Sinus Infections In Sheepdogs

I need some help. I have a wonderful sheepie, Winston, he is almost 10 years old. His birthday is feb 20. In October he started to cough, almost like he has something stuck in his throat. This did not occur all day , but probably a couple of times a day. By December it became much worse. When he coughed , which was many times a day it racked his whole body. The vet didn't know what to make of it. She thought it may be allergys and put him on prednisone. She took lung exrays and his lungs are clear, I thought he may have lung cancer. The prednisone did not help me much at all. One week later, just before Christmas he took a terrible turn for the worst. He was gasping for air, it was so violent it woke me up from a sound sleep. I took him back to the vet , I really thought he was going to die and I was beside myself. He has lost 10 lbs in less than a week. I thought he might have a fungus infection, which we don't even have in the northeast, but she thought we should treat him for a respiratory infection. She put him on Baytril 2x a day and if he respondid but still had some symptons to add amoxicillain 2 x a day as well. I am happy to say, 1 day into the baytril, he started to sneeze like crazy and mucus started to come out of his nose. Everytime he sneezed I was wiping his nose like he was a little kid. He has been on antibiotics for about 3 weeks or so, and he is so much better and has regained his lost weight. He is on both baytril and amoxicilan. He will probably need 3 months of treatment the vet thinks. Has anyone ever experienced this with their dog? I have researched this on line and there is very little info on anything like this. Winston is much better, but he still sneezes, though no mucus comes out and occasionally coughs.
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Did they test him for worms? Roundworms can cause symptoms like that if severe, and heartworm can as well.

I don't know about the snotty nose though....
Hi Juliet,

I did experience this with Shaggy my previous OES. At the time she suffered from an immune deficiency disorder and developed all sorts of problems, one which was the thick mucus coming out of her nose.

Not sure how much I can assist you with this but can only relate my experience. Ironcially, I just wrote on another post that I recently found out that Shaggy's medical records still existed at the vets office even tho she passed almost 2 years ago in March. Don't worry it wasn't as a result of the nasal infection and she lived until 15 and 1/2.

The vets office will photocopy them for me and I am to pick them up tomorrow so I can have a peek at what was done to refresh my memory. I too was always wiping her nose like a little kids and if the sneezing was particulary a violent one...ewww watch out! When her sneezing started I had to retire her from work as she and I provided Educational Pet Talks and travelled to various schools. I just couldn't have her sneezing that goo all over the kids. Sounds gross and I sympathize with you.

There is some talk about horsetail, the weed, which has horrible seeds that if inhaled will cause nasal problems. In Shaggy's case the vet even suspected a tumor in her nose and told me the following. If it's a tumor in that area it will cost aprox 2,000 dollars for me to confirm it and truthfully I don't want to do that as in that case nothing can be done and you will have spent 2 grand. She then suggested it could even have been something such as grass seed causing irritation in her nose. If I remember correctly, antibiotics seems to help.

I'll get back to you asap when I pick up the records and hopefully will be able to do that tomorrow as it's across town from where I live.

Hang in there and give your girl a hug for me.

Marianne and the boys
Hi Again Juliet,

I haven't had a chance to pick up the records like I had planned but will contact you when I do.

Marianne and the boys
Hi Juliet,

How is Winston doing? I hadn't forgotten about you as I picked up the records yesterday and spent the day going over them. They were 29 pages dated from 1996 to the last entry dated ironically Jan 31, 04. The pages they photocopied for me was only when she was ill, they didn't contain those previous, nor the last entry of her passing on March 2nd.

According to the files it was one of three things that were never verified: Sinusitis, tumor or FB.

The plan for treatment was longer course of antibiotics, meds used were Baytril, SID and 21 d ( I have no recollection of what that was but perhaps you could compare notes with what your vet gave to Winston.) Shaggy's lungs were clear, she didn't cough (at that time) but she would sneeze the thick mucus which we both experienced with our dogs.

