Very shy and timid rescue dog

Three weeks ago we rescued a very sweet dog, Marley, from Texas. They don't think he had been abused, but he is extremely timid, especially around men. He's great with me, but very shy with my 2 teenagers and husband. Does anyone have any suggestions for helping him feel comfortable? One more question: I can't get him to sit! He resists if I gently press on his butt to get him to sit. I will enroll in obedience classes, but thought I could do some of this on my own. Any suggestions?

Thank you!!

Marley's mom
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I am sure he's still getting used to his new surroundings.
Once he knows he there to stay..he'll relax a bit.
Maybe a small treat could get him to sit.
Definitely the obedience classes will get him sitting.
Congrats on your rescue!
Have the guys feed him or give him a treat, gently, every day. Took Clancy almost a year before she'd go near my husband. She was abused by teenage boys. Be patient. It takes some rescues almost a year before they truly understand they are safe in their new home.

Sitting is a submissive action. She may not be trusting enough yet. Let her sniff the treat in your hand and then slowly take it over her head, letting her sniff, lick whatever. If she starts to back up instead of sit down, hold her rump with the other hand. Any motion to sorta sit is fine. Just increase the motion rewarded until she's got it down.
I have had several rescue dogs over the years. Our Bailey Boy was just the opposite of the girls. He came from a home where the primary dog care giver was the husband. He bonded with my husband very quickly, but it took several months to establish the kind of relationship with me that I am used to in my dogs. He would challenge me and growl. He was five years old when he came to us. It has been my experience that our two males have been more aloof with strangers than the girls. Just give him some time and lots of love and he will come around.

My current rescue is a doberman and she was so shy I was concerned about her tempermant because my grand-daughters spend a lot of time at our house. Once we took her a couple of places in the car and brought her home again she seemed to realize that she was here to stay and a whole different dog emerged. She has been with us for four months now and couldn't be more different than the dog that arrived in January.
In fact she now "takes care of " Bailey who is 11 now almost completely blind.

The training will come more easily as he trusts you more. Kudos for taking on a rescue. They can make awesome pets.
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