FYI : Onions and Garlic are bad for your dog too!

As well as grapes/raisins, I have read that you are not supposed let your dog eat anything with onions or garlic in it either !
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Garlic is very good for the immune system.
I used to feed my dog, dry and wet food with Brewer's yeast and Garlic powder mixed in. He was healthy as a horse!
Ditto Elissa, I have done the same too, garlic is even in the hololistic dry food I use to feed my dogs. I use to add it as a supplement when it was not listed in a dry food.
Onions are not good, but never heard that garlic was! Most dry foods contain garlic now.
I have heard that both onions and garlic are no nos. The same chemical that is in onion is in garlic, especially bad if raw.
I recently read the same thing about garlic and onions. ... -you-treat
Maybe something to do with fresh raw garlic?

Why is it in dry foods then if it is bad for dogs?

Use to use a supplement that was like elissa said, brewers yeast and garlic powder. Maybe processed garlic is safe?

I was surprised when I read it too. 8O We don't feed it but I didn't know it could be harmful. Here's the article from Drs. Foster & Smith at their website. Visit this link for the article- ... cleid=2414

Onion and Garlic
Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.

S-methylcysteine sulfoxide, n-propyl disulfide, methyl disulfide, allyl disulfide

Onion or garlic (Allium spp.) including those that are fresh as well as those dried for use as spices.

General Information
Garlic and onion are used as flavor enhancers in food. Since the toxic amount is unknown, it is recommended not to add it to your pet's food. Many human baby foods have onion in them, and it is not recommended to feed them to pets. In dogs and cats, these ingredients can cause Heinz body anemia, resulting in a breakdown of the red blood cells and anemia.

The bulbs, bulbets, flowers, and stems of the garlic and onion are all poisonous.

Toxic Dose
Unknown. Cats appear to be more sensitive than dogs.

Vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, discolored urine, weakness, liver damage, allergic reactions, asthmatic attacks, and in case of skin exposure, contact dermatitis.

Immediate Action
Induce vomiting and seek veterinary attention. If dermal (skin) exposure, bathe thoroughly and contact a veterinarian.

Veterinary Care
General treatment: The induction of vomiting may be continued, gastric lavage is performed, and activated charcoal administered, if ingested. If dermal exposure has occurred, the animal will be bathed and dried thoroughly.

Supportive treatment: IV fluids are administered to maintain hydration. The animal will be monitored and treated for liver damage. Repeated blood tests will be performed to monitor for anemia; blood transfusions will be administered if necessary.

Specific treatment: Unavailable.

Seems to affect cats more then dogs. Well that has astounded me as I said it is in a lot of dry food now for dogs. We also have a can food/wet food here called "natures Gift" sort of like a health food loaf in a can that has garlic too. There is also a fresh cooked health food loaf for dogs called "eco pet" again that has garlic in it too.

This has really stunned me 8O I can't understand why it is then in so much dog food products. Even dog biscuits some flavours have garlic in them too 8O

I wonder if this toxin is weight related? A small amount for small dogs but not for bigger dogs. Reason I ask is our St. Bernard ate our garlic harvest for the we dug he followed behind and ate.

We took him to the vet, hanging out heads out the car windows and the vet examined him outside :lol: He showed adverse effect.....well, health effect.

Could be repeated small amounts would be toxic to big dogs?

Just like chocolate, garlic scent will raise a sleeping dog......what next, feta cheese?
We should email some of the companies that add it to their dog food to see why they put it in there if it is bad for dogs....
What a great Idea!
I always knew that onion was bad for dogs but garlic 8O
A friend of mine breeds New Foundlands and she gives her dogs garlic as it helps repel fleas
It will be interesting what the pet food manufacturere have to say
It also keeps the vampires away.
Barney's breath can keep them away by itself without the garlic!
Sammy's Mum wrote:
I always knew that onion was bad for dogs but garlic 8O
A friend of mine breeds New Foundlands and she gives her dogs garlic as it helps repel fleas
It will be interesting what the pet food manufacturere have to say

That is also why I gave my Toy Poodle Scooter garlic. We had lots of fleas in NJ where I had him. No fleas on him after I started using garlic powder in his food. :?
barney1 wrote:
Barney's breath can keep them away by itself without the garlic!