It appears that the antibiotics did make a difference and she would be on them every couple weeks. Eventually she was on them for the duration of her life as she continued to have bouts of sneezing off and on.

It also stated that if that didn't clear up the next recommended plan was x-rays of the nasal psgway and scope. This never happened however due to Shaggy's fragile state at the time.

If I find anything of importance that I may have missed I'll post. My thoughts are of you and Winston.

Take Care
Hi Everyone
Good news on Winston. Its his birthday Monday, he will be ten. And he is feeling much better. He started Baytril and amonicillan the 3rd week of december for his sinus infection. He was so sick at this time, he could barely breath and lost 10lbs in 1 week, I thought I was going to loose him. Last weekend was 8 weeks of antiboitics and he was well enough that I took him off the medicine. I am thrilled to say that he is doing really well. No more coughing, some occasional sneezing with just a small amount of mucus discharge from his nose from sneezing. No more wiping his nose with kleenex :clappurple: :clappurple: Needlesss to say his mom (me) is just thrilled.
Wonderful news Juliet!
I am so happy for both you and Winston :D
juliet1920 wrote:
Last weekend was 8 weeks of antibiotics and he was well enough that I took him off the medicine.
first off... YAY! I'm glad he's soooo much better!

I am concerned with this statement though. Did you get an OK from your vet to discontinue the antibiotics?

I am also saddened that the vet gave prednisone. S/he may have been completely right to do it based on the presentation of your dog, but prednisone is an immune system suppressant; I would strongly guess that it made the bacterial infection much worse.
I'm glad to hear Winston is doing better and on his way to wellness!

Ron wrote:
I am also saddened that the vet gave prednisone. S/he may have been completely right to do it based on the presentation of your dog, but prednisone is an immune system suppressant; I would strongly guess that it made the bacterial infection much worse.

I know that prednisone is commonly used to treat pneumonia in dogs in conjuction with antibiotics. I also know that prednisone can weaken the immune system but using the meds for a limited time I think doesn't have much effect. It seems that Winston's infection was severe enough that it called for the predisone based on Juliet's description of symptoms.

I know I'm not canine, but I regularly get nasty sinus infections and my allergist will give me predisone for a couple of days (in conjuction with a full-course of antibiotics) to aid opening up nasal passages. There are also a variety of nasal sprays that are steroid-based (cortisone) as well.
Yes, it's one thing to give it along with the antibiotics, but I'd think it's quite another to give it alone.

Short term, the steroids immediately suppress the immune system, that's why swelling goes down so quickly when using them. Long term use can cause the body to reduce or even stop producing steroids on it's own. That's called steroid dependency when you are dependent upon an outside source of steroids to function properly. That's why all those commercials about steroids say "When stopping or switching, your body's ability to respond to injury or serious illness is reduced" or some such.

Joan is steroid dependent because her body stopped producing steroids due to auto immune disease attacking her adrenal glands. This is called "primary adrenal insufficiency", sometimes called "Addison's Disease". It is very uncommon in people, with only about 3,000 cases in the US. (1 in 100,000 esitmated).

A good site for info on Addison's Disease:
Ron, I'm really sorry to hear that Joan has this disease.
It's not the Addison's that is the worst part; the worst part is the concomitant Type-1 (insulin dependent) diabetes which is also an autoimmune disease - her immune system destroyed her own insulin producing cells in her pancreas.

The two together can be a bit of a hassle to get under control initially. Even after that, during illness Joan must manage her own "steroid response", even to the smallest things you wouldn't consider a difficult thing; a cold, a stiff neck, a sore shoulder, a UTI, emotional stress - all of these can cause the body to require additional steroids.

If the body doesn't get any (or enough) additional steroids, you risk going into "Addisonian Crisis". Addisonian Crisis entails a rapid dangerous drop in blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes low blood sugar all simultaneously and it is an extremely life-threatening situation. If you do give the body extra steroids, the blood sugar rises, too much and the blood sugars and blood pressure can skyrocket. It's always walking a fine line.

