Puppy nipping and pant pulling

Driving me crazy! I guess I am spoiled she is an angel other than the pant and sleeve grabbing and nipping at the feet. Occasionally if I find her getting into something she wants bad, like the kitty litter (yuck) she gets mad. She is just over 3 months old, goes to bed all night, never ever cries, very calm doesn't jump up. But very stubborn. I have tried ignoring, pulling her off (makes her madder) tried saying OFF. Nothing. Do they grow out of it? What has others tried and works?

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Space girl, I am jealous!! When did she start sleeping the night?? Is she in a crate? Allie still gets up 2 times at night, but does go the bathroom when I take her out.....She is 10 weeks.

She also loves to nip, hold on to pant legs! I had read on another post to stand still, look up at the sky when she has the pants...It works about 8 out of 10 times. I tell all the little kids who come over to play with her, to do that. They get a big kick when it actually works! As for the biting, I think we just have to wait it out, when the baby teeth are all in? Experts, what do you say? She does not seem to bite me and hubby as much anymore. We grab her mouth (While finger, toe, arm or what ever body part is in there!) and say OUCH real loud, then NO BITE! PLus we shove a chew toy in her mouth right after, if one is handy! Seems to help a little. But anything she sees, she has to chomp on like an alligator!

You have to pick one method of discouraging the puppy and STICK WITH IT! Puppies need consistency more then anything else when it comes to behavior correction. Personally what works for me with clothes pulling is standing stock still and staring up at the sky. That works wonders for getting Pip to stop pulling on clothes. But like I said EVERY TIME! Puppies are very black and white creatures either it's ok or it isn't and you've gotta stick to your guns with your corrections. You may also try substitution for a toy or leashing your puppy and giving a quick firm tug with an "off!"... I like the look at the sky methiod- because pulling and tugging and nipping at feet is an attempt to engage you in play- and you're telling the puppy by doing this- "I'm NOT going to play with you if you do that!"

Just stick with it... this too shall pass :)
I feel your pain! They are so naughty! If you read earlier today, Foz just ripped about our area rug. As for the biting, I'm not sure we are any better and getting him to stop than you are. The ignoring him and looking up at the ceiling doesn't seem to work. As soon as we try to walk again he's back at it. What has worked for us is a few minutes of timeout in our bathroom, giving him something else to bite, holding him by the scruff of his neck and in a low voice saying "No bite", or taking him outside. When he really needs to go potty he bites us and it REALLY hurts. Do you think that might be it with you gal?
Hi , We have a 2yr old name Lady Lucious. The pant leg and sleeve are her favorite means of getting attention. There are very few clothes left in our wardrobes that have not fallen victim to Lucious. It appears to be a means of control for her. The biting of the feet and ankles are also favorite spots. This comes from the herding instinct of the animal. To get the attention of a cow or sheep they will bite at the ankles. I think they see us as things to herd. :D :D :D
Sounds like she is doing great! Just be consistent, always say No! or Off! or whatever command you are using and praise when she lets go.
She will grow out of her desire to shred your clothes... you're just too much taller than her for now and this is the easiest way to get your attention for the moment. :lol:
well she is getting better, I started puppy class and he said to try holder her mouth shut and saying no bite. (If I can get to it in time ) haha but she really hates it, so it seems to be working. She only goes for the pants when my hands are full! so naughty or smart??? hmmm...
Noodle is having the same problem but only 2x a day :? He gets wacky when he wants to walk or poop and when he is "herding" the kids! We keep lots of bones and chew toys handy in each room to put in his mouth when he gets nippy.

Today he started nipping my robe,I stood still for 15 seconds looking away from him and he actually let go of my robe and walked away :)

We try to reward him each time he does NOT jump at the kids when they race past on their bikes. He really wants them to stay within his eyesight so I found a place in the yard where he can see them and he gets a treat each time they race by and he stays sitting.

Hope this helps! Just know we are all going thru the puppy stages together :wink:

Lark- Noodle's mom
My female pulls on my pants too. So much one time, her lil tooth ripped a hole in my pants. She grabs the edge of my nightgown and tries to pull me down the hallway.
She also like to pull my hair on my head. And bites me on the nose or on my face. I keep telling myself that God made puppies cute so ya don't kill em. I will survive this and so with these puppies :)
Shady wrote:
I keep telling myself that God made puppies cute so ya don't kill em. I will survive this and so with these puppies :)

I say the same thing about babies. lol
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