Those biscuits that Pedigree makes for fresh breath do help. It helped Harley & Peanuts death breath as I called it. Only temporarily though :roll: My SIL also gave us a doggie breath spray. That worked well too.
Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
[My SIL also gave us a doggie breath spray. That worked well too.

What kind of doggie breath spray? Can I get it at Petsmart or through a catalog? Annie's breath can sometimes wake the dead! Although it isn't as atrocious now that she eats Nutro food. Phew! No garlic or onions is allowed for any of us in the house.
Try the little breath mints-- they come in a little tin just like the people kind. Those work pretty well too. You should be able to get those at PetsMart. I'll check the name of them when I get home.
Charcoal tablets or you can usually get charcoal dog biscuits,, they neutrilise the breath odour and also if the dog has wind as well. :wink:
My dog has wind quite frequently, so I'll look into it!
Yip Yaps

There's a Sammy on the tin
Maxmm wrote:
Yip Yaps

There's a Sammy on the tin

Yup, that's it. I could only remeber the Yap part earlier.
JACLIN --- we bought that same stuffed sheepie from wal mart this year! I was so excited when I saw that. I was with a client so I couldn't purchase it at the time (I work in home health care) but I called my fiance and told him I had to have it, so I got it later that day! My sheepies ripped the heart off it in two days though, apparently they don't think much of this holiday :D

Oh and I'm glad to see more people now know about onions and garlic and want to do something about it, now I feel like I've done something good for the day :)
Hi Allison-
Aren't those stuffed sheepies the cutest?! We named our Jack after Ed's dog on the message board who has one and also after a dog we recently assisted with in Alabama. The thing is about as big as my sheepies! :D Mine have been real good with it... so far. Usually they'll chew the eyes and noses off their stuffed toys! :roll: I haven't actually "given" it to them so it's been sitting on the couch relatively undisturbed.
ours was sitting on a big chair of ours, but they kept knockning it on the floor (they believe that chair belongs to them, so how dare this new 'lazy' sheepie take their spot) So now he sits by our grandfather clock and is left to sit in peace, no one knocking him around or pulling hearts out his mouth. My dogs are big bullies :)
I finally found it!!!! It's called "Your Animal's Best Care" Fresh Breath.
I have no idea where she bought it :(
From: Ron xxxxxxx []
Sent: Thursday, 2 February 2006 10:14 AM
To: temp
Subject: Contact #1436



I am the webmaster of and there's a discussion going on about
garlic in pet foods, and whether or not it's ok for pets. A member
mentioned that your food has garlic in it. Can you comment on this?

Thanks! I look forward to receiving your reply.
Sent: Sun 2/5/2006 11:16 PM

Dear Ron,

Thank you for your enquiry. Nature's Gift all natural canned petfood
varieties do contain a minute dash of fresh garlic as a healthy
apportioned balance to our formulas. As such, the garlic acts as
nature's broom and helps reduce mucus in the intestines. It detoxifies
the body, assisting in reducing blood pressure and helps ward off worms
and intestinal parasites. It generally helps to keep your dog in better

The benefit of garlic in a dog's diet is such that a touch may be good,
but obviously too much may also have an adverse effect as you have

If you have pets of your own, we hope you will be inclined to give our
Nature's Gift petfood a try and see the difference for yourself. Our
products are available at most supermarkets for your convenience. If we
can be of further assistance please let us know.


Di Blair
Customer Service
Nature's Gift Australia P/L
4 Birdum St Moorabbin 3189
PH: 03 9532 1273
FAX: 03 955 9167
Hmmm... well, that was nice of them to get back to you...
I'm still not sure about it though... if garlic is bad for dogs, wouldn't it make sense just ot not give it at all?
Hmmm too, Thanks ron for doing that. As I said even in a lot of dry food now also, there is garlic as an additive. I've looked at so many dry foods and most contain garlic on there list of ingredients. Yes even Holoistic dry foods too.

