Puppy Feeding Times, Schedules and Amounts?

Hi, I am getting a puppy at the end of the month. I want to be prepared. Any suggestions on how often to feed the puppy each day. She will be 9 weeks.
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At that age the puppy should get as much as she wants. Tht may change by meal, due to excerise level, how tired she may be, or how she feels, but you can expect from 1 to 2 cups a meal, and up from there almost daily!

I would suggest making it at structured times, though, 3 times a day for the next few weeks. Helps with potty training to have them on scheduled output.
Thanks, what do you think of 2 times a day? Is that to little?
To piggyback on your question, can someone tell us:

Is it better to feed a pup in his/her crate or make them sit to eat outside the crate?
but you can expect from 1 to 2 cups a meal, and up from there almost daily!

Sorry. 1 to 2 cups a day, not a meal. :oops:

Should be 3 times a day until he is close to 4 months old. When the puppy starts to show he/she is not realy hungary at one of the measl you can make that meal smaller, and then drop it and space the other 2 out.

In the crate or out depends on what you want. I like dogs to be able to eat anywhere, so mine are fed in the kitchen where I can watch them. But I also feed them in their crate the odd time, so they are used to that, too.

Feeding a puppy in the crate will help him LIKE his crate, and also keep him contained so he doesn't potty right after he eats, but once he/she is past that urgent need, outdie the crate is fine,too. Best case is to have your dog comfortable about eating anywhere. Makes it easier when traveling, or when he/she is staying with someone else etc.
To add to Bosley's mom's feeding comment to feed 3x's a day until about 4 months and then it's usually best to feed 2x's a day if you can. One of the main reasons you want to feed 2x's when they get larger is that your dog won't have too much food in it's stomach at once, since large breeds occasionally get bloat.

Also, a good rule of thumb is when the pup empties its dish to feed in 1/4 cup increments, which will help you count out exactly what you are feeding. Gradually increase portions and once your pup is grown, you will know exactly what to feed, which will help you monitor weight.

Annie's Mom wrote:
Is it better to feed a pup in his/her crate or make them sit to eat outside the crate?

Stacy, I think you should gauge this depending on how Annie does feeding with the puppy given her history. If you see her going after the pup's food, definitely feed him in his crate so he won't feel like he has to compete for his food.
Well- Pippin is 8 weeks right now, he's getting 2/3 cup 3x daily of his food. He doesn't always eat all of it- so if he's done and has left some- that's ok too! I'd follow what your vet and breeder recommend for your puppy.
I just got a puppy and he is around three months old. When and how much should I feed him?
I feed Nigel 3 times a day, 1 cup each time. He is almost 14 weeks old. I did increase it for a day, but it seemed to make him uncomfortable and have to poop too much. I am not sure when to increase because of this. My last OES adult would only eat 2 1/2-3 cups a day. I guess they drop back down at a year though.
I think that 1 cup, three times a day sounds about right. As a new puppy you will probably be going to the vet a few times for shots, etc so he will be weighed and the vet will let you know if food should be increased or not. Pups do need more calories than adult dogs.

My pup is now just turning nine months and he gets 2 cups twice a day...but we do alot of training so he gets alot of extra calories with training treats...all natural of course!!!
I just got a weimerwiener which will be a large breed dog eventually however he is 13.5 pounds at this point and he is alittle over 9 weeks old...Is he average size???...I feed him three times daily half a cup is that to little/much???
I feed my 4 month old OES pup 1 cip, 3x a day and she eats like she is starving to death each meal. But she already is pooping four or five times a day - depending on how much exercise she gets. Should I be increasing her food you think?

Not to ask a gross question but how many times is it normal to poop for a pup and adult dog? Mine seem to go alot and my 2 year old always has loose stool, etc.
I feed my 4 month old...3 times a day and total he gets about 6 cups a day? is that way to much? he seems to be starving all the time though?
Harley wrote:
I feed my 4 month old...3 times a day and total he gets about 6 cups a day? is that way to much? he seems to be starving all the time though?

Are they actual measured cups, like from a measuring cup? If so, six cups is a lot. What kind of food are you feeding him?
In another thread, I remember you said Royal Canin. Not sure if you're still feeding this...?? Maybe another brand would make your dog more satisfied?

I know no matter WHAT I switch my older dog on (she's been on everything), she always is STARVING (acting that way). I feed my dog based on her weight which seems to work for me. This meant she ate a Cup more food than other dogs her age, her weight, same brand on this board for the longest time. You can still feel her ribs when you touch her side, but they're not sticking out. However, now she eats less (she's 4).
Some dogs act starving all the time no matter what. They are food driven, and you can use that to your advantage in training! :D

Go by physique and the scale.

I think we've found from posts here on the forum that if you're over feeding your puppy, you'll likely have an excess amount of poo, and it may be runny.
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