OES In Kill Shelter in IA

This sweet girl is in a kill shelter In IA. Please someone help her
http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=6330687
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Hi Sue-
They would love for this sheepie-girl to get into a rescue... they're a city run facility and so many pass through that they just don't screen the applicants like the best rescues do...

"... anybody who shows up with the money gets the dog (except for known abuse cases, of course.)"

"...I'd much rather see this dog go to a rescue..."

Gotta love the kind heart of a volunteer who would take 6 hours to make a dirty/matted sheepie more comfortable! :D
is there any rescue in that area? I am in NJ & OESRSE's Ingrid is in TN.
I have no idea... Carla said she had only one rescue on her list and she had contacted them last week but must not have gotten a reply. I'll write you off list in a minute...
Hi All,

I live in Omaha, just across the river from Council Bluffs, Ia, where
the OES is. I called the shelter this morning. They said the she is a very sweet dog, and a good girl. They also said that they are sure she would be adopted. I also have a call out to an OES Rescue contact person, to see how the process works to save this dog. Since this is my area, I would like to do anything I could to help.
I do not know how shelters screen for people to take the dogs, that is one of my concerns. I would hate for her to get back in a situation that someome would get her on impulse, and not take care of her right.
I am open to any suggestions.
I would hate for her to get back in a situation that someome would get her on impulse, and not take care of her right.
Carla at the shelter mentioned this too and that's the reason she would like to see this girl enter rescue.

PS- I love your Avatar picture :D
Nancy of MN OES Rescue http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MN177.html is taking her. YAY! She may need help w/ transportation if anyone can offer help.
I am going to send MN a donation since I am so far away. sue
I would love to help with some of the transportation, but would not
be able to til Sat. or Sun. , Sunday would be the best day for me.
Would I contact the shelter? Have never been involved with this before, but I am very willing to help.
I hope the transport can be worked out. She'll have the best chance at finding the right home with Nancy lookin' out for her. Oh! And maybe she'll get a name too instead of just a number :wink:

I know not everyone is able to donate to help rescue but there is this funny store I came across about 2 weeks ago called Helping Udders :lol: and I noticed they donate 10-50% of purchases to the rescue you select from their list. Minnesota OES Rescue is on this list so you can help her rescue efforts of this breed we love so much and get a fun toy in the process.

I got a bungee leash http://www.helpingudders.com/Shop3.htm and a blue treat stick http://www.helpingudders.com/TreatStik.htm. Hmmm... I thought there was something else. Cootie loves the treat stick and won't share it with the others :roll: There are some really unique toys there.

They also make a cooling vest for people who work their dogs outdoors in the heat. Kind of expensive but much better than a vet call for heat stroke. http://www.helpingudders.com/CoolingVests.htm
How wonderful for you to offer to help :D :clappurple:

Nancy said she will be in contact with the shelter to see how long she has to get this sheepie-girl out so I would contact Nancy Hakala directly to offer your assistance. Her number is here on this PetFinder listing...

http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=6169190
or you can email her directly at the email address posted there too.
I will call Nancy, and see what arrangements can be made.
I will put a posting on when I have some information.
I have an correction to post...

The shelter where this sheepie girl is staying is NOT a kill shelter. As long as there is space they euthanize only for severe illness, dangerous dogs or pitbulls because of a ban. Carla said that a purebred dog like this sheepie-girl with such a wonderful temperament would not be put down unless for parvo or something like that. Just want us all to be on the same page and not harm to any reputations when they try so hard to do good. :wink:
So glad to hear that this is not a kill shelter. :D

Did not hear from Nancy, from Minnesota. :(
I would still like to see her get to an OES rescue.

Hopefully, I will hear from her tomorrow
Strike my last post! :? Carla wrote again and says it actually is a kill shelter except for exceptionally good dogs like this sheepie...

"This dog will NOT be euthanized..."

"... Don't get me wrong - it is very much a kill shelter, and getting a dog out makes space for another..."
So glad to hear this Sheepie is getting out of the shelter- all of you ROCK for helping her!!! Wish we were closer to lend a hand!!!
When Nancy brought Bart down to us on Monday, she did mention a dog from IA that she was probably getting. I'm sure this must be the same one. This was on Monday, so it's kind of old news, but I thought I would add the little bit of info I know.
I guess I am confused. I called the shelter
yesterday, and the oes is still there, and available
for adoption. I have not got a return call from Nancy
yet. I am willing to help transport, but still don't know
what the situation is.
Button - please don't get discouraged. Sometimes it takes a few days for the rescue to get all the details ironed out. I'm sure Nancy will get back in touch with you as soon as she can. But, don't feel bad about sending another e-mail or leaving her a message. :) Thank you for being willing to help!! :)
Beaureguard's Mom,

Thanks for the encourgement.
I guess I am impatient.

I would like to see the little girl
out of that shelter, and in the
hands of responsible sheepie lovers.

I'll post if anything transpires.
Here's an update from Nancy Hakala with Minnesota OES Rescue about sheepie 5782 now known as "Sammy"...

With the help and hard work of Carla (shelter volunteer) and Karen (aka 'The Button') -- "Sammy" is safe and being boarded in IA until transport can be arranged to Minnesota ... It really does take a village to help an OES in need. Thanks so much for your continued support and good wishes for Sammy.
- Nancy Hakala

Sammy is this sheepies real name... Carla isn't sure if it's short for Samantha or if it's her full name. Now she'll have a great opportunity to find a family that deserves her. Here's a little more about her...

"...She has the most wonderful personality! And loves to ride in the car - with her nose out the window of course. :-) ..."

I love it when things work out :D sniff, sniff.
Karen! You're going to help :D
I'm so happy for you but especially Sammy. Thanks for helping a sheepie in need :yay:

(I save THAT emoticon for super-duper happenings... like happy beginnings for a sheepie in need :D )
:clappurple: :clappurple: Bravo!! That's wonderful news!! Thanks for the update, Jaci!! :clappurple: :clappurple:
Update on Sammy

Sat. May 27, my husband and I had the pleasure to transport Sammy from Omaha to Des Moines, Ia. Carla was kind enough to picked her up from the shelter and meet us at a more convenient location. We drove Sammy from Omaha to Des Moines, where she was to be fostered for 2 nights, then transported to MN.

Sammy is the most precious, sweetest little girl. It was very hard to let her go, but she is off to a better life.

I have not got an update since we dropped Sammy off in Des Moines.
I will keep you all posted, as I get information.
That's wonderful! Thanks for the update! I'm so glad you were able to get involved in the rescue effort!!
Now sweet little Sammy has a chance for a much better life!!
Woo hoo! Thanks, Karen!!!!!
That is sooo cool Karen :D Thanks for helping her get to a safe place.

I see Nancy has Sammie's listing on PetFinder and there are new pictures... http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=6380964

A big thanks to all involved for getting this sheepie-girl into rescue :clappurple:
Hi Karen-
There is a dog in need of help in Omaha... he's suffering from depression from being homeless too long. Can you contact Nancy Hakala again? Willing to help fund transport. Thanks!
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