Are cranberries safe for dogs?

I know that your not supposed to feed your dog raisins but are cranberries safe. Both are dried fruit.Would they have the same chemical in. I make cranberry orange biscotti around Christmas and the dogs love it too. Last year i just fed them bites without the cranberries. Cranberries are supposed to be really good for you. Just wondering if anyone knows?
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Hmmm....just checked the label on the Wellness Dog food and noticed that the ingredients included cranberries.

Also, our holistic veterinarian had me feeding one of our cats cranberry powder (in a gelatin capsule since the cat would not take it directly) to help with a urinary tract infection.

Given that, I would assume that cranberries are not bad for dogs. Hope they enjoy those goodies.

Jennifer, Baxter, Cassiopia and Sharkey
it's not the dried factor for some reason grapes and raisins are not good for dogs so dried cranberries should be fine.
Cranberries are fine. Many people give cranberry as a supplement.
They are not necessarily dried either btw...

Cranberries or even better yet, Blueberries, are the top 5 foods containing antioxcidents which are the bodies cancer fighting agents . Recent studies have shown (according to last months Readers Digest) and other news sources, that eating a handfull of blueberries before test increased scores up to 20%! Hey they must make people smarter too! LOL Actually the blueberry causes natural alertness in people and prevents cancers. Cranberry juice is what is used to prevent urinary tract infections in people.

Cranberries are very high in vitamin C. I give them daily to my bunny and guinea pig (craisins) the dried version. Guinea pigs lack the necessary Vit C and so with these little critters it's recommended you add the supplement to their water. Since it shares water with the bunny, I just feed them craisins and both are very healthy. Blue, Merlin, Panda sometimes will get a few. (A bit off topic but I also belong to Small Animal Rescue and they highly recommend giving cranberries to bunnies and GP's.)

Blueberries are added to Solid Gold Dog Food and so are cranberries in some other holistic type dog foods. I also give carrots daily to munch on instead to my boys. They think they are the best treat in the world! For a dog that isn't used to them I'd suggest placing a little gravy on them the first few times. Easier in my household as if one likes something the others think it must be a pretty good treat and will want it too! :D

Marianne and the boys
Cranberries should not be bad for the dogs. The reason raisins are no good for dogs isn't because they're a dried fruit it is because grapes are bad for dogs; raisins are dried grapes. Grapes have an adverse affect on the dogs organs (live and/or kidneys) causing them to shut down.
I think Cranberries are toxic to dogs, my dog ate a craberry muffin, and an hour later, began to vomit, then had diahhrea and was lethargic, the same symptoms as ingesting grapes and/or raisens.
kdog wrote:
I think Cranberries are toxic to dogs, my dog ate a craberry muffin, and an hour later, began to vomit, then had diahhrea and was lethargic, the same symptoms as ingesting grapes and/or raisens.

Or the reaction could've been to other ingredients in the muffin-- wheat, dairy or eggs. Or something he ate before the muffin.

Ironically the day after this was posted I visited an event held in my city and LO and Behold!!! New food products on the market..holistic and what did they contain...blueberries and cranberries.

My boys loved the food and even tho is was a new product for them, I didn't see any side effects from any of my three. Merlin is always the one with the sensitive tummy but saw no reaction to him either.

in the RIGHT dose they are good for dogs to prevent cancer. But you can also make your dog sick if you give to much. Please read on the info and how to dose. Also when you give cranberries, make sure they are unsweetenend. I get frozen organic in whole foods and add to our dogs food.
It's the skin on the grapes and raisins that are toxic to dogs.
I was giving my dog cranberry supplements and one vet said it could change his numbers giving the opposite affect we wanted. His partner vet said they are toxic to dogs. I discontinued them.
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