We could write a book!
Hi Everyone
Thank you so much for your caring. I really appreciate it.

Ron, I am sorry to hear about Joans illness. I hope that being in the Boston area, that some of the best hospitals in the world have been able to offer some help.

Jo Anne
Sorry Jo Anne,

I didn't mean to hijack your thread, and I'm not saying that your vet did anything wrong.

I guess when I saw what happened, in 20/20 hindsight, I felt that the first course of treatment by the vet caused Winston to get worse.

I'm still concerned about your stopping the antibiotics, and want to triple check with you that the vet said it was ok to do that. Some buggers require a longer course and will ROAR back unless they're all killed off.

Joan and I have a special place in our hearts for dogs named "Winston!"

Hi Juliet,

I'm thrilled to hear that Winston is doing much better. Yeah Winston!!

Ron, I'm sorry about Joan as I hadn't realized she is living with Addisons. I have no doubt you take good care of her.

The best to all of you

Marianne and the boys
I don't have an Old English Sheepdog, but have been searching the net for months and just ran across your story. It sounds a lot like what has been happening with my 11 year-old mutt. And your problems started at about the same time. Katie started coughing in November. We had blood tests, x-rays, and eventually took her to the Univerity of Mn vet clinic. They came up with chronic bronchitis. We tried seveal antibiotics and prednisone - she got worse on pred and ended up with some sort of tracheal infection as she came off it. It also did some weird things to her skin - it got flaky and she started shedding like crazy - At least I think it was from that. He cough sort of started to disappear as spring came, then in May she got a snotty nose. Vet gave her amoxicillin. It got better, but she still would sneeze out a snot wad about once a week. The vet didn't really want to put her back on antibiotics as long as she was eating and feeling ok in general. We took sinus x-rays when she had her teeth cleaned and it showed nothing. (teeth were ok too) She started almost two weeks ago with major snot. We tried baytril - didn't do anything. Then we tried a few days of antihisitmine in case it was allergy-based. That dried her out so bad she couldn't hardly breath through her nose. Today we started cephaxilin (spelling?), so I hope it works.

I was just wondering how Winston is doing and if he has been able to stay off antibiotics. The few cases I have read about on the internet sound like they are recurrent - or they mention cancer. Our last dog had a tumor behind her eye that they thought came from the sinuses originally, so I am still scared we missed something.

Hi Mars,
Winston right now is in one of fhis good stretches. Katies symptoms and Winstons symptoms are so simular. Hi nose will run and hugh gobs of snot will come out when he sneezes. I try to keep a box of kleenex alway handy. Lately he has been okay, nothing has been coming out of his nose. The coughing can be very persistant for days and lately it has stopped.

The week before the fourth of july, Winston became seriiously ill, very suddenly. On Tuesday he was eating and running and playing with Bella, my other sheepie. The next day, wednssday, he was completely lame, stopped drinking water, stopped eating and was panting heavily and none stop. He seemed to be burning up. By the time on Thurday that I got him to the Vets I thought he was going to die. Just to mention prior to this collapse, his coughing and sometimes wheezing had become much worse, I had some amoxicillan at home and had started him on it, maybe 3 days before. The blood tests showed a high white cell count, so he had SOME kind of infection.
We put him back on Baytril and amoxicillan, he takes them together and in a couple of days he was back to himself and the lameness disappeared.

It was determined that he had pneumonia in December, but had started coughing back in October. He was on antibotics for 3 months with that stint of illness. He became sick again in April, not as bad as his July episode, and was back on antibotics again. His condiition seems to be recurrent, and I also keep thinking cancer, but so far it seems to be chronic bronchitis. Was Katie borded in a kennel prior to coming down with this?? Winston was and I just keep wondering??? Keep in touch .

