Pink vs black around eyes?

I know this isn't the catagory for this, but wasn't sure what catagory to put it under . . . .I was reading in one of my OES books that the outter rim/edges of the eyes should be black on an OES. . . . is this something that comes with age, does the pink turn black as they get older? What does it mean if they stay pink? Is it poor bloodline?
Tae is about 4 mos. old & his rims are pink with some black spotting. Just curious . . . .
I've also read many of the posts about the puppy mouthing/biting & that you should just ignore them. That works great if you can stand up & get your hands/arms away & they get the message, but Tae is a pantleg biter!! How do you ignore that? I've dedicated one pr. of sweatpants to wear when I'm around the house with him & the bottom 5" of both legs are full of holes! Any solutions? He also likes to jump & bite at clothes, especially the kids (8 & 10) & we now have several holes in jackets, shirts, pants, etc. . . . I'm trying to instill in the kids to make him stop, but he's already about as big as them & it's like he knows he can get away with it with them!!
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The pigment starts coming more as they mature. Most puppies have non around there eyes when born, like some may have pink on their noses still and as they grow pigment starts to happen, some slowly others pigment up quicker. So your pup is normal and the pigment is starting to happen with those little black spots starting on him, they will get wider and eventually join up to form an eyeliner look around the eyes. :wink:
Welcome to the forum tammi :)
Beautiful pup, and kids! :)

Most oes that have 2 brown eyes will have pigment around the eyes, but it's rarely full all the way around pigment. It is prefered, but not part of the standard.
If your oes has one or both blue eyes, chances are there will be less pigment around the eyes.
My girl Dancer has two deep brown eyes, and pigment around both eyes, but some pink spots. Sky has one blue eye, and no pigment at all around her eyes. They both come from excellent bloodlines, each dog is different.
A young pup who shows a little bit of black on the rims of the eyes will most likely develop more with age, but not necessarily all the way around. :)

As to the pant leg biting, I would suggest putting the pup in a room gated away from family for a few minutes since it is indeed harder to ignore pant biting. Not too long, the pup will not remember why. A firm no, or yelping like a hurt puppy sometimes works.
Do you use a crate for crate training?
Lily is almost 5 montsh now and when I got her she didnt have pigment around her eyes either except for two spots. They are starting to grow now and filling in the pigment around both eyes. She has two brown eyes so it is possible for them to not have pigment. If the pigment doesn't come up in your pup just make sure that the hair covers their eyes a bit so that the eyes arent constantly exposed to the sun cause they could get a slight sunburn. I wouldnt worry. Im sure it will fill in
jack is almost 2 years and still has some pink. i think the pink is cute. hope you get to keep some too!
Wow, this is something that I never really thought about before. Clyde has 2 brown eyes and has had full pigment around both eyes since he was 3 months old. It looks like perfectly applied eyeliner. I never realized that a lot of dogs didn't "come" that way. See, I'm always learning something on here.
Jasper has one blue eye & one brown eye, but both eyes have full "eyeliner". :) He was already that way when we got him as a puppy - his nose was completely black too. I missed out on all the cute pinkness! lol
Simone has two brown eyes, but only one has dark pigment ring. The other one has remained pink........I call it her little pig eye.
For some reason the heavier the patching ie. eye & ear patches the better the pigment. Brie is heavily pigmented and the white side of her head took longer to join up around that eye, she came with the dark side fully pigmented at 12 weeks old & born with a full black nose. Kelsey has a little eye patch and that came pigmented around that eye when I got her at 8 weeks, took the white side of the head to pigment all the way around the eye when she was about 2.
My previous one was all white headed she took forever and was about 5 when fully pigmented around the eyes. All have brown eyes.
back to pant leg bitting well...

einy was very bad for this when he was little good news he grew out of it when he realsised he could not herd the humans

thats what i think he was doing anyway he would grab hold of your trouser leg or sleave and drag you places. generally to the bottom of the stairs when he was little to be carried up to bed (this was when he was much much smaller and could not manage our polished wood stairs ) now he just takes him self to bed or barks at the stairs until we all go

i'm sure other people have had this happen

zoe and einy
Maggie has 2 brown eyes, but one eye is completely rimmed with black while the other is pink. We call the pink one her 'evil eye' because when you pull her hair back, she looks evil on that side! (like crazy)
Panda has two blue eyes with the black "eyeliner" around them....a little pink on the inside corners...she has been that way since she was a tiny pup.
Welcome to the group! :D

We had a sheepie-mix before we got our 4 full-sheepies and she had the full black eye liner around both blue eyes-

Our two 2 year old sheepie-sisters both have brown eyes and only partial eye liner. Emma seems to be getting more black around her eyes.

