my puppy ate a pencil

hello again.... my puppy ate a pencil this morning. You would think that with the millions upon millions of links and informational bits on the web that I would be able to find something, anything, relating to this. But no. I am taking her to the vet in about an hour anyway for her shots, but it was very frustrating to realize that there is really no usefull information when it comes to puppy health out there, unless your puppy is text book normal, eats exactly as they should, etc.... I ran into the same problem when I couldn't get her to eat. Nothing. As if no other puppy in the whole world ever refused to eat before.

Stacey aka Willowsprite (forgot to log in) and Dancer
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We could use up all of Ron's "cyber space" and still not cover everything our dogs or our children eat or get into .. there are poison control places in every state. If you call them they will help you even with your pets. At least our does. And our state charges a tax to fund this program ... as do many other if not all states. If you are worried your child or pet has ingested something poisonous, look in the fron of yur telephone book and call poison control immediately. They are better than any doctor or vet at sorting it out.

As for pencils. They no longer use lead so unless it comes from a country that still uses lead paints on the outside of the pencil, your dog ate wood, and graphite with some paint and ink thrown in. The most dangerous thing about his eatng a pencil is the same as if he ate a bone or other object that splinters. Did he chew it up enough that it will not puncture or injure his intestines or sphincter muscles.
This can only be determined by inspection, x-rays, ultrsound, or just waiting and observing. YOUR vet will probably check the dogs throat, teeth, tongue for injuries. Then a quick feel along the stomach area and maybe a anus check --- although it can take up to 24 hours to see any problems. The vet will give you some things to look for and tell you not to worry too much. Both dogs and children eat the most bizzare things and suffer no harm. With a bit of luck and a good healthy digestive system these things have a way of working themselves out! 8O
You may be on a poop watch for the next couple of days though. Welcome to the world of parenting!
I think our forum is fantastic and is a work in progress towards the goal you mention. If you search there are links here to poison control, what plants are poisonous, vet's web sites, studies on a variety of subjects. If you get your page set up, let us know and we can post it along with all the other stuff you can find here and on other sites.
In an emrgency you have to go for local or live help. Someone cannot be monitoring every website 24 hours a day. Yes, the web is an unorganized, scattered media, but it is much better than running to a library or talking to an answering service.
And the wonderful thing is, that even you can make it better. Set up that page and let us know about it. Sounds like a GREAT idea. It is sort of why I visit this forum so much. I too wanted to help others....and talk to people with similar problems.
I hope everything works out (pun intended) :D . I cannot e-mail you at this time ... My e-mail client is down. Maybe I should give you a PM?
thanks for your reply... I had heard pencils were not made with lead anymore, but wasn't sure. The vet gave Dancer her shots, and deworming, and looked her over. He said the pencil shouldn't be a problem, and that while I've got her eating ALMOST enough now she is still too thin and needs to put on a couple pounds to be at a normal weight. She is 15 lbs and should weigh about 17 at her age. My vet said he disagrees with the breeder using eukanuba large breed puppy formula on a dog that is only going to be an average of 65 pounds or so full grown and said that if at all it should only be used on a dog 5 months or older unless it is truly a giant breed. Which is what I though, and I'm glad I started putting her on just regualr iams puppy formula. Once the eukanuba is completely out of her food she'll be getting more calories per cup and hopefully will eat more because it is smaller peices. He also said a little stinky canned cat food in her food is fine (what I started doing a couple days ago) By the way, the extra info poted here not in regards to the pencil is in regards to another post I had here.... in case anyone was wondering.

Gee, I hope everything comes out all write.