Jo Anne
Hi again,
Katie wasn't exactly boarded, but she had been at the vets for the day to have anal sacs infused with meds. They have very modern failities, with animals separate, but I suppose it still possible she picked up somethign there. It started suddenly with the coughing. I thought it might be her heart, but it is fine. We tried prednisone twice - the University tried her on a higher dose. The coughing got worse and she panted a lot on that. Then shortly after she stopped it she had some sort of infection, I think in the trachea - she couldn't hardly breath, but lungs have always been clear. I didn't have a tracheo/laryngeal scope done, as it cost over 1000. Anyway, it was just the cough until mid-May, then the snot started. She has been on the cephalaxin about 24 hours now - I think it is helping, but may be too soon to tell. I am not sure what we can try next. I hope she doesn't start puking from this. I am trying to keep some food in her stomach. It would be our luck that we found an atibiotic that works and she would puke from it!

What tests have you had done - any scoping? Our vet tried his scope to look up her nose, but it isn't made for that, so he could only see part way. As I said, when she had her teeth cleaned, he also x-rayed the sinuses and they looked ok. Has Winston had any of that done? I am curious as to why they use two antibiotics on Winston. What kind of food does he eat? Katie has been on Eukanuba Senior Plus the last 6 months or so - Science Diet before that. I have wondered about that too. I am hoping I don't have to take her to the U again. It has bad memories from my last dog (she had palliative radiation there). It is also so expensive. She will be 12 about October - we aren't sure - she was a stray dumped on our road (we think) when she was about 9 months old. But if she doesn't get better I may need to. Our regular vet is great and very knowledgeable, but he is sort of at a loss, too.

Thanks for your help. I have looked all over the internet and haven't found much specific about sinus troubles - although the ones I have found all seem persistent.

Hugs to Winston! Sheepies are very cute. We have a border collie besides Katie. My daighter just went off to grad school, so they are my babies.
Winston eats Pro Plan Large Breed for Seniors. He had exrays llast December when he was really sick and his sinus's and lungswere clear of tumors . I think it all stems from his trachea my self. His cough is not a deep cough , but more of clearing his throat. I think he has post nasal drip., he is clearing his throat tonight. I am not going to have the bronchioscope done on him. It is very expensive , in my area Boston, ma it would probably cost at least 2000.00 and I really don't think it will show anything. Just a gut feelling. And even if it did show anything, the chances of survival at his age with chest surgury are not really good. He is 10.5 and he is 100 lbs.

now that you mention it Winston had the cough first for a long time before the snot thing started as well. Winston has been on the same food all his life, just diferrent formulas as he has aged. One thing I have thought of is allergies. Even though Benedry and prednisone did nothing I still think sometimes he may be allergic to dust. I do have alot of dust in my house as I just hate to dust. :oops:

I am so glad to talk to someone who can relate to my dogs illness, though I am sorry for both of our dogs, it is no fun being sick. I hope that Katie's stomach doesn't become upset form the cephalaxin. I know just what that is like. Let me know how katie is doing. Hugs and Kisses.

Jo Anne
Hi ,

I just got back to reading this post and glad to hear Winston is doing well.

I mentioned my Shaggy girl had the same thing the last six years of her life. Some days she'd be really ill and I think our time was limited. When I would make a decision as if she knew what was on my mind , she'd bounce back to her previous self as if saying" hey mom, I'm okay".

Shaggy was diagnosed with Immune Deficiency immune disorder. The nasal discharge could have been as a result but at the time the vet was unsure if it was a tumor or a symtom of her low immune system. Thrombocytopia is the immune system attacking itself and the dog gets other secondary infections as a result, similar to aids or leukemia in some ways, but not quite the same thing.

Shaggy wasn't on antibiotics continually either..just when the mucus became thick. Sounds kinda yucky but you both know what I'm talking about..the sneezing and the running for the kleenex. Antibiotics always seemed to make a difference and helped for a while.