So there is no real way of knowing if we are feeding the right things or not to our dogs if it is in so many products. :roll:

Just edited to say I have just sent an e-mail off to the "Eagle Pack" nutritionist asking about Garlic, yep they use it in there dog food too, so waiting reply as soon as it comes I will post what they said! :roll:
Their response was very creatively written. I must say I enjoyed learning that garlic acts as nature's broom... 8)
barney1 wrote:
I must say I enjoyed learning that garlic acts as nature's broom... 8)

I also have heard that garlic is good for dogs...I wonder if it is like iron supplements are good for people, but too much is bad? :?

Maybe the key is having the right amount. :wink:

I always thought making garlic buscuits for the dogs was a crazy idea...I'll stick to peanut butter! We'll probably find out that peanut butter causes seizures or something... 8O well at least we would have an answer! :twisted:
I'm still awaiting a reply to my e-mail I sent to the dry food place, be interesting to see if they actually answer it!! :evil:
I sent a letter too. I had to. My last fulltime job was Head Of Compliance at a Marketing Company. So I couldn't resist writting a letter. I was so good at writing letters. I kinda miss it :? Well maybe I do miss the $$$ though
I was told by my Vet to give garlic to my GS to repel the fleas.....that was when he was a pup....he lived to be 13........
Hi, I emailed Natura Pet Products since I feed Innova which also contains garlic. I immediately got this response:

Thank you for contacting us about our products. Garlic is valued for its anti-oxidant properties as well as its enjoyable flavor. It is also known for containing B complex vitamins, selenium and for stimulating the immune system.

Our Innova, EVO, and HealthWise formulations use the same fresh Gilroy garlic that is served in restaurants and sold in grocery stores.

Per Peter Atkins 1/24/00: Garlic contains allylic sulfides (phytochemical) and quercetin. Has been shown to work against carcinogens and tumors in many ways, lowering risk of colon, stomach and other cancers. Garlic may also benefit the heart. Here’s a quote from the article: "Oxidation of hemoglobin results because there is either insufficient phosphate dehydrogenase or glutathione to protect the red blood cells from oxidative injury." The key here is the amount of garlic in the formula. Because it is a relatively small component, there is no challenge to phosphate dehydrogenase or glutathione and therefore no damage to hemoglobin.

Garlic (or onions) fed at moderate to high levels can cause Heinz body anemia. The level in Innova is a very small portion of the formula, and is well below any potentially toxic level. We utilize garlic in our formula because of its antioxidant properties and it’s great taste. Garlic contains about 50% of the alkaloid which causes the toxicity (propyldisulphide). It would take a pound of garlic daily to cause harm.

A 100 pound dog eating approximately 4 cups of Innova will consume a little more than .2 ounces of garlic. This is well below any level that would cause concern.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information or if you have any questions.

Veronica Moreno
Natura Pet Products

I thought this was a very informative response!
It is thank you :D

Mine still have garlic not as an additive now as it seems to be in an awful lot of the food now, I am not worried by garlic it seems to be beneficial to them in the correct amounts in the food that we buy for them. :D

I never got a reply from Eagle Pack :evil:
lisaoes wrote:
I never got a reply from Eagle Pack :evil:

I didn't get a response either.
Hi everyone,
I have also been interested in the issue, if any, with Garlic and dogs/cats. I have 2 american cocker spaniels and I use a product called Danex24 which contains extract of odourless japanese garlic and thistle oil. It is very good and keeps coat, skin etc in great condition adn I see far less fleas and ticks compared to before I started. I keep them almost flea free WITHOUT any of the products containg chemicals etc like FRONTLINE, BAYVANTIC. My old Springer Spaniel Hoby died saadly 2 years ago and I decided that I would never allow chemicals on my dogs again. So I was curious to know what the deal is with the garlic etc.
A friend of mine (The Danish Kennel where I got LAcriss and BoBo)suggested contacting The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen Denmark and so I did.

