Back Leg Tremors

When we got Lucky his back legs would tremble badly all the time. Now it is not so frequent. We thought it was from muscle problems but in another conversation was told that their sheepie did it too.

Does anyone else have a sheepie who's legs tremble as well? And does anyone know why it happens?
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Quickly we can throw away two big scary problems: chemical poisoning and protein metabolism problems as seen in Cushing's Disease. Also hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can cause trembling. A dog with a fever will tremble.

I suspect what you are talking about is seen frequently in dogs, not just sheepdogs. Causes include:

The dog is excited, they shake out of their skin with more shake in the rear.

The dog is confused, see above.

The dog is happy, see above.

The dog wants your attention, see above.

OK, some neurological problems in the lumbar area might also be in play, but generally, it's excitement. Crumpet would get so excited she'd also chatter her teeth. Maudie was a trembler. Or was it the other way around.

In any case, it's just the way some dogs handle stress. If you suspect otherwise, consult your vet.
We checked with the vet when we first got Lucky and he has had a complete physical including hip and leg x-rays. No medical reason for the tremors.
Glad I read this, my friend's puppy (non-oes) has had his front legs wobble a bit every now and then, reading this it's probably down to excitement, or something - although he doesn't seem so steady on his feet yet so that could be why!
Both our foster girls will occasionally do this - but ONLY when they are excited or nervous. :)
Bailey does it too. Mostly back legs, sometimes front. Our vet has checked him and sees no indication of any problem. Just excited, I guess. Or he wants to grow up to be Elvis :lol:
Barney's right rear leg does it sometimes. only when he's standing - amazing what one learns on this site. I didn't think too much about it, though since it only happens when he's excited.
Annie's back legs do this too at two opposite extremes; when she's laying down resting or when she's very excited Go figure!
Panda's back legs shake after hard play at the park, just excited,and when she is nervous(ie..gettting a bath yesterday) :D
I'd say it's pretty normal, Luke's back legs shake and he's healthy other than some mental issues :lol:
Yes, very is so nice to able to share common things about our dogs...My sheepie, Pogo has a back leg tremor after he runs hard, always the right rear one. He is in excellent health. It only does it briefly.
My Winston is now 10 and his back legs shake quite a bit. When he was about 6 I noticed it occassionally, it was not from excitement. As he has gotten older it has become much more prevelent, at first it was only the right leg now it is both legs and it is a daily thing. The vet said it is arthritis, and the muscles will evenually become more wasted away. It is very common in large dogs. I give him Chondro Flex II every day and I noticed that it makes him feel better. He can still jump into the back of my SuV , but now he needs a running start. And sometimes needs help lifting his back end up if he cannot quite make it. He is 95 lbs. I watch his weight very carefully, as extra weight would impair his movement. Fortunetly Winston is not lame in anyway, he is just doesn't have the stamina he has as a younger dog. He still runs and does the stairs with no problem.
First, I disagree with the people saying that back leg tremors are due to "excitement." Excitement in a dog as most of us know is not limited to any particular appendage, ya think? Well, maybe the tail sometimes.

I have a border collie who has spondylosis - a sort of fusing of the spine due to years of running, jumping, etc. [Yeah, had I known, I would have limited it.] This affects the nerves, which in turn affects the way the muscles work, hence, you have the leg tremors. If it's a big dog, once again the spine comes into play. Most larger dogs will end up with some kind of back/hip problem depending upon the breed.
My BC still likes to play, but I limit it now that he's 13. He doesn't seem to be in pain, but just be aware of your dog. That's all it takes. It comes and goes, and comes more frequently with more activity - or more stress on the back due to walking, climbing, etc. Good luck!
I've got an almost 10 year old OES and an almost 2 year old OES and they are my 3rd & 4th OES. All of my OES have had a little tremor in a back leg, from time to time. Hasn't been a problem for me. A little massage, a little cuddle and it goes away. :p
It shouldn't be considered normal. If I saw that in one of my dogs I'd be looking for hip and/or spinal problems as the most obvious contributors to rear end weakness.

There is at least one line of OES that throws rear leg tremors periodically that are not tied to any discernible orthopedic causes; actual cause and mode of inheritance unknown - neurological suspected, but never proven. Who knows? It doesn't appear to affect the dogs' quality of life. But whatever it is, it's still not considered normal.

An excited dog that trembles will tremble throughout, not just in the rear, even though it may be most noticable there.

The original question is 3 years old but is probably a regular concern. I was rather flippant in the way I wrote my original answer but did allude to possible underlying medical problems. Spinal arthritis or other spinal problems. Other possible causes are hypoglycemia (low blood sugar especially after a long romp), hypothryoidism (low thyroid which occurs often in OES), as well as kidney failure......a possibility in older dogs.

So I would mention it to the vet, have the dog examined including blood and urine work......and if severe, a spinal Xray.
This is our second oes and he does have a slight tremor afer a ton of crazy running play. Our first had the same (no relation) our present is only about 18 months and our last was a large female. Vets have never found a cause and quality of life was never compromised becase of this. It was more common in her, like when she put all of her weight a certain way, Kind of like when you pt more weight on your left leg and your right is supported just enough and trembles...I am glad I saw this post...
Our Sis is 12 1/2 and has had back leg tremors for about two years. We notice it when she stands. Our vet says she has arthritis and this is probably the cause. Her legs are "straighter", which the vet also said is a result of the arthritis. She prescribed "doggy Ibuprophen" for Sis and it really seems to help her discomfort, as she becomes more active after she gets a dose.
wolfgang's only 2 but his right rear leg shakes loads when he's been running around playing. it doesn't seem to stop him though!!
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