MO Puppy Mill

Take a look at this site, I have a feeling this is definitly a mill and that they have sheepies:

(Pup 4 you, Cedercrest kennels) [sorry, no links to puppies for sale]

:x I am not happy

Anyone got ideas on finding out if they have some sheepies they are milling???

Look at the e mail address ..................... (email address has word sheepdog in it)

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Yes, Cedarcrest is a mill, and I know of a few people who have come across very negative info about them and the dogs they have produced. I can't remember what, but I know there were health issues.
Yes, they do have OES. At least 2 members here on the forum have dogs with Cedarcrest background, as far as I know those ones were lucky.
Last year when a all breed rescue saved Rumba, Tango, Cha Cha and My Mo Molly from the dog auction in Wheaton Mo.. There was a old male we tried to get from this place in Ava. MO...We couldn't get him........ There were things I didn't understand then.....I tried to talk to the husband and he wouldn't give me the time of day...He wouldnd't talk to me because I told him I ran a rescue..She is one of Hunte's top commercial breeders....There are other Kennel Names involved.Maybe that is the name she uses for OES...That part of MO is just loaded with puppymills and commercial breeders...Kaye
How disgusting! I saw she also "raises" Komondor's, and by looking at the pictures of them, I am enraged that anyone would sell her them. They are such a rare breed and the lines are already destroyed. I am wondering what there is to do, how to find out what she has, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

How do people like this treat their children? Are they raised in the barn to breed over and over again too? What types of thoughts are we putting in these kids minds?

This isn't just a business, this is a prision camp, and even our prisioners have more rights than these babies do.

Now I see why we get some of those environmental groups to go so far out there for a cause, because nothing else seems to work.

I'd love to go knock on the doors of these places, just once, but I'd probably end up in jail for harassment!

:idea: 's anyone????
From :

ANIMAL WELFARE CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST CEDARCREST KENNEL IN AVA, MO.RIVERDALE, Md., Dec. 14, 2000 - The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently charged Marilyn Shepard, doing business as Cedarcrest Kennel in Ava, Mo., with violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

See the press release in entirety at

USDA license suspension and fine of the same breeder in 1998:

USDA charges against the same breeder in 1996:

Marilyn Shepard registers IWs under "Cedarcrest" and "Cedercrest".
How disgusting.................. and then to see her dogs are "registered" a different way, that should be a clue too...................... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, how do people sleep at night knowing what they are doing?

I wonder how to find out on her last inspection, what passed and failed........


I am still writhing over her having Komondors -- having been around that breed, it makes me sick to think she is milling them, the pictures that she has up are so off the breed standard already, makes me ill.

Why is it our prisioners on death row have it better than some 4 legged friends?

And why if this is considered a 'BUSINESS' do we have such loop holes??
Does anyone know if they are still in business and if they have cleaned up their act?
Found their website and looks like they're still in business. They had a litter of OES born Dec 31st 2006. Breeding 11 different breeds of dog, including Koms for livestock guards only.
I just purchased a dog from this woman that runs cedarcrest kennels out of Ava a few weeks ago. She was selling dogs at the swap meet in Springfield, Mo. All I know is that our little wire fox terrier was very malnurished and poor when we got him and was not socialized at all. He's doing very well now, so far, and we are so glad we have him. I pray that something is done to stop the abuse of puppy mills. :cry:
hugslindy wrote:
I just purchased a dog from this woman that runs cedarcrest kennels out of Ava a few weeks ago. She was selling dogs at the swap meet in Springfield, Mo. All I know is that our little wire fox terrier was very malnurished and poor when we got him and was not socialized at all. He's doing very well now, so far, and we are so glad we have him. I pray that something is done to stop the abuse of puppy mills. :cry:

Not buying a dog at a swap meet is a good place to start.
It's very hard not to rescue a dog or cat when you see them in a bad situation. Unfortunately, when you do save that one, others are bred to take its place. In the long run, not getting the dog or cat may cause the puppy mill to go out of business sooner - it is a business for these awful people.

I wish I could rescue them all.
She has one for sale now, listed on, She is asking 600.00 for the pup :cry:
OES Mama wrote:
Take a look at this site, I have a feeling this is definitly a mill and that they have sheepies:

(Pup 4 you, Cedercrest kennels) [sorry, no links to puppies for sale]

:x I am not happy

Anyone got ideas on finding out if they have some sheepies they are milling???

