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Mine is 36" x 24" and I wouldn't go any smaller than that personally.
I have been looking at grooming tables as well...
Our grooming sessions on the floor turn into wrestlin' matches 8O
Maybe someone can give us specifics on where & what to purchase...
There are a lot to choose from out there :?
I'd like to order & get credit for the Forum!
What do ya think Ron?
Thanks a bunch!
Our grooming table is 36"x24"- adjustable height since we also have an American Eskimo. Cassiopia fits on it just fine....Baxter hangs over the edges a bit. We got ours from Petedge (

Jennifer, Baxter, Cassiopia and Sharkey
Don't go any smaller than 36X24. Ours is that size and he just fits. Make sure that you get one with sturdy legs and an edging that covers all the rough parts and fasteners.
Been looking at this one :idea: ... uctID=1281
*Me asking Ron* ... "Could the Forum get credit through this site?"
No, isn't a petedge affiliate. But does any of this tickle your fancy?
<a href="" target="_blank">Grooming Tables</a>
OH...I see some possibilities here 8)
Let me work on this a bit...
Thanks a bunch...Ron!
I am new to this site- had one other post about herding. Our OES (now ATB) Oliver LOVED his grooming table. My daughter started him on the washing machine as a pup. The washing machine worked great. He learned to be in the air, to stand still, and quickly learned to love it. He figured out that he got groomed and lots of attention on his fake "table". As he grew, we got a real grooming table. Ours is 24" x 48", and seems just the right size. I can't find a brand marking on it, but we've had it for 8 yrs and has held up well and is still as good as new. Ours has the arm attached through a square bracket and hole near the edge of the table. It is more sturdy than the clamp on arms.
When we set ours up, he would run and jump up on it. He wouldn't get off until you gave him some grooming! He would just wiggle and bark and wiggle some more until you came and brushed him. I had to hide it in my garage between uses.
It was a investment at the time to get a good, large one, but I'm glad we got it.
Looks like petedge is much cheaper than AMAZON, please don't overspend on your equipment for the sake of a couple fo bucks to
My husband made ours. He got a piece of plywood, covered it in that ribbed rubber stuff, bought 2 folding clamp thingys and fastened them to the bottom. Total cost was about $35 Canadian.

We have a pole and noose etc. but anyone who knows me by now would realize that I do not use them : ) My grooming friend tells me that at her place they do not restrain the dogs at all, for bathing, trimming, drying etc. It is all done hands on with no tying, crating or anything. So Bosley and Dixie get bathed, trimmed and dried with nothing holding them to the table. Took a bit of getting used to the dryer for Bosley, but now when I take out the table he jumps up and tries to get onto it. Dixie just dozes off on it :lol:

I know I'm a bit late jumping in here but there are a few things I like to recommend to new groomers buying or building a table. It should be obvious to get the largest table that you can afford. The extra length of the 48" x 24" tables is an incredible difference. Even a small Bobtail bitch is still an above average sized dog. The table needs to not only hold the dog when they are standing but needs to provide adequate support to the torso, head and legs when the dog is laying down. As you groom you will end up "stretching" the dog out to get good access to the back legs and it is at these times tha tthe extra length is so valuable. The extra length also allows for some "fudge factor" so when you lie the dog down you don't have to be absolutely precise in centring him/her. Doing that on a 36" long table is much more demanding!

The other big recommendation I have is to buy a grooming arm, clamp and noose to go with your table. It may seem unnecessary right now but once you start grooming you will appreciate the control and stability a grooming arm and noose brings to your Bobtail. (Especially if your Bobtail is like our Martin Zephram who just can't figure out that after line grooming he is supposed to STAND UP, STAND STILL AND FACE FORWARD while Daddy brushes his back, butt and feet into the proper shape/finish. Sheesh Great Mamoo :roll: , you're 4 years old, otherwise a pretty smart boy but you still haven't figured that one out!! :bulb: Virgil Tiberius on the other hand has been prepared for shows so many times that he barely needs a grooming arm and noose to stay still. :banana: :banana: :high5: ) Once you are finished line grooming you will want the dog to stand still while you "finish groom" to get the hair to lie the right way and do the final brush out of feet, back, butt and head. A dog who is constrained by the grooming arm and noose can't go twisting around on you and keep obliterating your landmarks and progress. I also always recommend getting a grooming arm with it's own clamp. Never use a grooming table where the grooming arm base that is permanently mounted to the table surface, usually approx. 3 inches in from one corner. This will limit where you can place the arm and more importantly it presents a substantial hazard to your dog. It is all too easy for your dog to be injured by this, either at his feet/lower legs while he moves about or squirms a bit on his side, or bangs his head while on his/her side.