Result: Garlic is dangerous when the dog/cat eat garlic equivalent to 5% of the dogs/cats body weight. To put this into perspective, a dog weighing in at 20lbs (My cocker LaCriss) would have to eat 500 grams of Garlic daily over a considerable period of time before it starts to become dangerous. I was also told that if there was any "Side effects" with garlic it would be outweighed by far by all the good properties sucha s coat, skin, better respiration, improved immune defence etc.
So hardly a problem and I will continue with Danex24 which I buy online. Not sure if it is available in the UK? Maybe someone know?

Interesting enough, no one is talking about Fibronil which is the actice agent in FRONTLINE. It is a dangerous chemical of which 15% can be absorbed by a dogs or cats skin. I would worry about that...not the garlic. Anyway just my views. Sorry about this long email but I cannot help thinking how many dogs lives would be improved if we gave healthy diet, no chemicals and let nature help natures creations.
Good luck to you all.
Lacriss (Black American Cocker)
Thanks Lacriss for your post, I hardly ever use frontline or any other flea control as I have always found with garlic no problem with fleas.

I suppose it is things in moderation & correct proportions, onions I can understand, but not garlic as I think it helps a lot and is beneficial to their well being. :wink:
I feed my two OES's garlic at least twice a week, they both get a teespoonful of garlic granules mixed through their dinner, I have had no bad effects by any of my dogs instead it helps against fleas and ticks.

The dog club, which I was a member, recommended garlic as worms infestation prophylactic. It is very interesting to learn that it helps well against fleas. What about ticks?? They are a big problem and a danger in the area we live in. So I have to use the chemical repellents and collars from spring to winter time. Local vets also warn about mosquitos carrying the worms. Well, I guess that garlic wouldn't help against the mosquitos as good as against vampiures, but I am really interested to learn how to deminish the amount of the chemicals on my dogs.
Could somebody, please, advise how much fresh garlic can be used to protect dogs from fleas (and probably ticks as well) ????
I have never used fresh garlic. Only Garlic Powder since it mixes well
I have always just used a couple of shakes over the food.
Thanks for the reply, Elissa.

I wonder, if garlic tablets for people can be used for dogs? :) They are odorless, have a certain dosage and should have less side effects that anything else :lol:
Hello all I have four larger breeds dogs average 80 - 115 pounds. I have been giving them 500 mcg of unsented garlic pilss for over six months, when I had flea problems here in Georgia. All the pesticide type chemicals and flea treat ments did not work and I was ruining the natural skin protection. I have since noticed that my dogs smell good/healthy even after being wet and rolling in the rain, and not that old must dog smell. I have had good luck and will continue to moitor for any effects, but they (my dogs are happy) to recieve their (drugs). I have found over long term if the animal feels different about something they will not ingest it for the sake of filling their bellies. I am not sure about the toxic effects but would be more than willing to take samples from them for analysis if I knew what to test for.

