Good golly, I hope I'm early! (baby topic)

Some of this is GRAPHIC

So I went to the doctors today (routine appt) and complained about the horrible night I had. I was in so much pain that I wanted to go to the hospital but didn't because I didn't think I was having contractions. It was mostly lower back pain and just "pressure." I won't go further into that due to the men who might be reading. :lol:

When she did the exam, she said the baby was very very low and she could easily feel his head, and that last night I had to be having contractions.

I am 2 centimeters dialated and 50% effaced. 36wks 3days

She said most first time mom's aren't dilated AND effaced "just yet" and if they are... they're just one or the other (though some are both). She also found some blood when she did the exam (another sign of it getting close). She said she wouldn't be surprised if I went into labor TONIGHT.

With my luck, I'll be like the many mom's who stay this way until 40 wks. I have terrible luck. ;)

We know too many girls where we are who were early (due in Jan), so it makes me feel my odds are slimming down. Either way, the nurse doubts I'll be over 40 wks. Who knows. I'm all pumped now just thinking about seeing him soon!!! :D
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Good luck with everything, such an exciting time, you might have a very very special christmas gift early, a new little addition for your family :D
36 wks 3 days is far enough along that there shouldn't be any concerns, but the longer he stays in there the better for him, so try to relax and take it very very easy for a bit! The temptation to get things moving along is understandable, but every day he stays in there the more developed his lungs etc will be.
If he is insistent on meeting his mom and dad before xmas, then so be it! LOL I'm so excited for you!!! I can't wait to "meet" your little one too :)

I was one of those people who was told any day now for over a
Then the docs were insisting I couldn't possibly be in labor with the second, they didn't believe me until he was almost out and I told them there was no more waiting! He was about 3 weeks early, and ohhh so tiny! He's still always in a rush though :roll:
^^ You sound like both my mom's (mom+MIL) :D

They KEEEEEEEEEP having to tell me not to be too anxious and it's good for him to stay inside a little longer. Baghhhhh.. that's so hard to tell myself! I'm miserable.

I'm not expecting anything "tonight" or in the next week or so, but I'd be THRILLED if he came 1 or 2 weeks early!

I think it's really hitting Mr. Joah now. He's not one to show emotions or get excited when things are happening but he keeps calling me (from work) to ask how I am. I have to admit that I'm sucking it all up (makes me feel pretty darn good to have him call so much). :D :oops:
Hmmm, lower back pain, pressure and pain, sounds like labor starting to me! The day before I had my first, that is exactly how i felt.
So exciting!
Keep us posted.
I know it is better to let 'em bake a little longer, but I also know that what
you are feeling probably won't get better until it gets worse!
I know how anxious you are - ain't it great! If you do go tonight - or tomorrow - or soon, everything will be fine!
Good luck!

as they say they will arrive when they are ready and not before but i can understand how you feel at this moment well good luck and keep us posted :D :D :D :D

Keep us posted, what an exciting time. But I too hope the peanut can bake a little longer.
Hang on Mrs. J! But truth be told, my son was two weeks early and at 9 years he is almost as tall as I am (ok, I'm short :lol: ). Just enjoy every moment of it.
Thanks everyone. It won't be tonight, but this definitely gives me hope that it will be soon! I guess I should pack my hospital bag. ;)
You know I'm going to be checking this every five minutes now right?! :lol:

Well, the excitement has gone down a little for me because another girl wrote that she was dilated (3cm) and effaced (80%) for 4 wks and is still carrying her bundle. She was due Dec 4th. /sigh

I'm still bleeding though. Here's hoping for "some time soon."

We're doing our best to increase our odds at home. spicy foods, walking, and um... ........other things. :)
lol joaheyo...I myself am working towards dec 30th (my 36 wk mark) though a couple people said i will probally only make it to the 27th and my mom keeps saying my little girl will be here before christmas. So much for being due in January!

My back has been killing me, bedrest stinks (it's been 3 wks now), Saturday was awful with various pains (sometimes so bad I cried), and anytime I get up to move around there is amazing pressure down there, not to mention nightly contractions and/or constant tight belly. I have my fourth u/s and dr appt Thursday where I plan to take my bag just in case they send me to the hospital. My ride will probally laugh at me, but I am hoping that taking my bag will actually allow me to come home. The only thing I don't have yet is any bleeding that I have seen...though who knows with this fibroid tumor I am dealing with. At least on Friday I can say I am 34 wks which 3 wks ago I didn't think I would see!

But hang in there and if you are ready (which I am sure you are) and it sounds like the little man is as well, do what you can. I think 36 wks is good but on the other hand every additional day he is in the better.
I have nothing to add but offer my support and well wishes.

Believe me, when you see your little one for the first time..all the pain and aches that proceeded him and her are all forgotten in the first five minutes.

Good luck and I'll be thinking of you.

Marianne and the boys

Oh names....what names have you thought of so far?
My first was over 2 weeks early, weighed 9 lbs and healthy as a horse. I'm rooting for EARLY!!!
Best of luck to you! The baby knows when the right time to come out is. :) .
Hang in there, Leann! I think for lung development, the magic number is 37 weeks. At least it was 19 years ago when my daughter was born.

Baby Jordan will be here before you know it! Can't wait to see pictures!