Kaytee is just over 1 year old and is a half-sister to Emma and Darby. She has one blue eye and the other is non-functioning because it didn't form properly so I don't know what color it would have been. (Don't be shocked... she also has a cleft palate/hare lip with a nose deformity.) She has full eye liner around both eyes. ... ippers.jpg

Panda (just over 1 year old), our recent adoption, has brown eyes with full eye-liner around one eye and 3/4 around the other.

I must say that when I was first searching for our first sheepie-pup after we had to put our sheepie-mix to sleep due to kidney tumors 2 years ago, I DEMANDED a sheepie with blue eyes and expected the full eye liner. 8O This is the point where everyone is going to say "ARE YOU NUTS OR WHAT?! YES! <sigh> I was very ignorant about the breed. I didn't know that there are greedy people out there that breed first and foremost for the blue eyes/white head despite a higher possibility of deafness in the offspring or those that may use less than perfect breeding stock to achieve this result. It took a bit of getting used to for me because for 11 years I had seen my sheepie with full eye-liner. After a while, you won't notice the difference.

I guess that's the long version of, your sheepie is perefectly perfect the way he is. :D
Winston has brown eyes. He has black and some pink around his eyes.
Also his nose took a long time to turn black and he still has some pink on both sides of his nose and he is now 14 months old.
As far as the biting the pant legs, Winston used to do that a lot. He ripped plenty of shirts and pants when he was little. That seems to be a puppy thing and your dog will probably get over it eventually. Just try to discourage it and say NO. Also with your children, don't let them lie down on the floor with the puppy. If you get down on the puppies level he will think you are one of the herd and will play attack.
My girl Paige has blue eyes and both have partial pigment and pink. I love the pinkness, I think it just makes her more beautiful!

As for the pants biting, Paige never did this, but she was naughty a lot. She doesn't like loud noises, so whenever she did something wrong, I'd say "no" in a loud voice and clap my hands together. This especially worked well when potty training and I'd catch her in the act...

Good luck!
Thanks to all of you for your replies! I forgot to mention that Tae has one blue eye & one dark eye (I say dark because I think it's brown & my husband says it's dark jade green!). I'm glad to hear that the "pinkness" is a normal thing, more than likely he will get the full pigmentation as he gets older. And, I guess I don't have to be concerned about the black spots either!
He does still have one tiny spot of pink left on his nose.
I need to add some new pics of him & change our avatar . . . . he's a lot bigger bundle of joy now! Hardly remember him being that small! I love when I sit on the floor with him & he trys to get his "wholeself" in my lap (I do have a big one, but not quite that big!)
I hope he grows out of the pant biting stage . . . .we do use the sterness of the "yiping" & "ouch" & other things mentioned here, but a lot of times I think he thinks we're playing & just gets all the more aggressive at it (this always usually occurs when we are outside just beginning our walk, he usually stops when he realizes we are going for a walk, may continue briefly & sometimes starts in again when we get close to home, like he's ready to quit walking!)
Anyway, he's still such a joy to have & be around. I did a lot of reading & gained a lot of information about the OES both in books & from this site before we got him. I love the "people attachment" that they have!
Bosley is 9 months old and has 2 brown eyes, and the black eyeliner all around his eyes, and a black nose. I never noticed if the rim was ever pink, but his nose was and changed to black in the first few months.
Not to steal the topic, but who's 2 yr old or older still has pink pads? Panda does :D
Kelsey has a mixture of pink and blobs of black on her pads, bries are all black. What about the toenails. Kels has 2 black & two pink on each foot, brie has all but 2 black now, and I hate cutting the black ones, it is a guessing games how far down to cut the nail on those black ones. 8O
Clyde has one black toenail on each front paw. His paws are all white except for the tiniest pinch of gray hair (that you almost have to search for) right by the dark toenail. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Ollie is nearly 7 months old and has a black patch over one eye, but his pink eye is nearly black all the way round, I can tell when he's tired as his little pinky eye goes a slightly red - ahhh bless him.

As for the biting, well, a quick short sharpe ah ah does the trick, need to do this a few times, but praise him immediately after, you have one second to tell him off then one second to praise him - don't let him do it for a few seconds, stop him immediately - Ollie still tries to go for the ankles, but thats his way of saying hey mum i want to play.

Good luck
Well............. :)

Mynie's nose is SLOWLY turning pink -- we joke about taking her to the tatoo artist, but of course will never do that!!! Right now she has a huge black spot in the middle of her nose that looks like she ran into a permanent pen! Her's was caused from poor nutrition as a baby before I got her, now that she's been healthy, more and more pigment is appearing.

She has a couple of black spots on her pads, and my old sheepie Kelsey had no black on her feet, except for one that showed up after a surgery!
Our Maggie has one black eye and one pink eye - she is black on one side of her face (black hair and eye) and the ohter side is white and her eye has no pigment - just one of her characteristics I guess but also from a great line of dogs.
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