SIde note I use GNC's Tri-Flex for joint issues and ahve found it to work very well in three of my geriactric cases that I thought I was going to have to put down two years ago, and they are as feeling good as ever, just a bit slower (old age) 12 years for Rhodesian Ridgebacks is pretty good life expectancy.
Regards, Jim
since i could remember my parents put garlic on the GS's food each night........ just a few sprinkles. never did have fleas on him (in West Texas)..........
I give our Min Pin a small amount of garlic in his food, his food does not contain it. But I do it for the same reason I read some of the others do their dogs, for the fleas and also it will repel ticks and mosquito bites. I do the same for our horses, I have two horses, that I have retired, they just graze their little hearts out, one is 24, my other is now pushing 30. I have always given my horses and dogs garlic for those reasons. I live in Arkansas, use to live in Oklahoma, so the fleas and ticks are horrible here in the summer time, and advantage and some of the other flea and tick repellants just do not do the trick. The garlic has worked great for us for many years. Our small and large animal vet told me to give it to my Arabian as he was high strung when he was younger, and horses get high blood pressure just as people do, garlic is great for the bp as well as scattering critters away. But after reading some of the posts, I may not give it to our dog anymore.....I had not heard it was bad for dogs. :(
It is like a glass of red wine. One glass a day is good for you; a bottle not so much.
I have always given my dogs garlic tablets from being puppies I have never been troubled with flees or worms, I feed Raw Meat or tripe with happy dog food they are all doing well on this diet. :wag: :cup: :santa2:
Adding to the benefits not the nonsense being posted!!! of GARLIC, onions are a definate NO NO Still.
Garlic comes in all types of High quality holisitc dry and wet food now, read on, not harmfull but YES onions are. Been feeding my dogs garlic for over 20 plus years. !!!

Info on garlic and dogs.

Garlic has been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It contains at least 30 compounds that have been found to be useful for a variety of conditions from skin disorders to cancer. In fact, holistic veterinarians have been recommending garlic for many years for its multiple health benefits.
Below are the main health benefits of garlic for dogs: Boosting the Immune System
Garlic stimulates immune functions in the bloodstream by increasing the activities of killer cells (cells that seek out and destroy invading microbes and cancer cells). It is therefore beneficial for dogs with suppressed immune systems and dogs fighting cancer. Moderate garlic supplementation in the diets of even healthy dogs can boost their immunity and prevent cancer.

Fighting Bacterial/Viral/Fungal Infections
Garlic is a powerful antimicrobial and antibiotic and is effective in fighting various forms of internal or external bacterial, viral, or fungal infection, including parasites (e.g. tapeworms) and protozoan organisms (e.g. giardia).
Fresh garlic fed as part of a dog's diet can fight infections of the mouth, throat, respiratory tract, stomach, or intestines. Crushed garlic diluted in olive oil can be used as a topical antiseptic for minor injuries, ear infections, or ear mites.

Enhancing Liver Function
Garlic has detoxifying effects. At least six compounds contained in garlic can enhance liver function by helping the liver to eliminate toxins from the body, thereby preventing toxic accumulation that may lead to cancerous growths.

Lowering Blood Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
Uncooked garlic mixed in with food helps to lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels in dogs, making it useful for certain breeds (e.g. miniature schnauzers, beagles) that are predisposed to hyperlipidemia, a condition in which the amount of fats (lipids) in the blood are elevated.

Cardiovascular Tonic
A compound in garlic is effective at preventing blood clot formation in the vascular system. It can also reduce cholesterol levels and fat buildup in the arteries (atheorsclerosis). Therefore, it is an excellent cardiovascular tonic for older dogs.

Tick/Flea Repellent
The exact reason and extent of garlic's effect on tick and flea prevention is not clear. It may be due to the odor released through the dog's skin as the compounds in garlic are metabolized. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of anecdotal reports on the effectiveness of garlic (especially in combination with brewer's yeast) as a tick/flea repellent.


Garlic for Dogs - Which Form?
Not all forms of garlic are the same - garlic that has been cooked under high heat (boiled, roasted, sauteed, etc.) is likely to lose its medicinal properties and a high percentage of its nutrients.
Allicin, the compound in garlic that gives it the strong odor, is very unstable and dissipates quickly when exposed to air, moisture, or heat. However, it is also allicin that gives garlic its powerful antibiotic properties. Therefore, if you want to use garlic as an antibiotic, the best form is raw garlic or raw garlic juice (to be used within 3 hours of chopping or pressing).
If you want to use garlic as a cancer preventive agent, immune-system enhancer, cardiovascular tonic, or nutritional supplement, other form of garlic (e.g. powder) should also give you the desired results.

- See more at: http://www.natural-dog-health-remedies. ... VVV7a.dpuf
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