She also had a cough but as she was aging the vet (if I remember correctly) thought it was due to an emerging heart condition or heart murmur. Shaggy had never been boarded anywhere and lived with Merlin age 4 months and Blue age 15. Neither picked up anything from Shaggy and continue to be in good health, so it may not be something Katie or Winston got from ? I'm just speculating at this point as the thick mucus in all three dogs and symptoms all resemble each other in some ways.

I went through her illness for 7years, starting when she was 8 years old. Sometimes during her bad spells I'd think perhaps I was being selfish. Then as you both can relate..she'd bounce right back and always make me glad I wasn't hasty in my decision. She was also on chemo and prednazone which made me question the quality of her life and it was decided to switch her to a healthy diet, natural vitamins and antibiotics. Much better!

Placing her on a diet high in beta carotene veggies and immune booster vitamins really made a huge difference. The vet told me whatever I was doing keep it up and so I did for the last 6 years of her life.

On her last day on age 15 1/2, I just knew and so did she. She lived a long life despite her illness.

Now 2 and 1/2 years later I am still at peace regarding my choice that day. Just like you both,I knew I did everything humanly possible to make her life the best there was and tried all options. I know you both are doing the same. I'm sending good thoughts to Katie and Winston, hang in there as there is always hope. Sounds as if Katie and Winston know they are much loved and I feel that makes a huge difference.

Marianne and the boys
Hi Marianne and Jo Ann,
What were Shaggy's other symptoms and how was it diagnosed?

I don't know. If it is something Katie picked up, it had to be at the vet clinic, unless it is something she could have got outside - we live in out in the country and are surrounded by woods. She just had blood work again in June before her dental cleaning and they said it was "great".

The cephalaxen seems to be working to a point. There is less snot and the color seems to be slackening slowly. She is on it until Sunday. But it does concern me that she she gets so stuffed up that she sometimes can't breathe through her nose - she like whistles. Sometimes if I get her outside she will sneeze a bunch and some mucous will fly out and then she is fine for awhile. Even though she had sinus x-rays and the vet scoped as far as he could with what they had at the clinic and all looked ok, I still worry about a tumor growing. Does Winston get plugged like that?

Other than the snorting/snot, Katie seems to be her normal self. She eats good and goes out and runs about hunting for whatever she hunts for - or mostly pretends to hunt for. She does seem to be panting a bit more - not a lot, but everything worries me. I did read somewhere this med can cause that. Our vet has been out this week - I am supposed to touch base with him tomorrow. I am not sure what next step to take at this point.

Thank you both for your care and concern! I seldom talk to people about my dog problems because they dont' "get it".

Glacier is going through this too. We started Cephalaxin Tuesday. After trying the Benadryl with no avail, we went to the vet. Glacie's temp was 105 and right on cue, she started coughing (hooray!) So let's hope the little Google-dog pulls through quickly and doesn't go thru what other dogs here have had to endure.
Hi Marlene and Marianne
I found the information you gave on Shaggy is new for me. I will definetly have to look for some immune boster vitamins. I have to agree that what Winston has is not contagious, because Bella who is with him 24/7 is fine. Did you find these vitamins on line and food high in beta carotene veggies, I am going to get right on this. If it helps him feel better.

Marlene, Winstons nose has been really stuffed up the last week or so. Losts of sneezing and gobs of mucus flying out. I don't notice him having a hard time breathing, he seems to sneeze and get it all out. Sometimes, at least once a day, he will have snot oozing out of his nose, a teltale sign is when I hear him lapping his nose. The kleenex brigade comes out then.

My gut feeling is that Winston is coming up to another round of antibiotics again. The mucus is getting much more prevolent. and it has been almost 2 months since he was on them.

Marianne, I know shaggy went over rainbow bridge, you gave her the best life , that is what I am doing for my furry kids.

