Bone Density Drug - Fosamax

Hello everyone! Need your help. Doctor wants to start me on a drug called Fosamax for bone density loss. I was told how to take the drug, and told as long as you follow the directions that most people don't have any problems. I was told to read the insert completely before I took it and to follow the directions exactly as written.

Upon reading the insert I'm not sure if I want to take this drug. Fortunately, no one I know has this problem, so I don't have anyone to discuss the pros and cons with.

I haven't discussed my concerns with the doctor yet, but I'd prefer to hear the good and bad from those that are or have actually been on the drug, or know 1st hand experiences of others that have.

So, if you can offer any advice or information on the subject I'd appreciate it very much.

Thanks! Pam
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I have absolutely no experience with the drug but wanted to relate a really interesting study that came out a few years ago. I live a few blocks away from a community center and since this study came out it's been highly promoted and classes have quadrupled. The study (and this was also written about in Readers Digest) said nothing has improved bone mass as much as taking up weight lifting. The results have been dramatic.

Now we're not talking about huge body lifters type of's for women past menopause. Small weights and excercise program. Anyhow just thought I'd mention it if you want to look into it further.

Thanks Marianne!!! I had read something about weights, but wasn't too sure about the success of that either. Go figure, it'd have to be exercise! 8O Oh well, I wanted to start a diet anyway, that'll give me the motivation I need to get started with the exercising part! Thanks!!!!! I will be checking into that.
My mom has osteoporosis, she had lost 40% of her bone mass, and has been on various meds for years for it, but I don't know which ones, or how effective they've been. I'll call her later and ask.
She is in great shape now though, she exercises daily, alternating between swimming, treadmill and weights each day. It's disgusting really to see she is in better shape than I was at 20. LOL :lol:
Yes, I know people on the drug. Thankfully the doctor caught your problem before bones started to break. One friend didn't find out until her spine started cracking. She now had a near constant back pain.

All comment the hard part is the limits in the morning when you take the drug. You must be upright for 30 minutes, eating time, etc. But if you establish a routine, it won't be too hard.

None have reported indigestion problems. Now with this once a month pill, the inconvenience isn't there!!

Take the pill, but also start weight lifting.
All medications have side effects. Anyone who reads the package inserts will want to not take a medication. You need to make an informed decision but you also need to trust that your physician would not prescribe the medication unless he (she) felt it was necessary. If you don't trust your physician you should be seeing someone else.

The best way to protect yourself against bone loss is through weight bearing exercise, resistance training and aerobic exercise. If you smoke QUIT.
SheepieBoss wrote:

All comment the hard part is the limits in the morning when you take the drug. You must be upright for 30 minutes, eating time, etc. But if you establish a routine, it won't be too hard.

This is what my mam complains about also .
She has been taking Fosamax for about 3 years now with no side affects.She also goes swimming twice a week to keep herself supple.

Thanks for the weights advice i will mention it to her.
I didn't mean to imply that I don't, trust my doctor, disagree with his diagnosis or with his treatment plan. I trust him with my life.

I know the RX inserts sound worse than what is sometimes necessary, in order to cover the manufacturers butt in the event of a possible lawsuit.

My concerns are because of an RX I've been taking for about 30 years. It's partly responsible for this bone loss, some vision and dental problems.

That RX is necessary and I've taken it knowing the risks, excpet for the bone loss. I just learned of that one recently. So, I figured before I started another "long term" drug plan I'd seek info from individuals that have been on the drug to see if any mentioned a plan that worked for them without the use of drugs or what problems, if any, they have taking it. I can handle the once a week morning ritual as long as I can still swallow afterwards. :wink: :lol:

Your information has helped put my mind at ease about the possible side effects involving the esophagus and swallowing problems. That was my basic concern. :roll: Thanks!
I understand. I'm having trouble from one of my Rx's too. It's a trade off.

You might try the weight bearing exercises along with calcium citrate 2 x per day.
Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Dr. John Lee is the physician who wrote "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About PRE Menopause" He is very strongly opposed to the use of Fosamax, and I could not agree with him more on this issue. It is interesting that Merck, the manufacturer of Fosamax, funded both of these studies and both appeared in two well respected medical journals the same week.

Fosamax is in the same chemical class (phosphonate) that is used in the cleaners used to remove soap scum from your bath tub. This is a metabolic poison that actually kills the osteoclasts. These are the cells that remove your bone so your osteoblasts can actually rebuild your bone.

It is quite clear that if you kill these cells your bone will get denser. What these studies do not show is that four years later the bone actually becomes weaker even though it is more dense.

This is because bone is a dynamic structure and requires the removal and REPLACEMENT of new bone to stay strong. Fosamax does NOT build ANY new bone. The true solution, as I have reviewed in previous newsletters, is to go on natural progesterone. One can review Dr. Lee's book for more information.

Progesterone is the only substance that I know of that will actually increase bone strength and density. It does this by serving as a growth promoter for the osteoblasts, or the cells that build bone. Of course, it would be wise to have the other basics in place such as adequate amounts of calcium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D and copper, in addition to exercise and avoidance of items that will damage bone like soda pop and sugar.

This is one of the main reasons you will not find studies published on natural progesterone as it is a natural substance which can not be patented and no huge amounts of profit can be realized.
I didn't realize until I seen the date on my initial post that it had been so long. Wow! Two years!

I only took the medicine for a couple months. We didn't agree with one another, so I stopped. After reading what you had to say, NO wonder!

Ladies: DRINK MILK - whatever it takes to get the calcium and vitamin D in your body!!! The alternative is far worse than the taste of milk!!!

I disagree with the concept of "Milk Builds Strong Bones." If you look at the advertising campaigns, the one with the mustaches, you'll note that they say "Calcium builds strong bones." Since the person with the milk mustache is always holding a glass of milk, you make the leap and assumption that it is the milk that builds strong bones.

My take on it is this, based on studies from Johns Hopkins and well-known pediatricians and knowing doctors across the world: cow's milk was made for baby cows. Think of it this way...we are the only full-grown adult species on the planet earth that drinks "mother's milk," and we are the only full-grown adult species that drinks "mother's milk" from ANOTHER SPECIES! Logically it makes sense when you look at it that way. Also, google "lactose intolerance" and see what you find.

Concerning calcium intake, since it is SO HARD for us humans to digest milk (most of us lack the enzyme to break milk sugars down) the process that our bodies go through to digest it produces a NET result of a LOSS of calcium.

There are other ways to build bones. Bio-identical progesterone is ONE of them. Tuna, salmon, sesame seeds are all very high in calcium, and we need 1000 mg / day. We also need Vitamin D and Magnesium in order to process calcium, so a GOOD multivitamin is essential. You might want to check out these sites: ... lcium.html ... opic_id=60
:lmt: Hi all, just seen this page while I'm searching for treatments for my old dog who has osteoporosis of her spine.

She has many tiny fractures in some vertebrae and disks pushing in towards her spinal column, and is in increasing pain mostly when she lies down. She is on a high dose of calcium. I have been looking for more info, I read all your remarks with interest, has anyone heard of this or had experience of it in dogs?

Best wishes to all Cath
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