keeping white hair white.

My 8yr old adopted OES, Millie likes to lick her paw and the hair around her mouth turns pink or brown from that. What can I use to get her white hair white again?
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Firstly welcome to the forum and I hope you register, just read that you have only just rescued millie not long ago, so we would all love to hear more of your new rescue girl. There is a lot of wonderful people here that will be able to help you with any queries reagarding your new family addition. :D

It's very hard to keep the area white until millie stops constantly licking the paw. Sometimes paw licking is associated with an allergy or just a bad habit they get into which can be hard to break. You can try putting a sock on her so she can't get to her paw and suck. Break the paw habit then you have a chance at getting her mouth & paw area white.

There is a lot of good whitening, stain removing products on the market to help gradually fade the stain. Most don't work on the first go, but after several uses they will fade the pinky brown staining.

Non will be worth trying unless you get the paw licking under control.

A good product is #1 All Systems Super Whitening Gel (stain remover). This is gently rubbed into the area, left on for about 10 minutes then shampooed off. Takes a few goes, over a period of time, but gradually fades away the stain. You do have to condition after shampooing off this product as it does tend to dry out the coat a little.

Hope this helps a bit, and if you go to a good pet supply place there is a few good products to help with staining on the whites. :wink:
I hate to sound like a huge downer, but fighting the white fight is usually a losing battle! Some OES stain pretty easily and others not so much. I've found it's much more effective to try to change the behavior that might be causing the staining than cleaning the stain itself! Clyde used to drool on his paws when he was anxious but once we worked on making him less anxious, the drooling stopped and the staining subsided. I tried a few things to try to whiten him up in the meantime but, as we're not showing, it seemed like an awful lot of work and annoyance to him to try to get the stain out.
laurao wrote:
My 8yr old adopted OES, Millie likes to lick her paw and the hair around her mouth turns pink or brown from that. What can I use to get her white hair white again?

wait 2 weeks, cut off the fur where it's pink. that's how i deal with jack's pink spots.

this also sometimes takes away an itchy mat which may be why s/he was licking it to begin with.

--lazy man's method, don't listen to me.
This is definitely the lazy way out - since Bailey is a house pet and not a show dog, we keep his beard trimmed fairly short. It's much easier to clean him up after a session of digging in the garden this way :roll: and has helped with the "wet face in your lap" issue. Not the classic sheepie look, but it works for us.
I've found it's much more effective to try to change the behavior that might be causing the staining than cleaning the stain itself!

I agree. One of my girls has bad allergies and I give her weekly shots. She had licked and chewed her feet and legs so much they turned pink/brown- (sheepie on far right)
The allergies are now under control and the fur is growing out so I should be able to shave off most of it in a couple of months during her next puppycut.

Another sheepie-girl has separation anxiety and was a slobber monster when she arrived. Her beard was terribly stained.
We had eliminated a lot of the stress so the slobbering decreased. Her beard in now coming in white and all I use is dog shampoo and human conditioner.

I considered a whitening product but heard they can make the hair brittle... possibly more prone to staining. Anyone have any info on whitening products that they can share?
Jaclin the All systems gel I posted above is excellant. Brie last year when after her heat was going through aniexty and sucked her paw red raw and stained her beard and paw real bad. A friend put me onto this and it brought it all back to white. Not as harsh as some of the whitening products around and did not make the hair brittle.

Here is an extract from the back of the tub that it comes in

"1 All Systems Super Whitening Gel will not only safely and effectively remove stains caused by excessive tearing, saliva, urine and food but condition and strengthen the hair making it more resistant to staining in the future"

I have had no problems with this product and it is safe and non toxic!
Your sheepies are sooo gorgeous! :D
Maybe my Darby-Jane & Panda can have white fur sooner!
Thanks for the info!
I had a wonderful groomer here locally help me with my first complete groom on my sheepie. Her beard gets so stained because she won't stay out of anything, and i mean I asked the lady what i could do to get it clean and her answer was simple - GINGER ALE; mist it on, brush it through, let it dry and before you know it - it's white again and it doesn't take long. I am so excited I had to share......i can't believe the money i spent on whitener and all i needed was a 2$ bottle of ginger ale that will last for a long time.....and she said a drop of lemon juice in her water daily will help keep it white.
Wouldn't the sugar in the ginger ale leave the beard sticky?
bestdogsx4 wrote:
Wouldn't the sugar in the ginger ale leave the beard sticky?

That's what I was thinking, too. Not only that, I can't imagine then not trying to lick it all off and getting the beard even gooier!
This might sound weird, but I read somewhere on the forum, that the staining is caused by the acid in their stomachs coming out in their saliva, so to give them 3 Tums a day, at separate intervals, to lower the acidity in their tummies (we give her one at breakfast, lunch and dinner).

We tried it, and it works! It doesn't treat the stains, but it prevents them from coming back so strong. So we gave her Tums for a day or two, then snipped her stained fur off, and continue to give her the Tums. Usually we only remember to give her 2 a day, but it still really helps. Didn't realize how much, until we ran out of Tums and she got all stained again. She loves them, it's not like giving meds, she'll eat them willingly (the flavored kind, haven't tried plain yet). We gave her the lowest dose they have, the 500 mg kind I think. We actually just leave the bottle in her food bag so we won't forget to give them to her.
lol :lol:, I just changed my avatar photo, and I now see that after I give advice on preventing stains around the mouth, that my new avatar is a picture of Sunny with stains on her mouth- from before we started giving her the Tums! Hahaha, it works, just don't take my photo as proof! :lol:
FYI we were giving Marleytums for an eye stain and she developed a yeast infection on hr skin (minor one) and ears. Just be on the lookout for changes.
huh, weird, I wonder how its all connected, it must be something about the extra calcium. How did you know she had a yeast infection on her skin with so much fur? (Just want to know what to look for.)
actually I think it has to do with lowering the ph is what stops the stains.

She was in a shorter coat, started scratching and I noticed an odor.
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