Thanks so much for the info, shis forum is priceless.

Jo Anne

Thanks for the comments.

When Shaggy was on all her meds (chemo,pred..ect) she became a huge bloated version of herself and was unable to make it down the stairs. I had just had her groomed two days before and the groomer allowed her to jump from the table and thus she injured her shoulder. The vet advised me not to have anything done at that time as she was too fragile.

So here was the dilemna I faced..I knew she was depressed, bloated and not enjoying the quality of her life. An accidental nip from another dog and she could bleed to death. I had to carry her down the stairs several times daily (luckily she was a small sheepie) for bathroom breaks.
Visiting the public library I poured over medical books to see if I could do anything. I remember reading Gray's Anatomy and other books. Coming to the conclusion that if it works for cancer patients then why not give it a try ..I had nothing to loose. I took her off her meds.

Beta Caratene veggies..those usually orange or dark green ones contain a lot of vit C and are said to contain cancer fighting agents. Apparently not an old wives tale but chicken soup does contain something that does ease I made her a broth of chicken soup and veggies daily.

Sounds like a lot of work but it really wasn't. I just boiled the chicken, threw in the veggies, such as spinach, sweet potatoes, a bit of broccholi and carrots. Picked the meat off the chicken when it was cooked which only took a few mins as the boiling made it easier . Then waited till it cooled (that's the longest part). Served her chicken with the broth and veggies. She also enjoyed the occasional pasta dinner with tomato sauce. Yup that's right people food for the rest of her life.

I also gave her three natural vitamins which were immune boosters. This you have to be careful with, as a check with a naturalpathic or holistic doctor should be checked. My friend at the time offered me her opinion as to what worked best.

Her blood plalete count soared and returned to normal..a miracle the vet said. Whatever I was doing was working and keep it up. I continued on that diet for 6 years and when the mucus started again I would have her occasionally on antibiotics. While not a health nut myself and a bit of a hypocrite I saw the benefits for her and was sold that a healthy diet and vits were working.

I first recognized Shaggy was becoming larthargic and depressed (we know them so well don't we?) I returned home one day to find her smacking her gums a lot and investigating, saw her mouth was full of blood. Rushing her to the my first speeding ticket in my entire life that day! It was discovered the her plalete count was very low..near death. Told if she survived the next day or two would possibly make the difference, and too bad they didn't have a blood donor lined up.

I did! I had another dog Blue. He gave her a blood transfusion and although it was touch and go for the next four days ..she survived!

So there's her story and as you've had Winston checked out regarding blood panel it probably isn't Immune Deficiency Thrombocytopenia. Yet, the thick mucus (which again may have been a secondary problems that resulted due to her low immune system) sounds similar.

I found a site online which may help you..check this out and the doctors informative answers. Keep scrolling as he answers all types of questions. Who knows he may come up with something. He also discusses other possible conditions which may be similar. ... nd%20Evans

Again best wishes with Katie, Winston and now Glacier

Marianne and the boys
Hi all,
How is Glacier doing? How about Winston? It seems strange there are several dogs with similar symptoms.

Our vet was back in town Friday, so we talked. He said he referred two other (younger) dogs to the U vet clinic and both were diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. He said one of them had some success with nasal steriod drops, but basically they have had to manage it - it doesn't just go away. I tentatively have a appointment for Katie on the 30th at the U, but am not sure what to do about it. The last two nights she has had a lot of snoring/whistling through the nose, keeping me awake. She is still sneezing some snot - but less often. I have been giving her one benedryl a day to try to see if it is allergic - she hasn't had that medication since May. We tried her on another antihistimine, but it was too much for her - made her real dry and too lethargic. I am debating whether to give her the benedryl anymore as it may dry her out to much, but I thought if it was allergic it might stop the cycle. I didn't want to put her back on pred. I may call back tomorrow, depending on what kind of night she has , and see if I can move the appointment up to this week with another dr. I wanted her to see the one she saw in Jan as he is very good and is good with her, as well. But the 30th is my first day of school workshop - I could get out of it, but might not be a good thing. Also, mentally this is driving me crazy - I need to find out what this is. I still hope it will just go away, but I doubt it. I have bad memories at the U as my last border collie was diagnosed with a tumor behind her eye there and given some radiation treatments there - they did a good job, it was just the whole situation. Also, I don't want to spend too much money. My husband is on kidney dialysis, and although still working, I don't know if he will be a lot longer. If they do a scope on Katie it has to be after another consultation appointment, so I have to take her there two days. They suggest leaving her there, but she was abandoned on our road as a pup and she is still afraid of that, even at almost 12 years of age.

