Have you ever thought about getting a face lift?

have any of you ever thought of a face lift. What would youdo or not. I have been thinking about it, pros cons ????
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Not yet, but....I can't imagine why everyone wouldn't want their skin cut off, pulled tight, and sewed back on to look like JOAN RIVERS or CHER! Gives me the creeps that their faces don't move 8O
Joan Rivers once quipped:

"I'm going to have my face lifted until my ears touch in back of my head!"
Everyone guesses me at 16-17 so no... Now a tummy tuck is something I would do. :) My 3 c-sections did a number on my belly. :?
I would't even think twice if I needed it. In fact, my sister and I are talking about going in together on an eyelift for my mom next Christmas-- she's been self conscious about her drooping eyelids for awhile and it would do a lot for her self-confidence. She's been wanting and talking about it for awhile and it would make her happy.

I regularly go to an asthetician for different facials and microderm and they're always offering something new and less invasive alternatives to surgery to battle aging. There are so many different laser procedures and peels that can improve the look, feel and tightness of your skin that in a lot of cases, surgery isn't even necessary. A good plastic surgeon will get to know you and your needs and make an effort to explore non-surgical options before he or she goes in cutting.

On a side note, I think Cher's plastic surgeon is pretty much the most talented in Hollywood. She looks amazing for her age and her skin looks beautiful. But, there comes a time when you have to stop because you can only pull so much before it starts looking ridiculous, like Joan Rivers. They say it's addictive once you start though. My aunt is on her second one in 15 years herself and I wouldn't be surprised if she has a few more before she dies.
I would say, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE SURGERY!! Yikes... It seems a lot of women go into it thinking it isn't real surgery, just a face lift. But like Stacy said, they pretty much do cut off your skin and pull it back to make it tighter.
You would have to make sure you get an awesome surgeon. That could mean the difference between a Cher or a Joan Rivers. And don't go for too much. My mom is a little jealous right now because all her friends are getting various face lifts or treatments done and she can't afford it, so she feels like she is being left to age naturally. Some of her friends look great, but some others look pulled way too tight, and one, you really couldn't tell she had anything done, but not in a good way--she still had her turkey chin.
I think there are some other treatments available out there that might provide good results with less invasiveness.
That said, I wouldn't rule one out myself in the future. My goal is to prevent that with exercise and sunscreen, but who knows. I'm interested in botox these days...
My mom had a full face lift and eye lift...she looks amazing..BUT the after pictures were NOT pretty..it looked like someone beat her up with a baseball bat..she said it was worth it but,only once...

Id do it in a heartbeat too! Hopefully not for 15 or more years though...
Oh, I always talk about this. I'm not wanting to look "fake" ...but when needed down the road and after I have all the children I plan to get a boob lift. This is a "will get" ...not a "would like to/or maybe."

If needed, a tummy tuck (only if I have too much extra skin from pregnancy...otherwise, no. right now it's not needed). And after seeing some facelifts done, absolutely. I think by the time I need one, there will be several other alternatives. there are already things they do (from zapping you, to 'minor facelifts') that aren't as extreme or expensive. The number of things I get done are purely based on how much it will cost and my husband. I don't want to LOOK botox'ed out. I've seen plenty done where they just look rejuvenated. What I'd like.

My mom is dying to get the extra skin from her eyelid removed. I don't know why she hasn't. EVERYONE ELSE we know has. Mind you, everyone she hangs out with is korean like herself and they have more sagg-age than most do there. It just looks nice when you can actually tell they have eyeshadow on.
I saw somewhere where they are doing a new procedure.
They pull the skin tight with some kind of thread under the skin....so they don't need to peel your face off....eww.
The recovery is much easier and it looks more natural lift to the skin instead of stretching.
My Mom had some kinda of Laser thing done about 10 years ago to get rid of spider veins on close to the surface on her face.
My Mom looks 50 at the most and she's 62.
Hopefully I will take after her and not need a face lift....
But I could end up like my Grandmother who looked like a Sharpei at 60 8O Well then I would definitely do it!
I definitely need a tummy tuck after having two kids. That Mommy pouch never goes away...no matter how thin you get. Hmmm....now that I am thinking about it... We are getting a BIG tax refund this year... maybe a tummy tuck & Lipo. Though probably not. Billy wants to spend the money on the house :(
^^ I saw that procedure (the facelift/thread) on Inside Edition or E Hollywood last week!
But then since I rarely bother to put any makeup on that should come as no suprise :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

BUT, if someone else whats to do it, I say go for it. I think Dolly Parton is one of the most beautiful women out there (REALLY) and she freely gives the credit to her Docs.
Definately NO, I am a sook when it comes to the PAIN FACTOR!!!!

