A little weird bump-ish type thingy

I noticed this afternoon on the way home from puppy class that Walter has what I thought was a splinter about an inch above his back right foot.

I was petting his leg and noticed a hard, somewhat sharp thing, and assumed it was a splinter or something caught in his fur (stick, burr, etc) but when I got him home and was able to part the hair and see it, it looks more like...well, i don't know.

Sorry to be gross, but here's the best I can do to describe: :oops:
It looks kinda like a zit, but taller. It's somewhat crusty (eew). It's white in color, and there seems to be no red marks or signs of bleeding or other irritation. It's hard.

As I was touching it, Walter didn't wince or whine at all, other than his normal "hey, don't mess with my feet" squirming. He doesn't seem bothered by it at all, but I am :?

We're going to the vet soon, but I was wondering if anyone has seen this...maybe a scab? a splinter that skin grew over? I got nothin.

Thanks in advance!
BTW - Walter's the favorite in his puppy class (gloating dad :wink: )
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Could be a wart or an ingrown hair

Hugs for Walter
No clue about the bump, but I'm happy to hear he's doing so well in puppy class! I love his coloring - he's so pretty.
Rags has a bump above her eye. It actually looks like a scar but it wasn't there before. It is the same color as her skin and there isn't much hair on the area The Vet said to keep on eye on it.
I can move it with my finger and it's kind of hard.
Hopefully Walter's is nothing more than a zit or ingrown hair.
It may be a sebacous cyst that has dried out, they are nothing to alarmed about though.
Well I just got back from the vet, and she let me know that the growth was a small nail from his hind dew claw. She said there is nothing to be worried about - that it could be removed if I wanted, or could be left with no harm (only some clipping). Doesn't cause any pain or isn't harmful to the health of the dog.

On a different note, he weighed in at a whopping 60 lbs. The rest of him checked out just fine, and of course, all the ladies in the office were fawning over him :D

Thanks for all the suggestions and concern!
Glad to hear it was nothing more than a nail. :D
:phew: Glad it was something simple.
Whew, what a relief! How old is Walter?
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