Hope you all and pups are doing well. I agree that whatever this is isn't contagious - we have Taz, a 3 year old border collie and she has no signs of sniffles or snot. Did Glacier have any other tests/diagnostics done, or is he just getting started with this?

Marlene :)
Glacier is sneezing more but still coughing....maybe less coughing. Last night Fox started sneezing and I thought I heard a slight cough this a.m. So this CR++ is contagious. Both dogs are over 8 years old which is worrisome. I'm almost willing to start vitamin supplements ....anything help this along. There is doggie cough medicine, but I feel this would mask the problem.

Winston's chronic sinus inflamation and coughing has really excalated again. I just put him back on antibiotics on Monday. His coughing was becoming none stop. I feel so bad for him. I could tell he was not feeling well. But now that he is back on the meds he seems to be much more comfortable. How is Glacier and Katie doing?? They are in my prayers.

Jo Anne
I boobooed, was I giving Glacier just one Cephalaxin every 12 hours and it was two every 12. While on the single pill, there was no change, but after 3 days on the proper dose, the cough started going away. This a.m. was the last and I haven't heard a cough or sneeze in the last 36 hours I've been back home. With the shorter time on the proper doseage, I'm hoping it was enough............................... :phew:
Hey all,
Katie is having a rhinoscopy and CT scan as we speak. She may be done now, but I can't pick her up until 5. I am so scared that it is a tumor. I brought her down yesterday for a consultation exam and had a different dr. than she had before here, as I wanted to get it done before I go back to teaching next week. I had a younger (resident) vet and she started telling me she had a thickened larynx - might be a mass, heart murmur - never diagnosed before and she has been checked a lot, and tender abdomen - could also be a mass, enlarged lymph node...I was about out of my mind. I asked her to consult with the other dr. (more experienced and knows my vet) and it turned out none of those things were a problem. (I could have screamed at this lady!) The older vet said the thickening was normal for a dog her age - not a mass, the heart thing probably wasn't anything (cardiologist also listened), and the tender abdomen was probably because Katie was tense and she grabbed her too quickly. She didn't do it for anyone else. Could explain why the poor dog left a pile of hair behind - nerves. She is usually scared, but I could tell she wasn't comfortable with this lady. The lymph node also was something she misspoke - she said it wasn't enlarged, just large - because of fat cover - but normal. Grr!

Anyway, I am praying it is not a tumor and they can help her. They talked about using a topical (drops or spray) of cephalosporin. But that is down the road depending on what is found. Depending on what they see, they do various biopsies and send it in to check for fungus, etc. She hasn't had any blood, so I am hoping it isn't tumor or fungus. They did say she may sneeze blood 3-5 days after this procedure. My poor girl!

Hugs to and best wishes to all your pups.

Marlene :)
Oh Marlene, I hope it is good news! Poor pup! Hope that vet student sticks to kitties. The bites and scratches will be good for her.

I am so sorry for what all of you and your babies are going through.