Look at the e mail address ..................... (email address has word sheepdog in it)

these people are heartless. How could any decent human being treat an animal like these puppy millers - it is horrifying. I could not treat a fly like this. Cruelty to powerless animals is absolutely unforgiveable. What thugs.
I did find this link. ... at_478.htm

It seems that it is the same mill.
I really want to find out where some puppy mills are out in Missouri. I love animals, especially cats and dogs. Hearing all these things about these puppy mills breaks my heart. I wish I could understand how people could be so heartless.. Anyways,

I want to visit a few puppy mills and try to get any dogs that they no longer have use for, or dogs that they are going to put down. I have a pet adoption place to take them too. I volunteer there, it's Tendercare hospital, all the animals available for adoption are animals dropped off, abandond, or found on the streets and never claimed. I'm sure if I talked to the ladies up there they would for sure let me bring a couple dogs there a month. The only thing is, I'm 17 years old. I don't think it's going to work out this easy.

So if anyone knows of any mills around missouri, please let me know. And could you also give me some ideas on what to do?
I really want to help. :(
Draw your own conclusion...

The following is an extract addressing the salient points of the charge and subsequent dismissal

AWA Docket No. 01-0011.
Decision and Order.
Filed August 2, 2002.

AWA – Commerce clause – Intrastate commerce – Jurisdiction, subject matter.

When the animal welfare inspectors inspected the Respondent's facility on July 21, 1999 and October 21, 1999, they alleged that they found violations of certain standards set forth in Part 3 of 9 C.F.R.
Said violations related to assertions that the housing facilities for dogs were not structurally sound and maintained in good repair so as to protect the animals from injury as required by 9 C.F.R. § 3.1(a); that the outdoor housing facilities were not provided with adequate protection from the elements, particularly shade, as required …
There is not sufficient, substantial, reliable evidence to sustain the aforesaid allegations of the Complainant that said violations occurred. Accordingly, they are dismissed. The evidence and testimony of the animal care inspectors: Mr. Gauthier and Ms. Feldman, were insufficient to establish by a preponderance of the evidence that Respondent's facility was not in compliance with the requirements of the Act and regulations. There was indication in the record that the superior to these inspectors indicated that he wanted to get the Respondent and to make an example of her. In addition, said animal care inspectors indicated that they would interpret the regulatory provisions as they believed them to be and not as interpreted by others in the Department. The inspectors indicated that they would write the violations according to their own interpretations and that a Judge's interpretation could be incorrect and a misinterpretation. The application of the regulatory requirements is to a certain extent subjective. Inspector Feldman was described as agitated and furious during one of her inspections. When such inspections are tainted with preconceived ideas, then the outcome cannot be considered a fair evaluation of the circumstances under which the inspections occurred.

However, in addition to the shortcomings of the evidentiary proof or lack thereof by the Complainant, great weight has been given to the testimony of Dr. Schmidt, an extremely qualified and reliable witness (Tr. 154:5-25; 155; 156:1-2) who went over the alleged violations and showed that none occurred. He also offered his opinion that the Respondent's facility was in compliance and that she was maintaining proper regulatory procedures and requirements.

Dr. Schmidt was present during one of the inspections and his review of the situation has been accorded great weight. Clearly the Complainant has not shown by a preponderance of the evidence that the alleged facility violations occurred. The evidence seems clear that the inspectors were, for whatever reason, going out of their way to find violations. There is a lack of sufficiency of evidence on the part of the Complainant.

The Judge dismissed all charges. The inspectors were on a witch hunt and it was blatantly obvious to the Judge.


What sickens me is the malicious and unsubstantiated attacks that some people are so willing to make... You know who you are. Why don't you direct your energies in to something more constructive.

One swallow does not a summer make!
What about the part about operating while your license was suspended? Items 1,2 and 3.

Item 4 is what you're talking about.

Taken from the same page as your quotes:
Findings of Fact

1. The Respondent is an individual during business as Cedarcrest Kennel whose address is Route 2, Box 819, Ava, Missouri 65608. The Respondent at all times material hereto was operating as a dealer as defined in the Act and the regulations without being licensed in willful violation of section 4 of the Act and section 2.1 of the regulations.

2. On June 26, 1998, a Decision and Order were issued which suspended the license of the Respondent as of September 16, 1998.

3. From on or about September 16, 1998 to on or about March 15, 2000, the Respondent sold in commerce at least 274 dogs for resale for use as pets without being licensed and in willful violation of he Act and the regulations.

4. The Complainant has not sustained its burden of proof with respect to the remaining allegations of the Complaint.


2. Respondent is accessed a civil penalty of $5,000.00 (Five Thousand Dollars)

274 dogs in a year and a half while suspended.

I'd say that the judge went pretty easy on you, $18.25 per dog (that they know about).
How presumptuous of you to assume that I am CederCrest. I can assure you that I am not. I am but one who has performed their due diligence.

I addressed the inference in this post of which you should clearly be aware especially as the Site Administrator.

The implication has been put forward that the subject Kennel is a Puppy Mill that breeds dogs in substandard and inhumane conditions without regard for their health.

