white dot in eye

Hi... This is very weird but just now I noticed a white dot in the middle of london's right eye. Has anyone experienced this? what is it? London's only 8 months old - so I doubt it's cataracts.
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Actually it could be cataracts, my dog was born with them. One eye has
no sight and the other is very poor sight. I would check with the vet if I
were you. Don't mean to be a downer, but if it is, you should know
now so you can adjust. I got info from my vet about a vet within
driving distance who specializes in canine eye problems.

yes it could be cataracts. my Lady Dy. had them from the day she was born. Don't let it get to you, i had my Lady for 13 years. and she was fine. Only thing, she hated it when i moved the funiture around! confused her.

the owner was going to put her down, but i took her instead. best thing i ever did! ,well, that and rescueing Winston!!

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Cataracts are a defect of the lens, which is a structure that exists WITHIN the eye itself. Typically they just look like a grey fuzziness of the pupil.

A white spot on the OUTSIDE of the eye (the cornea) can be something else entirely. It could be an ulcer (where the eye has been damaged), a scar (from a previous ulcer that has healed), or, most commonly, a condition called "Corneal Dystrophy".

Corneal dystrophies are characterised by a small deposit of calcium, crystal or fat within the tissue of the cornea. They usually develop in young adult dogs (ie 6-12 months), and present as a white, grey or silver dot right in the middle of the eye (or both eyes). They usually don't have any adverse effects, and don't really affect the dog's ability to see.

I recommend heading to your vet, if you haven't already, to get them to check out the eyes. If the dot IS an ulcer, it will need medication to help it heal. Alternatively, if the spot is a corneal dystrophy but it is big and obscuring vision, your vet might refer you to a specialist for surgery.

Hope this helps!
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