Female marking her territory? Is this normal?

Rags was spayed on Feb 15.
I was wondering if it is normal for a female to mark her territory after being spayed? Today we were at the dog park and she was following other dogs around and peeing where they peed. A little bit here...a little bit there, like a male dog. I've had female dogs, two, many years ago and don't remember seeing behavior like this.
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Unspayed females definitely do mark territory.
As for Rags, since it wasn't that long since she was spayed, she may still have higher hormone levels.
However, if this is new behavior, she may have a urinary tract infection.
Does she od this anywhere else or very often?
Kayli does that all the time.

I've noticed that lately, she will pee then Bentley will pee over it. A couple minutes later, she goes back and pees over that with a very smug look on her face. You go girl!! :wink:
TOO funny, Jil! Reminds me of that old song - Anything you can do, I can do better, I can do anything better than you!
Around here 4 dogs vie to be the last pee on a spot, boys/girls, it doesn't matter.

Still keep in mind the bladder infection, that was a good call Willowsprite!
Genevieve does this too. Not so much to Beaureguard, but if we're at my mom's house, she'll pee over where her dog has peed. Or if we have a foster dog, she'll do it then sometimes, too.
LOL Chris! Guess what I'll be singing the next time I see her do that?!?! :lol:
This is weird, since just yesterday, I took Panda to the dog park and she did it too...this was the first time I ever saw her do this and thought .. holy cow she is marking....hmm....strange how topics come up just at the right moment :D
Both Mopsey and Prissy do this, too, although Mopsey does it much more frequently. :wink:
Thanks for all the responses.
This behavior was only at the dog park. At home she pees where the other dogs pee, but doesn't do what she was doing at the dog park.
Glad to hear this is normal :D
I realize I'm a little later in responding but I don't get on the site very much, but my parents mini. schnauzers do it ALL the time. every one of them. Daphne, my OES doesn't really do it though. But it's normal.
Just wanted to add my 2 cents :)
realize I'm a little later in responding but I don't get on the site very much,

....and then there of those of us who can't go a day without checking in :lol: :lol: :lol:
I am about to adopt a female pom and found out from the foster parents that she marks in their house. Alot. She was spayed only a month ago and heard that it could be hormones. I thought it had to do with urine in the house from her other dogs and then she marks on their spot. I am just afraid that she will be marking all over our house although we have never had our dog make any mistake it our house. Any suggestions?
Hi Lynne,
It does take a few months for the hormones to be completely gone.
Maybe try some wee-wee pads for inside. Maybe she prefers to go inside.
Certainly when it comes to bitches, hormones don't make them mark. I've never had an intact bitch who marked, not that I couldn't some day be blessed with such a critter. But they're either markers or they're not :lol:

My only marker is a definitely spayed female foster. And she only does it at the dog park. She started when I met up with a friend who has another OES rescue. Everytime Sadie peed, Maggie peed where Sadie peed, and so they went, round and round :roll:. The only thing they had in common, beyond being young, female, rescues and spayed, is that they are both rather insecure dogs.

Anything you can do I can do better indeed! Gives a whole new meaning to the expression "they got into a pissing contest" :lol: :lol:

If a dog marks inside (and it's actual marking; not a potty training problem and not a medical issue), it's a behavioral problem (not from the dog's point of view, but definitely ours :P ) that needs to be addressed as such. Means de-odorizing the heck out of everything and following her around till she gets the point that it's not appreciated. It can be hard a hard cycle to break in some dogs, but the interesting thing is that it does tend to abate naturally over time as they start to feel more secure. Until there is some change in the house, like a new person, even a new routine in some cases, or a new critter. Then you have to be especially vigilant because it can start all over again.

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