What is the Deal? Why does my dog hate being brushed?

I am confused about something. Please help! OK, I try my best to keep Lucy groomed. She hates that time of day. She hides when it is time for brushing. Know, she is a rescue and I got her at one year old. I understand that rescues don't take to grooming as well as dogs that have been groomed since pups. Still, I use treats and am gentle. Also, I do it everyday or at least 3-4 a week. My question is...if it is so horrible for them to get matted then why do they hate getting brushed? And boy if I shave Lucy, she will hid in the corner for days after just so ashamed!!! I know the farmers way back when didn't have time to brush their sheep herders and they did just fine...Sometimes I feel I am torturing my dog unnecessarily. When her hair is long she loves it, even if it is matted. She looks to the sky when a breeze comes and has a look on her face like she is modeling the best coat around!! She is proud of her coat and I think the more knots and the worse she smells the better she feels!
So what is the discrepancy??
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if it is so horrible for them to get matted then why do they hate getting brushed?

I don't think they go together. vegetables are good for kids, but that doesn't mean they have to like it...ya know? :lol:

my dog isnt' a rescue, i've combed her since day one, and it wasn't until VERY recently that she is more tolerable. i just just never gave in and kept it very consistent. now she knows whether she wants to or not, she's GOING to be brushed. it is the ONLY time i've seen teeth or her growl ...in the past. I take control and tell her WHHHHHHHAT?!!!!!!!!!! ...and then she knows momma means business. 8) She's always tolerated her dad combing her (rare), but that's because that's her favorite person in the world, and she never challenges him.
The matts can get really unsanitary, especially if the dog gets wet, they can get mildewy or grow mold. Also, if they get worse, they can start to restrict the dog's movement because one matt can grab another (think on the legs) and not allow the dog to extend. If they get under the ears they can matt the ear down, sticking it to the head or get so big that the ear sticks out too far from the head.

I'm not sure if this can happen on an OES (Clyde doesn't have a lot of hair in his ears) but I know on a Komondor, even though you want matts to form on them, you have to keep their ears very clear so matts don't form in the canal otherwise their hearing can be compromised. My Kom, Bear, has tons of ear hair and I'm really squeamish about plucking even though I need to do it!
Sweet little Lucy doesn't like the brush? 8O You'd never know to look at her! :D

How do you brush her, Allison? Do you put her up on a table or try to do it in the floor?

I found that putting them on the table makes a huge difference in their attitudes toward grooming.
I groomed Beaureguard since he was a baby, but he didn't like it much. The first time I put him on the grooming table, I was amazed at the immediate difference it made.
I would suggest a grooming table and make sure you are using the proper tools for the job. A proper pin bush has no balls on the tips to tangle and catch, and a good quality pin brush has the ends sanded smooth so no scratching.
If she is matted you may want to consider shaving her down and starting over. It's not going to teach her to enjoy grooming if it is painful. Then after she is shaved down, gently going over her, on the table, once a week will get her used to it while you wait for it to grow back. :)
I bought a grooming table after I married to get Maude. She was 4 years old and hated it. I gave it to my sister-in-law.

So I sit on the floor, on top of an old quilt, and groom the 4-foots. They do fine. I can just click the metal comb and rake together and they run over to "our grooming spot." (In front of the TV) Riley hated it for the first 18 months, but she likes it now. I talk to them, telll them how good they are and make these goofy aaaaahhhhh sounds.

Don't give up. It has taken me years to get them to let use the clippers on the hair between their pads. :oops:
I don't have a table. I bet that would help. I just use the floor. I use treats and make her comply! Sometimes I feel so mean!
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