If you choose to build your own table as many do to save a few dollars make sure not to "sell yourself short" with low quality components. You will need a G1S plywood (good side up) of 3/4 as your base. Be sure to sand the edges smooth to prevent snagging of your closes and legs on rough areas. In fact an edge trim, as per commerically available tables, is really worth while. Take the time to find a good rubber sheet to be your surface and contact cement that to the plywood. It will be non-slip and is easy to clean. Get good solid legs, those which are 1/2 square section won't stand up to the dynamic loads which you and your Bobtail will impart to them. You need at least 1" diameter tubular legs with caps on the end to protect your flooring. And if at all possible get the one that have a "fold flat" capability so that both legs will fold parallel to the table surface. It is extemely irritating when you go to store the grooming table and one leg always "flops" open because it doesn't have the fold flat capability. There are ways around this if you can't find fold flat legs but it requires a bit asembly effort and pre-trimming of one pair of the legs.

Anyway, hope this helps a bit. As always if I have been unclear or if you have more questions ask away, either in public forum or by pm.
I had to double check, and I guess sometiems hubby DOES know what he is doing. :D

The legs are 1 inch, and fold flat quite tight to the table. The rubber was glued down tight, and I remember how long it took to dry, and we kept pressing and putting weights on it etc. as the days went by. We have a nice finishing trim around the edgeing.

I will have to tell him how smart he was, especially as we never had a table before, and he just checked them out at the pet supply stores and designed his own.

Now I need him to make some steps so I don't have to lift the 70 pound dog up onto it.

Steps so you don't have to lift a 70lb dog. :!: :!: :!: :rimshot:

Want to trade :?: :?: Virgil Tiberius is 85lbs and won't jump up on the table for me! :roll: Even worse: The Great Mamoo, aka Martin Zephram, is about 5 lbs overweight at 100 lbs and does a great "I am one with the floor" zen exercise when I have to pick him up onto the groming table. :phew: :phew:
Carl :D
Thank you so much for this info...
I was ready to order the 36" long table...
Didn't even think about the centering aspect 8O
My aching back :( tells me I need to order this table soon! appreciate you sharing with us
We have the 48 x 24 x 30 grooming table with the adjustable arm. I don't have to worry so much about them possibly stepping off the back of the table. Sam would probably fit on the smaller table - but Lucky is a monster at 98 lbs - shaved down.
The show we went to last weekend put a size limitation on the grooming tables. First one I had been to that did that! They said no tables bigger than the 36". Apparently they didn't want any big dogs there. The weird part is that it was the biggest, most spacious grooming area I had seen at a show!
Don't forget that if you're going to be hauling your table to shows, they are heavy and you'll probably want a cart too! :wink:
I just finished making my own grooming table.
Wow, I am so glad I have one now! We looked and looked
and I searched online, but in the end I am glad I did it
I used the best stuff I could find, and it didn't take me long
at all. I found fold flat legs for up to 1000 pounds - I think
they will work. and I covered it with in/outdoor carpet, because
the mats I found didn't feel too great on my feet - so I figured
not comfortable for the dogs either.
I made it 24"x48" and boy am I glad I didn't go smaller!
It folds to 2 inches flat and it isn't too heavy.
As soon as I was done I got Zeke up there and he sort of didn't
know what to think. After a few minutes he was fine, just had
to make sure his butt didn't roll off. Have I mentioned before
that he is part slinky?
I was able to do his legs and feet with no trouble at all! Yay for me.

I'd be happy to make one for anyone else- it was quick and fun.

My table is 24x48. I got an electric one because I have a bad back and can't lift the dogs up like I used to, but the steps are a great idea.
Just moving this one up for Pepsi's mommy!

Where did you find the legs to support 1000 lbs? What height is your table?

I'm looking for something Great Dane sized.

Thank you,
I think I found them at lowes or home depot. You can find them at most
home stores. Look for banquet table replacement legs. You may be
able to find different heights but mine finished size is 24x48 and 30 inches

Be sure to get the kind that fold flat. Makes it much handier for storing it.

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