That juxtaposition I felt compelled to address because it tires me to no end to listen to or read peoples' pontification about matters (regarding any topic) that they have no first hand knowledge of.

The term "puppy mill" has been widely used by animal rights groups in protests against smaller breeders (small commercial operations and hobby breeders) who may appear to have substandard breeding conditions. They instigate emotional rhetoric and sensationalism by using pictures of dirty kennels and catteries. While the cause may be just, I consider it irresponsible behavior.

I by no means approve of "mills" of any kind. Responsible breeders, and there are many out there, both commercial and hobby, raise their animals with the intent to produce healthy offspring, and to provide a quality pet for responsible owners. Good breeders will take into consideration breed-specific health problems, genetic screening, physical condition, age of the animal and temperament before producing offspring. Good breeders carefully nurture the mothers and the offspring they produce. They constantly check their health, and ensure they are properly socialized.

Most Hobby Breeders would, under AWA and PAWS, would require a USDA license as well as local and state licenses if selling puppies or kittens not just across state lines but also intrastate. It does not have to be a primary source of income, just exceed a certain gross amount, which I think is $500 in any one year.

I can assure you, a lot don't have such licenses, but that is not a plausible indicator that their animals are mistreated, neglected and fobbed off to unwitting persons or families.

I believe people should be responsible about their commentary, especially on the internet. The internet is wonderful asset to everyone but it is often abused or misused, sometimes innocently but more often by those who have an agenda. In either case, the consequence is lasting and can be damaging.

Don't be so willing to believe everything you read on the internet. Be a skeptic first and foremost. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it should be exercised responsibly.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Sadly, regarding the internet, this seems to fall by the wayside.

You can't paint everyone with the one brush and as I said previously...

One swallow does not a summer make.
Thank you for posting your opinion. We are each entitled to our own. You will not be able to change my mind of what type of mill CedarCrest Kennel is. Degrading people of this forum is not gaining you any respect.
:? That is a rather disingenuous. I don't believe you can truthfully say that I have degraded anyone on this forum by what I have said. I have simply stated my opinion.

We can of course agree to disagree. :P
Presumptuous I am. I presume that you have an interest in the business because it defies all logic that someone would take the time to read an article about a kennel, read the legal opinions/decisions behind it, and then take the time to quote the "salient issues" from that opinion highlighting particular phrases in defense of a company without such an interest. Perhaps your interest is that you've purchased a dog from the breeder and are trying to justify/defend that purchase, perhaps you represent the kennel, perhaps you're associated with one of the kennel's brokers. Maybe you sell puppies for them. I dunno, but I feel you aren't just a guy who happened across the article while searching for interesting tidbits to read about "crests of cedar" or some such and then performed due diligence. Other than that, my use of "you" was purely for readability, the same way I just used "you're just a guy". Perhaps you're a woman.

Further, you made it sound like CedarCrest was not found guilty at all, which is the primary point that *I* wanted to make.

274 dogs in a year and a half (while "in willful violation", no less) isn't a puppy mill? Cranking out a puppy on average every 2 days? What's that, a litter every other week, on average? What's that, 4 litters on site at a time, all the time for 18 months, on average? Unless you ship them out at something less than 8 weeks of age.

OK, you're right. I think we have different definitions of "reputable breeder" and "puppy mill", so I think that we will have to agree to disagree.

As far as your obtuse comment about summers and swallows... let me suggest that

One acquittal does not a "reputable breeder" make.
Anonymous wrote:

Yeah me too
I am not sure I follow your point or your reasoning.

I have no vested interest in said Kennel. Not everything is so black and white. There are many shades of grey in between. I do believe there are at least two sides to most topics. As to why I took the time to read said references, I merely read the opinions and commentary presented and offered mine. Is that not the point of any forum?

Like every forum, there can be differences of opinion, sometimes extreme, especially on topics that one has deep convictions over... religion, politics, climate change, human rights, animal rights, and the topic at hand -- PUPPY MILLS. More often than not, it is the average punter that voices such differences. Rarely, if ever, have I seen a Site Administrator do so.

I have no wish to go down the road that you are seemingly taking this or beat the topic to death.

Brevity is the soul of wit.
Yes, there can differences of opinion on forums, but do you not understand that you are on an OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG FORUM? The members of this forum joined for all the same reason; we love this breed, so naturally we are going to protect the thing we love.
jcc9797 wrote:
Yes, there can differences of opinion on forums, but do you not understand that you are on an OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG FORUM? The members of this forum joined for all the same reason; we love this breed, so naturally we are going to protect the thing we love.

I agree.....

You are very pronounced in your opinions.....
As we all are :)
We could all battle wits but, sometimes it is pointless.
Could you voice why you are here to speak out??
I am a bit interested....
What is your interest in defending this "breeder"
If you are not said person.
Let me start off by saying that creating animosity on this forum is not what I am trying to do or what I am about.

