Banana Chips

A few weeks ago, we bought a large tub of banana chips from WalMart, then discovered we really didn't like them. Blue, on the other hand, went (pardon the pun) bananas over them. :banana: (Sorry, couldn't resist.) My guess would be that these are better for him than most commercial dog treats, but what are everyone else's thoughts? Also, I know humans can get too much potassium from eating too many bananas, so I assume this is true of dogs as well. I doubt that would be a problem with the chips, but how much do you think would be too much?
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I don't have a definitive answer as to how much is too much but definitely keep in mind that the chips are dehydrated so they're packed more densely with nutrients than a regular banana.
I don't know about more nutritious than dog treats, but at least you know what the main ingredient is.
I would watch out, though, because banana chips are fried, so basically they are the same as potato chips made from bananas.
So maybe they are less bad, but not good for him...(in large amounts)
Also they are a concentrated sugar so it reacts with the digestion and, well, we never want to mess with digestion in a sheepdog.

Jack would absolutely love those chips! Banana peels, bread, etc he loves it all.
These chips are dehydrated so I'm not worried about grease or oil. He's been eating them for a couple weeks now and, so far, we haven't noticed any difference in his potty habits. My first OES couldn't eat ANYTHING except his dog food without it upsetting his delicate tummy. Blue doesn't seem to have that problem, thank goodness. I was more concerned about the nutrional aspects.
Maybe Blue's tail balances his dietary needs/habits and protects his tummy from problems? :lol:
What a great treat, my girls would love them as they adore bananas :D
And they're cheap! The whole tub was only $1.99!

:banana: :banana: :banana:
Hmmm, I've never seen dehydrated banana chips at our WalMart, only
the fried ones. Of course, I don't think the fried part is in letters you
can actually read - very small (and if I weren't a lable reader I'd have
never known!) I'll have to look for those again.

I think they're fine--it's not as if you're gonna let him eat the whole tub in one sitting. If he eats a few at a time I can't see why it would be bad for him...
lisaoes wrote:
What a great treat, my girls would love them as they adore bananas :D

That was my thought too. I love watching Annie take and eat pieces of bananas. They are the only food item she is gentle about. I'm sure their fine if they don't bother his tummy and you don't give him a bunch at one time. Consider them a special treat for a special boy!
Dried sweet potato is a favorite at my house, I'll have to try the bananas.
Tasker LOVES banana chips, AND dried sweet potatoes. I make my own dried sweet pototoes. I tried drying bananas once but I don't have a dehydrator so it didn't work very well. Sweet potatos you can do in the oven (try it he'll love em)
Ginny, you can get a dehydrator at Walmart for under $50. I got one just to do sweet potatoes :oops: because my guys love them but ordering from SitStay was getting costly. If I make my own I have more $$$ for merrymacs :lol:
bestdogsx4 wrote:
If I make my own I have more $$$ for merrymacs :lol:

LOL ooooh noooo another addict, aren't they lovely :wink:

Ginny how do you dry the sweet potatos in the oven, would love instructions there :D
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