Ooooooooo!! This is so exciting!! I can't wait to "meet" Jordan, too!! :D
Woohoo...just relax (yeah, right!)...
Well 1st baby does always mean long labor....

w/ my 1st,I had NO pain any where,I just felt a little "funny",when i got too the hosp. and was exaimed I was 5 cm,and 60% efac.,the nurses was just shocked saying "usually" this far along in labor the mother is in extreme pain,and ready for drugs.So up i went and walked around for about an hr.,came back too be checked i was 7cm 8O ,ok so now I was freaking out for 9mths all I ever heard was MAN!!this is going too hurt like Hades!!I was still in NO pain,none,nadda,the Dr. finally came in and couldnt beleave it either,so the Dr. says ok 1more time around walking and I bet this baby is born.Being 17 w/ no knowledge on childbirth i was freaked at the thought of a baby coming out of where?? 8O So as I walk the hallways w/ the father he looks white as can be BTW!!LOL!!I finally feel some pain,like cramps,I really didnt think Id make it back too my room,but I did THANK goodness!!The dr checks me I was 10cm,and the baby is right there 8O .It was 9:15pm,and by 9:35pm my 1st baby girl was born at 8lbs 2oz.My dr gave me an apeasiotomy...*sp??(cutting down low)OUCH!
So Leanne anything can happen the Dr said it went so smooth cuz of the great shape I was in,my 2nd baby went the same way EXCEPT the delivery was by emergency c-section,labor was same tho.
Your baby will let you know when she is ready,my last baby was early at 35weeks,breeched the WHOLE ime in utero,and little did we know what a unique child she really was!! :lol:
So eat some spicey foods,and get Mr.Sexy bum to help throw you int labor :wink:
I wish you all the luck and dont worry!!!Everything will be alright!!
I say try to hold off and have the first baby of the New Year . In my area they always put in an article and pictures of the first New Years babies born at each area hospital in the newspaper. Its like a contest and they have prizes. I'd be in a hurry to have him to I bet your so excited. :D
Yeah! That's IT! Be the first baby of the year, name your child

Oes Org Joahaeyo !

Be sure to put in the shameless plugs!
:roll: Ron!!! :lol: Oh my goodness Jo, I'm so, so, so excited for you!!! Hope you're feeling well today! I'm not gonna give you any advice about delivery, waiting etc. (don't have any- that can be your job when I get pregnant) But stay warm, and WATCH THE WEATHER REPORT... My sister was born in the middle of a snow storm (in the hospital, not at home)! Have a foul weather delivery plan :)

Karen :)

Can't wait, can't wait!!! Can you plus ask Mr. Jo to take a camera with him, so we can get pictures???

I always throw in a shameless plug when we see sheepdogs here (a lot here compared to where we came from). :D

Well, my mucous plug broke last night (85% sure). I'm hearing that means jack too and that many women can still go WEEKS until they delivery. ...still one more step closer!

Iriskmj, if it won't be the snow blocking us from the hospital, I'm sure they'll be a line of moose sleeping on the highway when we go. :lol:
Can you plus ask Mr. Jo to take a camera with him, so we can get pictures???

of the delivery?

j/k :lol:
Another girl friend had her baby last night. 9lbs 12oz. I pray that's not me!
Getting closer all the time, Jo!! :D

9Lbs 12 oz?? Oh my!! 8O
and to think my concern is waiting for a mile long + train to go by so I can get across the tracks and on my way to the!
My MIL heard on the news last night that ....not including all of the soldiers who got stationed somewhere else after they returned from Iraq (w/my husband and at Ft. Hood TX) ....they have 412 people expecting a baby this month alone at that one base. I guess that's what happens when your husband leaves for 13 months!
BP, well getting to the hospital would be my biggest concern. I totally understand your worries and am glad that our hospital is close. Even in a terrible storm, I'm sure I'd make it there in less than an hour.
most definitely...i always thought it was funny growing up how there would be a deployment and right before/after there was lots of pregnant women walking around, especially around desert storm deployments.
You know the one baby that I (myself) delivered on ambulance was to a lady and her husband that were stuck in the snow trying to get to the hospital. They had pulled over to the side of the road and then an accident happened right behind them. While the rest of the crew went to check on the wreck I was sent to check on this other car. The husband grabbed me by my jacket and threw me at his wife and in about a minute and a half, there he was. The rest of the crew was cranky that I got the exciting part of that call!

So, don't talk about bad weather and not getting to the hospital, you'll jinx yourself!

Remember that Oprah did that baby shower for all those military women/wives. All at the same base, all at the same time. It looks like a wide ranging phenomenenon. 8O
That's amazing that you helped! I'm not sure I could handle seeing stuff like that. :lol:
I had 4 kids....all had to be induced....I'd get to the hospital and say "Ok I'll have my epidural now" :lol: First baby was 8lbs 12 oz, last baby was 9 lbs 14 oz and he was 2 weeks early.
Don't sweat it Leanne, everything will be fine. Heck I am the biggest chicken going...if it was that bad for sure I wouldnt have 4 kids!
I remember those final couple of weeks when I was pregnant with Ryan.
I lost my mucous plug weeks earlier. I had some bleeding but was told that the baby probably was scratching his nails on me... Ouch! I was doing every thing to try to induce labor, bumpy car ride, walking, running up the stairs, castrol oil YUCK! and of course sex. Nothing worked. My back hurt so bad I just couldn't handle being pregnant anymore....and the peeing every two seconds. :roll:
When I saw the Dr she said I was 2 centimeters dilated and could go at any time. This was at 38 1/2 weeks. She was kidding around with me and said that she would be on call that evening. It was the last episode of Seinfeld. They were showing flashbacks before the episode started. It was 8:45 pm and I carried laundry upstairs so I could put it away before the show started. I felt and I think heard a pop. I went into the bathroom and realized my water broke. There was no big gush, just trickling. I called the Dr and she thought I was kidding.
I went to the hospital which was 45 minutes away, where they gave me pictocin to help the labor progress. 8 hrs later Ryan was born.
Good Luck Leanne
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