Besides there is enough freaks in the world. That is the ones that are addicted to plastic surgery and have many many many different procedures done over and over again. I not talking about a one off procedure but the ones that end up looking like a cat or a startled :cow:

Even Botox injections they all seem to have that startled look and no facial expressions about them. 8O

However plastic surgery for a problem is OK, I had a friend who above the eyes was drooping and started to affect her sight so she had a brow lift to open her eyes again.

Me being 21 again and again and again etc etc etc NAH I am perfect as I am. :lol: :lol:

That's the problem now-a-days, all the fashion magazines and celebrities with there touched up photos, yes they even remove the ol pimple from the photos or the celulite from the thigh in that bikini shot, people think they are perfect and try to live up to unrealistic images & expectations.

I say be happy with what you have got and grow old gracefully :wink:
Lisa, you're so lucky you've stayed 21 for so long! You can just avoid all these aging issues by just staying the same age! ha ha... :D
I don't do pain. Anyway, with my luck I'd get the 1 in a 100 bad surgeries and come out with a paralyzed face or get a flesh eating infection.
barney1 wrote:
Lisa, you're so lucky you've stayed 21 for so long! You can just avoid all these aging issues by just staying the same age! ha ha... :D

HA HA HA the only trouble is gravity is taking over 8) :lol: :lol: Things aren't where they were when I was 21 :roll:
Being 36 I have started thinking about signs of ageing,but I don think a face lift is for me,ever!!I dont like the plastic look,and after about 5yrs you need another one,so for me it just creeps me out 8O

Ill just continue w/ the age defying creams and hope for the best!!!LOL!! :lol: :lol:
I have had a face lift with a new kind of surgery that entails having face attached to cheekbone.
Result is awesome, tho it took 6 mons to heal
Having reached 56...and having taken a good (?) look at my face, yeah...if I had the money, I certainly would consider it.
To answer your question, Yes as matter of fact I think EVERYONE who wants any kind of cosmetic sugery sould go ahead and get it! Who cares what other people think of you. If you want it, do it and dont put it off.
I am 39 and I have had boob job, a nose job, an eye lid lift, a chin impalnt, lipo underneath my chin, lip implants and a mini face lift. I can tell you that a mini face lift is NOT WORTH IT at all. If youre going to get it done have a FULL face lift. A mini is almost the same as a full as far as cost and a mini lift doesnt really do anything.

I know it sounds like I have had a lot done but beleive me I dont look at all like I have had anything done except for matbe the boobs. I plan on having a full face lift done by the time I am 40 and possibly some very small cheek implants.

Why should women have to suffer and get old and wrinkled like prunes when they have cosmetic surgery!?

To answer you question sweetie GO FOR IT! you only live once, do it for you!!!![/b]
I would have a face lift when the time comes and I need it. My sister had a facelift at a young age, because for whatever reason, she started to have major wrinkles in her forhead. Anyway, that was over 20 yrs ago and she still looks great. You do have to be very careful of who does the surgery, but you would research your surgeon anyway. Good luck if you decide to go that way!
I haven't thought about a face lift because it is several years away but I firmly believe in good makeup/cleansers. My grandmother is 88 years old and she has used Lancome, Clinique, or Este Lauder through her entire life. She looks better than some 50 year old. I don't believe that 50 is old by any means but in comparison to most 88 year olds, she has excellent skin. It is expensive to spend $20, $30, or even $50 on one product but I'm sure it is a lot easier than going through a face lift. Either way, you can't be cheap about it. You get what you pay for. If you want cheap makeup, then you may have bad skin reactions. If you want a cheap surgeon, you may end up with a bad face lift and scars. Some thing in life require a few extra dollars...if you can afford it (but oh gosh...save on the sales!!)
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