I, as a human had similar symptoms, EXCESSIVE coughing, bronchitus and EXTREME sinusitus and post nasal drip, snot and nasal congestion, sneezing, etc. You get the picture. Anyway it took several months and every kind of test and it was asthma. Which I am happy to report I overcame. But after taking prednisone and many, many medications. So I was just thinking maybe they could consider asthma. Bronchitus can turn into asthma. It can also come and go in some instances depending on different factors.

The diet Maryann described is similar to what the vet recommended for Hannah after her recent bout with pancreatitus. Pancreatitus also makes your white cell count go up, but completely different symptoms. Vegetables are a great thing for sure.

Just wanted to take a moment and tell you I'm sorry for what you are all going through I know how stressful it is when your baby is sick.
Hi all,
Thanks for your good wishes! So far so good...They did not find any masses, thank God. The vet said the CT scan shows changes as in allergic rhinitis - so could be a secondary bacterial infection, but none of the antibiotics we have tried so far have worked. They took biopsy samples that won't be back for 7-10 days. There is still a chance it could be a fungus infection or a rarer cancer called neoplasia - where there is no tumor, but diffuse cancer cells. My cat had lymphoma sort of like that - no tumors, but it was there. That isn't likely. She is doing remarably well for what she has been through today. She went with us (Taz our border collie and I) to feed the horses and made one loop with us on our nightly frisbee playing session/walk in the pasture, before leting herself int he house. (She pushes the sliding patio screen door open. Too bad she doesn't close it!) She has sneezed out some blood, but not much. I was told to expect that for several days. In some ways she is actually perkier than she has been - I think because they cleaned a lot of the gunk out of her nose. They aren't giving her any meds until the results are back. They did give her a chinese herb capsule to mix with water squirt up her nose if it starts bleeding! I thought that was different for a vet school.

Again, thanks for all your good wishes. Maybe if we get something figured out for her it will help the rest of your furry babies having snot troubles. Susan, funny you should mention the cat scratching the vet - years ago we took our cat we had at the time to a new vet, as ours was out of town. He was normally very mellow, but he growled and tried to bite this gal. Turned out he was right. He had a rodent ulcer at the time and she wanted to put him on lifetime steroids right away. I refused, took him back to our regular vet when he came back and one course of antibiotics cleared it up and it never came back. They know!

Marlene :)
I hope that the secondary infection is what is causing Katie's problems and that she feels better soon.
Hi Marlene,
Poor katie she went through alot. I really hope she is feeling better. I haven't taken Winston for any tests, but he is doning better now that he is back on the antibiotics.
Hi Again,

I was thinking of you guys recently and of this post. Last week, I was enrolled in a course and overheard a woman in conversation about her dog's recent surgery and couldn't help but ask her some questions.

Turns out her GS had nasal discharge for some time and the vet had difficulty with a diagnosis. It turned out to be a fungal infection in the sinus cavity. Anyhow something to think about as this condition is rare.

Glad to hear your "kids" are doing well!!

Marianne and the boys
Hi all,
Katie finally got her lab results back. No cancer, no fungus - it was diagnosed as a "chronic rhinitis", so basically a chronic cold. They are going to put her on antibiotics (Clavamox) for a month and a topical (nose drops) steroid. The thinking is if the inflamation can be reduced then the infection can be taken care of. This is one option of several. I didn't want to put her pn prednisone again if I didn't have to - the drops shouldn't cause other problems like the systemic stuff.

She is still a "snot factory", but seems like she is a lot more energetic since they cleaned her sinuses out during the rhinoscopy. Hopefully this will work.

Hope you pups are all doing well. Give them all hugs!

Marlene :)
Hi Marlene,

I am glad that Katie has more energy. Poor thing she went thru alot. Winston is still quite sysmptomatic, will sneeze a couple of times a day and some coughing, more like he is trying to clear his throat. He has had this for a year now, but is still happy and has a sparkle in his eyes. I and my fiance are leaving for a weeks vacation and bella and winston are heading to be boraded, of course I am nevous about leaving them, but they'll be in good hands.

Jo Anne
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