Puppy Gone Wild!

Each evening around 9pm my sweet, laid back, laying on the floor puppy becomes POSSESSED :twisted:

He races around like a lunatic getting crazier avery minute. He jumps and nips and tries to eat books 8O The boys play with him outside in the afternoon and he chases them for a long time. We have also started to take him for short walks to wear him out but he sits down at the end of our cul de sac and won't go any farther :?

Ant other new puppies having a wild streak? Is this like the 5pm crazies my kids have?
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My puppy terrors start around 9 pm. Just when I am de-stressing from the day :lol:
Sounds perfectly normal :lol:
Just make sure the puppy knows any unacceptable behavior is unacceptable right away.
Sheepie 500!! :lol: Louie still does the running around like a crazed lunitic. when he was young he nipped but he no longer does. The running is kind of funny but don't stand in Louie's way cause he can't stop that quickly. Yeah found that one out the hard way :roll:
I like to call these episodes DSAs. Dumb Sh*t Attacks. lol
I started using this phrase when I got my first cat, Murray.
But this also applies to the Sheepies.
My don't bite or chew things..besides each other.
They will however fly around the living room or backyard at 100 mph.
I don't mind the behavior outside. But when the Sheepies are jumping on the couch and over my head in the living room it is kinda scary.
Rags was the biggest pain in the but a couple of days ago during the full moon. You'd think she drank a 6 pack of Coke. She was sooo hyper!
I am so relieved to hear that your pups do similar things!

My hubby had to banish him to the kitchen Friday night because he wouldn't stop nipping. I seem to have a claming effect :wink: so I can usually redirect his energy into chewing or playing with something.

I wasn't sure if maybe we weren't feeding him enough and the antics were because he was starving :x
"Spazman" arrives at our house between 7 and 8PM just when we want to sit down and watch tv for the rest of the night. He barks at Annie, then she whines at him for a few minutes, then Foz zooms around and tries to jump on the couch. After about 5-10 minutes he falls asleep. It's very entertaining! :D
I think they save up the energy from the naps throughout the day and decide that when they are ready, it is "their time".... Chipper does the same thing... the boys play with him in the afternoons for about 2 hours, he konks, takes a long, early evening nap, and than is back up ready and raring to go!

Chipper started with the nipping too- which I think is normal puppy behaviour, but we immediately and firnly tell him NO, and hold his mouth together- we then immediately follow with giving him a toy in his mouth to teach him he needs a toy, not our skin!!! They are teething too= so that is a part of it... Chipper loves his frozen carrot treats, and loves chewing on Sweet Potatoe Straws... I have also offered him a raw rib bone twice a week- keeps him busy for hours, and helps with the teething, etc- but be prepared, they a need a bath thereafter.

How is his diahrea? I hope that is doing better! We are SOOOO loving Chipper!!!
Welcome to puppy parenthood :) Just keep being consistent with the nipping. It will be a full month before he gets anywhere close to understanding what no bite means... Pip just started to improve with biting at about 13-14 weeks. We're no where near perfection, but my hands are finally healing, and he's much gentler with his mouth now. Just be patient, consistent, and keep a steady supply of neosporin on hand! :lol:
Marley starts his at around about 8 pm.He starts off by running up and down the hall at about 50 mph (at least it seems that fast) then he starts using Mitch as a hurdle to jump.

It ends up with Mitch trying to pick him out of the air as he flies by :lol:
FROM CHIPPER - I AM NOT THAT LITTLE ANYMORE!!! My front paws can reach the counter top in the kitchen almost,,, and I can make it on the couch now... and.. wanna hear the best- I ROLLED THE HALLWAY FOR MY MOM YESTERDAY WITH THE TOILET PAPER FROM THE HALL BATHROOM... think I am keeping my humans on their toes yet????? HEEE HEEE, BARK BARK BARK.....
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