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I would love some advice on dog food. The dog I had for 16 years passed away last year, I fed her Iams pretty much her whole life and she lived a long life she was a German Sheppard/schnauzer mix about 65 lbs. At the moment my cat food is Royal Canine because I was talked into how great it is, and my Bengal is very sensitive and they have a food without corn or wheat. So of course they will expect me to by my puppy food there. The breeder actually feeds her pups Purina puppy chow and this is a huge difference in price. I just want what is best, but don’t want to be paying extra for something I can get cheaper. But if Royal Canine is the best and promotes great health I am all for it. But I love to hear other OES owners opinions.
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Pretty good discussion here:
Right now, the way I've been talking about it, you'd think that Merrick is paying me to say good stuff about them but it's a great food for us. My senior dog has never had better stools (I still can't believe how excited I am about that) and she never has to be coaxed to eat, although she's very finicky. We've had little to no gas either out of either dog. I even tasted it and it wasn't half bad.

But, it's quite expensive too. Everyone will tell you different things but everyone's dog is different. Pick something with high quality ingredients and few fillers, read the ingredients and see what your dog does best on. Switch slowly so your pup doesn't suffer any tummy upset.

Isn't there a poll that someone ran on this somewhere on the forum?
ButtersStotch wrote:
Isn't there a poll that someone ran on this somewhere on the forum?

Valerie wrote:
Pretty good discussion here:
Lol. Shut up, Val! I should've clicked. I thought that was to a different discussion! :wink:
I would love to hear what people think of Royal Canine. If it is "great".

I live in a small town. So my options are not that great for choices.
I LIKE royal canin, I don't LOVE it.

I'm not terribly fond of the corn issue.

That said, I feed Roofus the Royal Canin Giant Breed. Firstly, the kibble is the size of charcoal briquets. Awesome. Scrapes his teeth clean. The food my other dogs eat was so small he ended up mostly swallowing it. Though he still gets that, too (they eat Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul). I also like the giant breed formula because it is nutrient dense, I believe 28% protein. This is also great for Roofus because he doesn't like food. Seriously. He went four days without eating once. Since I've been feeding him this, he still doesn't eat what he's supposed to (I MIGHT get four cups a day into him, usually more like 2), but he has never gone a day without eating. And it's denser so he can eat less and I'll still be happy. And it's got the same amount of glucosamine and chondroitin my other dogs' food has in it. Which makes me very happy since he's ENORMOUS!

REALLY awesome foods are Merrick, Innova (I find it a bit rich though), Wellness (good if started on as a puppy), Natural Balance, newman's own... these foods are in the $40+ range... and sometimes the bag is a 30# instead of a 40#.

Great foods are chicken soup, nutro natural choice (though it has poultry fat as opposed to chicken fat),Eagle Pack (depends which formula), nature's recipe... These are usually $25-35, bags are generally 35-40#.
I have a Bengal cat who has a really sensitive stomach, and I found a Royal Canin food with no corn for him. So I took a look and I noticed the Royal Canin German Shepard 24 has no corn, unless I am blind I read it over 3 times I didn't see corn. ... nts_en.php

Thanks for the help!
Quite a few years ago, I came across the dog food Innova ( dry). Due to stool issues, I needed to change my girls diet. Satisified with the ingredients, I decided to give it a try. Within three weeks, I was amazed at the appearence of my girls coat. A shine I had never seen before and when those dreaded mats appeared, they seemed to have brushed out a bit easier. Overall, she has done very well with Innova and I would recommend it highly!
And the Innova company was nice enough to donate samples for all the gift bags at the OESCA National last year. Apparently they like sheepdogs!
I am personally an Iams fan all the way but thats because that is all I have every fed my pups. My past OES had a lot of stomach issues so she went through a lot of food to see what was best. For a long time she was on Nutro small bites which went over best with her. Firm stool, barely any gas and easily digestable and eatable. I just came across this new food from Docters Foster and Smith. I havent tried it yet but it has all natural type things in it.... anyone ever tried it? Lily is going to be going into her transition period of food soon and I am wondering if I should try that or just stick with Iams although it seems that she has a lot of stool on the Iams. maybe ill go back to nutro.... Ah so much food to choose from, cant they keep it simple anymore....
After a trip to a good pet store with Jil this weekend, the very knowledgeable pet store owner was giving us the lowdown on how a lot of foods are made. The woman had actually visited a lot of the factories and watched how the foods were made. I was pretty grossed out to hear that Merrick was made with rendered meat, which could include anything from roadkill to janimals that just dropped dead in the field for whatever reason. Apparently Wellness just got bought out by a bigger company and the quality of food will suffer now too, adding corn. The visit was enlightening, but kind of a bummer at the same time.

She recommended Avoderm. She had visited the factory and had nothing but positive things to say-- all fresh ingredients, clean facility. I bought some for Bear. It's really small and looks like hamster pellets and he seems like he has a hard time eating it because the pieces are so small. It's all over my kitchen floor! Bear's still new and nervous so I can't tell by his stool how well he's adjusting.

This was only this one woman's opinions. I believed her, but I'm not implying that her information was absolute!
For those of us that can't afford the high end prices, I tried several products in an effort to clear up Barney's loose stools and found that Purina's ProPlan did the trick. Presently using the adult beef & rice formula: $24 for a 37.5# bag. Plan to give their giant breed formula when this supply is depleated. Also noticed an improvement in their coats.
Clyde did great on ProPlan. I changed him because Merrick was a better quality food but, honestly, his stools looked much better before. Lucy's never done better than now that she's on Merrick but it seems like Clyde actually did better on his ProPlan-- and he's had sufficient time to transition. I might actually just change him back. It may not be the "best" food but if your dog does well on it, why mess around? I want to put some weight on Bear so I want him to have as little filler as possible.

Dog food has become way too big an issue in my life, especially this last month! I've got 3 dogs on 3 different foods. 8O
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