I think everything is fine.... things, um, seem to be coming out all write....
LOL :lol:
:oops: you thought you had problems our 18mth old when he was younger kept eating my mums knickers!!!
As regards putting some weight on your puppy I wouldnt worry too much they tend to go through a bit of a leggy stage. we feed our 5mth old on fresh mince and pedigree puppy complete or tuna in oil and complete she wolfs it down and it seems to be putting on the pounds. Worth a try.
I loved the bad pun. And the great advice .....
Seems a lot of people are worride about their pup/dog's weight. I hope it all sorts itself OUT!
No I did not do that again did I? :lol:
Truly, if the pup/dog is healthy, not lethargic, sad looking ...mopey. then it will probably beef up later after the pup/dog is finished growing. This happens with kids all of the time. Sometimes they eat you out of house and home and then just quit eating.
When they quit eating I do not give them ANY candy, chips, soda, or icecream. Instead I stock up on oranges, apples, carrots, raisins, and the like ... even canned fruit and soups. Sure enough they get hungry and start eating again.
So don't fill them up on treats and make em eat a nutritious well-balanced diet. They will catch up in the weight department.
Of course, I have mentioned my husband here before haven't I. He's 6'4" and just gained 2 more lbs. At 174 lbs of skin and muscle the guy is amazing. Lifts weights you wouldn't believe ... like me (sigh, I weigh more than him and he can pick me up like that!).
Dogs and people are individuals and have traits all their own. Take pride in a thin pup, but don't be surpised if they don't stay that way :wink: .
As for dogs who eat the strangest things award, I had this standard poodle who ate part of our central AC power cable ... and lived to be reprimanded about it. I have had a certian OES who brought me a slobbered up barely breathing mocking bird chick that we raised and named LUCKY.
I have had a chocolate Lab eat a whole economy pack of Baby Ruth's, and thus been named Baby Ruth.
There was Maria, our pet hamster, who got loose in the innard of our refrigerator and ate through the control panel to get out. There was my ferret, TASHA, who ran up our Christmas tree and snatched a home made wooden gingerbread man. Wouldn't give it back, tore it to shreds inside a bga of cotton balls she found in a closet (took 4 hours to find her).
And I have had a 2 year old eat a whole birthday cake while everyone was out of the room. Yep a 2 year old people pup.
I have probably seen even sranger things eaten ... but those I remember like yesterday.
Seems like my 3 month Australian Shepherd has the same problem. She loves pencils. She just finished her second one today. She ate two straws as well. It is hard keeping certain things away from her with two young boys in the house. I can't afford to take her to the vet everytime she eats something unique. I'm glad to hear pencils no longer contain lead. That was my concern. I think she chewed the wood to pieces so I suspect it will work its way out. Thanks for the information. :?
Same problem here... They like to chew on wood and like to eat charcoal too.... go figure.

So far we haven't had any problems, but we keep a close eye on them if I catch them chewing on a pencil or a stick.
Thanks for the great info on pencils. My sweet angel is snoring on the flooring after digesting a grade A #2 pencil. It was great to find such useful information.

Thanks :lol:
Don't worry too much about the pencils, my son ate 2-3 a week all through elementary school. At 29 I still catch him chewing on one. Also don't worry about baseball mitts, he ate one of those his first year of little league...LOL, Kathy
I have been recieving emails from sooo many people over the last 2 and a half years about this particular post that I thought I would just add another comment....

I think it's wonderful so many are finding the forum! :)

Just goes to show you how useful and helpful it is to so many people... even years after our comments! :)

To all those who find this post for whatever reason, first of all, yes my "puppy" is fine! She is almost 3 years old now, no detrimental effects from eating the pencil :)

To those who find it seeking advice, please join or even post as a guest to ask your questions, we have many knowledgeable forum members who will be happy to help :)

To those who are spamming me, knock it off :D
I try to warn people about posting their email addresses... ;)
Yes, well, as you can see, I edited it LOL
Thanks a heck of a lot for resurfacing this post... Now I'm going to start to wonder whatever happened to "agingright" as she used to post all of the time back then!! Have I really been on this forum that long??
Glad all is well...
Agingright stopped posting shortly after I came here, I believe. As we grow here, I wish some of the older posters would come back.
Hah! I just looked at the date on the original post! Thought it was odd Willowsprite was talking about a puppy.....
Hey, I found the Danita shop because of this post! Cool!
thanks ... i was freaking out...ask me about how my kitten swallowed a penny YEP no lie...cha ching$$$$$$
Thank you for this post. I was searching the internet and you were the first website to come up on google search, so naturally I went to you. I will watch my pup now for any irregularity, but will be able to sleep tonight. Thanks again for the post, now just recieving 3 yrs after first posted. :)
Thank you all for this thread it has been very helpful to me and my puppy.
Our newest member of the family, our sons dog who is now about 7 months old ate a red drafting pencil this evening,,, I was worried sick after reading the posts here I feel much better. She loves wood we are always watching her while she is in the yard with sticks. Somewhere whe found this pencil,,,anyways again I am grateful for the post here and will return .
Ron wrote:

Gee, I hope everything comes out all write.


ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Mine loves to chew anything made of wood...and is not attached to anything
- twigs
- branches
- pencils
- the part of a stool that came off and fell on the floor

But doesn't chew on...
- couches
- tables
- the deck

Thank you so much for this post! I was getting ready for bed when I realized our 3 month old puppy had just eaten a pencil I dropped on the floor earlier & I was freaking out, thinking about the lead she must have just eaten! And wondering what I should do! This forum came up on a Dogpile search so I clicked on it & I'm glad I did. Now I can get some sleep without too much worry & just keep an eye on her to make sure it all comes out in the wash over the next couple of days! :wink:

Thanks again,
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