quick question about cooking frozen chicken wings!

If the recipe says 5lbs frozen chicken wings. bake for an hour.

...do I thaw it out first or do I cook them frozen?

thanks :cow:
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Thaw- 5lbs is a lot of meat, and if it is not thawed first, it's gonna take forever- is the temp saying right around 375? That's pretty typical for baking small pieces of chicken. If you need to thaw- trying running a small, steady stream of COOL water over the meat- it thaws quickly, and the bacteria have no chance to build up, as they are constantly being washed away by the water! I like it better then trying to use the microwave, because you never haveto worry about accidentally cooking a portion of the meat- which I ALWAYS end up doing somehow :? What kinda chicken wings are you making???
Thanks, that was helpful! That's what I figured, but I wanted to make sure.

Guess I'll have to make it tomorrow then. I want to have time to thaw it.

It's made with a fruit perserve. My mom always makes it and I love it.
I would have to say don't thaw. If the recipe specifically calls for frozen wings, then I would go with that. Otherwise, wouldn't it just saw 5 pounds chicken wings?

There are a lot of things frozen that you aren't supposed to thaw first. I have a pack of pre-formed turkey burgers that are not supposed to be thawed before cooking...same with my frozen salmon burgers...
oh great. now i don't know what to do. :lol:
I would cook them frozen. The recipe states frozen. Plus if they are individual chicken wings they would be small and therefore cook in the hour stated.

That sounds like an interesting recipe. :D Please post it when you have a chance. :D
Oh... I missed the part where it says "frozen" in the recipe itself... must read posts more carefully! Although, if you thaw them, they'll take up the sauce better, and take less time to cook... Now I'm just causing trouble :lol:
I would say frozen if baking, NOT deep fring!!! to much water.

CanI have the recipe PLEASE we love wings :lol: :lol:
The ingredients sound disgusting, but I was quite surprised with the taste. Sweet :) We like baked chicken wing recipes, so this was passed to me after having it at dinner. Thought it was time to try it myself!

5 lbs frozen chicken wings
1 C apricot preserves
1 pkg dry onion soup mix
16 oz bottle Catalina salad dressing

oven 350

Place wings a greased cookie sheet (lined with foil b/c it gets messy).
Put apricot preserves, dry onion mix, and Catalina in bowl and put over wings. Bake for 30 minutes, flip wings, and then bake for another 30 minutes.

Should have a nice browning on top when finish.
Okay, I think I'm going to thaw them out first. I don't think it makes sense to put all these ingredients on frozen chicken wings. I've never heard of that. I'll have to try it this weekend.
I would thaw....after reading the recipe
quick question. do you use blue cheese when done??

Sounds good :lol:
It does sound interesting. I'll have to try it, too. I like wings with different sauces. Do you guys have Wild Wings restaurants where you live?
NO!!!!!!!!! ...and I'm so used to those sort of chains (being that I lived in a college town). :( Oh wait... well we do have a hooters, but their wings taste HORRIBLE compared to all the restaurants my husband and I have been to. :twisted:
I'm making them tonight. I went and bought some wings that were thawed. I can't wait. Mr. Joah is jumping tonight (it's -14 right now) out of a plane, so he'll love some wings and beer when he gets home. I can't imagine what it feels like on your face to jump out of a plane in this weather.
Love chicken wings (and all other "munchies" which my family generally relies on my bringing to all family get togethers) and will try this recipe. If baking, I usually use fresh or thawed wings but as long as the wings will separate, will put them inthe oven frozen and add sauce later.

My favorite wings recipe (other than buffalo wings which I still fry) is this:

marinate wings 1/2 gin and 1/2 soy sauce (enough to cover the wings) at least overnite - have done up to 24 hrs) and bake in oven slowly (300 degrees), turning occasionally and adding more marinade as needed until done, turn up heat to brown at the end. I got this recipe from a former bosses wife who served them at a super bowl party and everyone loves it.
This doesn't sound like a blue cheese type of chicken wing recipe. But hey, if you wanna add blue cheese...

I'm still confused why they would specifically say frozen chicken wings if they didn't want you to cook them that way, I mean, is there a difference between fresh chicken wings and thawed frozen chicken wings? Just seems odd to me to state the frozen part. Anyways...

The sauce sounds good...chicken wings themselves I'm not a huge fan of--too greasy and grisly...but my husband LOVES them. He practically demands that we go to Buffalo Wild Wings on a very regular basis...I don't mind, except when it gets busy...then it is way too smoky, but they have some legislation coming up so hopefully it'll be banned!
So Leanne, how did the wings turn out? The recipe sounds yummy--I might have to make them.
I love them! My mom finally called and said she always does it thaw too. I dumped all the sauce in a shallow pan lined with foil and baked them for 1hr 10 min. turning them every 15 minutes (to prevent burning a side). End result was just enough glaze to make them look pretty. Since the glaze doesn't "stick" as thick as I'd probably want, next time I plan on cooking the sauce (simmer) until it gets a little thick THEN placing it over the wings and baking. That or adding some cornstarch to it.

Served it over rice. These definitely don't need a dipping sauce. :)
I took pictures (those who have been here long know I used to do a step-by-step thing as I cooked), but I'm too lazy to download the pics (and I only took 2 pics). pfft.

Husband enjoyed them as well. He said it tasted like a mix of Asian and barbeque wings. His suggestion was it needed to be a little hot (red pepper/tabasco) to make it perfect. I will add some salt to the chicken wings and some garlic.
Joahaeyo wrote:
I took pictures (those who have been here long know I used to do a step-by-step thing as I cooked), but I'm too lazy to download the pics (and I only took 2 pics). pfft.

The best was the picture series of you baking cookies and the plate was in front of puppy Yuki. She had the cutest look on her face!!!!
I remember that too Paula. It was so cute!! :D

Now I'm gonna have to fix wings! :D
Jo - tried the wings recipe over the weekend - they were great! Thanks!! :D
hey! I thought you were gonna make lasagna, Tammy!
I'm glad you liked them! :D

I've made them about 3 times now. I now set the oven on broil the last 15 minutes and it really thickens the sauce. Yum.
I was going to make it on Sunday, Steph, but I had already defrosted another whole chicken earlier in the week that I needed to use. I rarely have time to cook during the week - I don't know what I was thinking! :roll:
Anyway, I needed to use the chicken, so I made Chicken Bog on Sunday instead of the lasagna. I'm gonna try your recipe this weekend - probably Saturday since it looks like our weather will be YUCKY again!! I'll let you know how successful I am! :D
Okay fine. I guess I understand! :wink:

Another ymu variation on the lasagna is to make fiesta lasagna. Just substitute salsa (like the bottled variety) for the tomato sauce and add shredded chicken and canned diced green peppers...
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