Also let me say that I am also not defending said Breeder per se. The point I was making, and apparently failed miserably at, since every response to what I opinionated seemed to incorrectly glean from it that I was defending CedarCrest Kennel.

The point I was trying to make is that the Internet as wonderful a medium for resource, opinion, and banter as it is, it is faceless and as a result (my opinion now) there is no accountability for presumptive and unsubstantiated statements (again my opinion) both positive or negative. Both are as bad in my book. I consider such statements on the Internet as rash and irresponsible because they are far reaching and apparently everlasting. They should be exercised responsibly. Expressed opinions formulated based purely on presumptions, assumptions or a feeling are best left unsaid.

I tend to lean more toward objectivity rather that subjectivity, although, it is difficult at times to keep the two separate on "hot-button" issues -- one of the attributes of human nature. We are driven more by emotion on such issues.

Before I sign off and hopefully bring this matter to rest, my initial closing comment, in hind sight, may have been a little brusque so if I ruffled someones feathers it was not my intention. Mine were hence the comment. Not an excuse or justification, merely an admission.

How I ended up here I am not quite sure at this point. I am a dog (& horse) lover and dog owner in that order. Not an OES, sorry, but there is plenty off non-breed specific information on this forum to be of help to me.

I hope you don't mind me stopping by on occasion. With that I bid you all a good day.
BTW, not all of the internet is faceless. My face has been seen here, my identity is no secret and is publicly available as owner of the domain. Many members here have pretty much exposed their complete identity and very private details of their lives publicly as well as privately with all of the other members. We're a community...

... and you're welcome here.
Donner's Mom wrote:
Anonymous wrote:

Yeah me too

Don't you just love it when Ron get's fired up? AND, he's so darn eloquent in his debate.
How they are operating I don't know. It sounds like the USDA tried to shut them down. Check out this link:
They are still in operation. I've communicated with them about the purchase of a bearded collie just this week. That is before I checked them out.

It wasn't hard to find her current web address. That's a lot of breeds to carry and claim not to be a "mill." It's heartbreaking.
Hi there I am trying to sell my Neo Mastiff puppies i have 12 I do not want to sell to a kennel so am at a disadvantage on where to sell them at

I will give you a suggestion.

Not to rude, but maybe you should go to a MASTIFF FORUM??????

This is the Old English Sheepdog forum, and it is my understanding that we do not give advice on how or where to sell ANY Back yard bred puppies.
Once again, some thought should have gone into this long before
the dogs got together. This is where many shelter dogs come from;
situations like this. Something tells me the first people with the $$
will be new owners and there won't be any matching dog to owner
involved. I hope I'm wrong.
or notify a mastiff rescue there is a group in PA called mastiffs and mutts they will help place your dogs in good homes..........................
I just purchased a pup from Cedarcrest Keennels and none of the paperwork matched and my pup has multiple infections. I want help to get this woman straightned out Can anyone help? please contact me
All the regulars on this board have had an up-close and personal experience with a Cedarcrest OES and they probably didn't even know it. I certainly didn't until just recently.

Zeke is a Cedarcrest.

He was born on 12/31/2006, the same litter that Sheepie Heaven (Steph) references in the 8th post of this thread.

And now I'm wondering if Zeke isn't the dog referenced in the 12th post of this thread by loried (Lorie).
I believe Zeke went into rescue about October 2007. Someone from OES Rescue of the SE could verify this.

I'm just glad we didn't give Shepard any of our money. I'm glad the rescue got it.
Guest-- if the mill is still in Missouri-- I would start by reporting it here:

You could also try the humane society ... _mill.html
just bought a 8 week old cairn terrier from cedarcrest kennel in ava Mo. the puppy has parvo. The owner of kennel called me a liar and said my vet was wrong. the test, according to her, was a "false positive" and that the puppy does not have parvo. the woman will not guarantee and will do nothing except call me and my vet a liar.
I purchased a miniature poodle from this lady back in 2015. She is a beautiful dog. She has no health problems. That being said, she was not socialized. It took quite a while to turn her into a lap dog. But she is super smart. I ran out of tricks to teach her.
When I went to pick her up the owner would not let me walk through her kennels. She was a very grouchy and defensive person. I did see one red poodle that had really bad teeth and looked very old. I did not see any sheepdogs. I did see komondors, terriers, and full sized schnauzers. Most of the dogs I saw looked to be in good health. None looked malnourished.
I have no affiliation with this kennel other than I bought a pup 5 years ago.
Do I think this is a puppy mill? I am not a judge. I do not think I would buy another puppy from this lady though. She is just to difficult to deal with and I would rather have a well socialized puppy.
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