long to poop out.

I recall what the DVD Wahl provides says; wash your dog and allow it to dry thoroughly before you cut...I never do this.

I just seems weird that all of a sudden it stops cutting completely, not a gradual process, like I'd THINK dulling of the blades would be.

Wahl DOES give tips for blade adjustment, which I haven't tried yet b/c my personal PC is down and I'm writing from a public Library...LOL! It seems difficult, get it exactly right?

I'm going to stop by a local groomer and see if they'll give me tips on adjusting/realigning blades and how quickly 'non-professional' grade clippers go bad.

If worse comes to worse, I can just BUY yet another unit. I can buy the complete kit for @ what I'd pay for a SINGLE dog's grooming; and I have FIVE DOGS!

If you're interested in hearing what I find out, write me @

Buy the professional version of the clippers, John. You definitely get what you pay for. I have tried an inexpensive clippers and they just don't cut well at all.

Buy a nice Oster A5 Two Speed or an Andis AGC. They both run around $120 to $150 with one blade.
I second what Ron says, Get a good pair of clippers... you'll be so glad you did.

I went with the cheap pairs of clippers first. I think they cost around $40 for a kit. They never worked quite right. I finally gave in and got the Andis AGC 2 speed. What a HUGE difference!! I have them for 2 years now and they still work like brand new.
I use them on my 3 dogs. 2 OES and Yorkie Mix and I highly recommend them.
I agree with Shellie. She is right about the coating. It's a good thing to really clean then oil the blade before you use it, but don't freek you didn't ruin anything.

If one hair gets stuck inbetween the blades, it will cause the one to raise up. Therefore not cut at all. Just clean it really really well. Use a toothbrush to make sure it's hairfree. Slide the blade back and forth and get under them, try not to completly take out that movable blade. If you still have issues look in your phone book under blade sharpeners and have one of them take a look at it. It only costs 5 or 6 bucks to have it sharpened and they ususally have majic healing powers.

If you have not already I would suggest investing in a nice set of clippers. When you buy them, what your paying for is the motor. The more you pay, the more power you have. Plan on spending around 120 to 150 for a decent set. They will last you forever if your just grooming your own pets occationally.
Here is a link on how to clean and oil your blades.

It leans more towards the oiling part, but it does show the blade in a lot of different positions. I hope it helps.
The same thing happened to me with a Wahl unit - not once, but twice. I"m furious! Stopped clipping after one mini-schnauzer. Tore a chunk out of the second mini schnauzer and now I'm stuck with a dog that has a shaved striped down its back but the clipper no longer cuts. The first time i thought i had caught a bad unit. bought a new one. exact same problem!
There is nothing worse for dog clippers than trying to cut a dirty dog. The natural oils in the dog's hair/fur mixed with dirt and sand clog and dull the blades. Wash the dog first with two tables of dish soap (without lotion in it to protect hands) in an empty large dish soap pop top bottle and fill with water. Wet the dog and then apply the diluted dish soap. Rub in well and rinse. Then apply dog shampoo, rub in well and leave on for ten minutes. Rinse well. Make sure dog is completely dry. Never try to use clippers on wet hair/fur. Always vaccumn hair from clipper blade and apply clipper oil when finished. Clipper and blades will last for at least 50 - 60 cuttings.
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