Coccidia diarrhea-Any idea how to clean up the mess?

Little Ambrose has coccidia with diarrhea every few hours :cry:
The vet has him on Albon but I'm wondering about how to deal with the mess in the garden :evil:

Any suggestions on how to contain and/or clean it up? Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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I would just hose it down and use some bleach if you can.
Make sure you keep the pup hydrated... poor baby, I hope he feels better soon.
Oh poor baby and poor you. Hope it clears up soon.

What stacey said and use the bleach as well, kills the germs and bugs and try to potty him in the same area so it contains it to only one area to clean up.

Hugs to you all. :(
Valerie's girls had this recently. Also, I think Daisy (BestDogsX4's girl), and Clyde (ButtersStotch's boy) had it at about the same time. I'm sure they can help with advice on what to feed him and how to soothe his tummy. :pupeyes:

Poor baby! :( Poor Lark! :(
No they all had giardia I think....
OHHH're right, Stacey! Sorry about that!! :oops: :D
Bummer. I hope he's well real soon.
Here are a couple of links with info on coccidia- ... icleid=727
Should all his brothers and sisters look out for this too, since it is spread through the feces? Did you let Kaye know?
All his siblings and all of Kaye's dogs would have been infected, and all should be treated even if no symptoms are present.
Lark, after I talked to you I called the rest of the Parents of the Babies and so far as far as I know they have tested neg. With all the rain that we have had here lately it came to the top of ground. Many many animal have been thru here and once it is in the ground the rain will bring it up. The Albon should take care of it. Is he taking the liquid or pills? Give him a little Kaopectate that will help...Get some Pedialite in the unflavored he will drink like water..... That will keep him hydrated..Be sure and get yogurt with the Mother in it or some acidophillus tablets to put back the good bacteria in his intestines that the Albon will distroy........Poor Baby. Love Kaye
Hey Brother!

Me and my new family hope that you feel better real soon and that the medicine the vet gave you helps fast!!!

I had Little Emily and Gwinnie checked yesterday and they were neg also. SO usually if one has something they ll have it. I haven't heard from Kimberly on Julie yet or Chris in Wi....I will take in stool on the Big Babies to have that checked.......Mercy Kaye
If one has it they have all been exposed.... and with coccidia it doesn't show up in tests until symptoms are present and sometimes not even then.
I hope no more of them get sick, hopefully their immune systems are strong enough to keep it at bay....
The albon does not get rid of it, no med can, it just keeps it at bay until the immune system can keep it under control on it's own. Anytime they get stressed or ill they are at risk of another flare up.
Here is a good link about it
I truthfully don't know that much about it. Before I started breeding I rescue everything. Horses, donkeys, llamsa, Goats { nubian, alpine, pigmy, fainting goats. Chickens, ducks, geese, So I was told it probally came from having the goats that are notorious for having coccidia. Once it is in the ground there is nothing I could do. When you get a lot of rain it comes to the top. I have a huge 200 gallon spayer on a wagon. That I pull with the lawnmower. I bleached the back yard before the Babies ever went out side. Of course I keep all the poop picked up. SO I guess with the week of rain we had it came to the top........ I am so Sorry for all this........ Kaye
It's not your fault Kaye... don't beat yourself up about it. I can't remember the exact stats, but I think that over 70% of dogs are exposed to it at some point in their lives... it's quite common.....
Maybe check with your vet to see if the 10% ammonia solution can be sprayed or poured directly on the ground in the area where Ambrose potties.

"...Most disinfectants do not work well against coccidia; incineration of the feces, and steam cleaning, immersion in boiling water, or a 10% ammonia solution are the best methods to kill coccidia. Coccidia can withstand freezing..." ... icleid=727
Sorry it took me so long to get back here. Tuesday's are busy :?

Amby is feeling perky today and his stools are not quite as runny. He did not have any accidents in the house :banana: I have been pouring boiling water over the poopy areas (while he is in the house)

Kaye- I will try the Kaopectate and Pedialite. It is SO common in pups 8-12 weeks old that my vet did not seem suprised or bothered at all. I was more concerned with the poopy mess where the kids are playing :evil:

Off to get my boys to bed!
Thanks so much for all of your advice :D
Just talked to Kimberly { Julies Mom } They took her to the Veet and she has it alsp. The vet didn't seems concerned either. She is playing and doesn't have any loose stools...... Geez Never again will I raise a litter of puppies......... I have worried from the time Gilly came here. Worried about what she had not had as far as nutition....Not even knowing how far along she was with Babies ...Could I make for what hadn't been done for her. I have worried even after they were born that something would go wrong. Mercy! I am to old for this....... Every one else is doing fine...... Sheepie Hugs, Kaye
Poor Ambrose :cry:
Bella had coccidia a couple of months ago. She was also on Albon for 18 days. She got worse before she got better. The first day she had a very soft stool and was vomitting a little. The second day her diarrhea was more frequent and very runny, she was also vomitting....often. She did not eat for several days. By day 3 she was getting better but she was still vomitting and not eating. We gave her pumpkin for the diarrhea and the vet also put her on Diawin tablets for the diarrhea. Day 5 she was her old self again. She was starving, it seemed like she ate for days.
I hope Ambrose recovers quickly!!
Thanks Laurie! Luckily we have only had diarrhea!
He is getting pretty feisty so I think he's feeling beter :wink:
We are happy to hear that Ambrose is feeling better :excited:
Thanks for the update.

Laurie.Emmie and Bella
I am so happy to hear you are feeling better! YIPEE!!
Love, Chipper
How are all the new puppies doing? Happy and well, I hope!
How are the poopie pups?? POOR BABIES!!!!!!!!!
My almost 10 yr old has had a bout with diarrhea for months. It is nothing new to an OES owner but this parasite is difficult to treat. Albon only stops the multiplication of the parasites in hopes that the dogs immune system kicks in and fights the parasite. Well after 3 days off ALbon I have a 110 lb dog with diarrhea again!!! I just pour buckets of water on the spots (I know ALL OVER) the lawn and that is how I clean it up. I am off this am with another poop sample to see if he still has the parasite. I am also going to get the famous pumpkin to give it a try
Water won't kill coccidia, if you add some bleach to it it may help you prevent reinfection, and try not to let the dog use the same area each time til the infection is cleared up.
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