watermelon and dogs

I have some watermelon left over and was wondering if it is ok to feed it to Jack and Annabelle. Thanks, stormi and co
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I really don`t know...but I remember seeing a Pic of Abbi eating watermelon....maybe Aginright knows....
My dog, Erised, LOVES watermelon. It is our favorite snack in the Summer. No matter how much she eats she hasn't had any problems. She is a Queensland mix. Do OES have more sensitive stomachs?
Baxter really enjoys watermelon....and cantelope....and apples. However, his absolute favorite treat is carrots. We go through 5 pounds of them a week. None of it seems to have caused any problems.
my molly loves all fruits and veggies...grapes are her favorite..i think as long as its not in excess (too much water-runny poop) a balanced diet works..
Thanks for the replies everyone! I really appreciate it and guess what! I think the dogs do too! :D
Cher, in my opinion or at least in my experience with Jack and Annabelle I think OES's have sensitive stomach's. They have had a lot of upset stomach's and immodium AD has been a wonderful friend to us.
Jennifer, I am going to have to give them a carrot. If Baxter likes it that much maybe mine will too! Thanks again, Stormi and co.
I am not at home at the moment, but I seem to recall reading or hearing somewhere that grapes are a no-no... I'll have to check into it and reply later.
I remember hearing that onions are not supposed to be good either.
please let me know about the grapes..she doesnt get that many at one sitting but she does gobble them down...
Yes, don't feed grapes (and/or raisins) to your dogs.

According to the Animal Poison Control Center run by the ASPCA, the problem is not understood. Tragic cases have been reported resulting from a single serving of raisins to accidental ingestions of a pound or more. The result in all cases has been renal (kidney) failure.

While the cause isn't understood, early intervention by your vet can save your pet's life. First step is to purge the stomach, then administration of activated charcoal.

Symptoms appear from 24 hours to several days after ingestion. Vets should monitor the dogs daily for 3 days for certain changes in blood chemistry. If none has occurred by then, the crisis has probably been avoided.

My synopsis of
Hope you don't mind me adding this but please don't feed grapes or raisins to your dog's as they can cause kidney failure.

Just over a year ago our Labrador pinched a few raisins off the side in the kitchen so we rung the vet and asked if she would be ok,they said raisin's were ok and she would probably just have the run's for a while.Well she started being sick and not being able to stand properly so we phone the vet again and they said the raisins had probably just swollen in her stomach making it uncomfortable for her to stand.Thing's got worse so we made the vet do bloodtest which showed she had kidney failure and she died 5 day's later.
It would of been her 3rd birthday yesterday and we miss her like crazy.
Please be careful what you feed to your dog's.
Here's the information about the onions too, sorry to add it to the "Watermelon" page.

Onion Toxicity

A 20-pound dog was fed chicken soup with onions and dehydrated onions. The dog became weak and pale and developed discoloing in the mucous membranes and bloody urine. The active ingredient of onions, Allyl Propyl Disulfide, is an oxidizing agent that can lead to destruction of red blood cells and severe anemia. The above mentioned dog needed a transfusion of 2 units of whole blood but made a full recovery. Be cautious when feeding foods with onions and garlic.
And now I know why Abbi cannot eat even pizza without getting sick. I guess some dogs are more sensitive than others ....
I already knew she couldn't tolerate garlic or onions, but I thought it was just her.
my dog isnt a sheepie dog but i search on google to see if feeding a dog watermelon was ok. anyways i ended up feeding it to him. all he does is lick it, he wont chew it, not interested at all and I want him to realize how damn good it is! Maybe he's just that weird and rather eating chew toys and paper.
wow i didnt realize how old this topic was until 2 seconds ago,feels like i was talking in the past. Sorry for double posting

It's quite alright. You can find info on lots of topics by doing a search. And to let you know, I am in Louisiana - I have two sheepies that love watermelon and one that won't touch it. So there is no accounting for taste.
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