rolling h farm

i was wondering if anyone else got their oes from rolling h farm, they breed white german shepards and oes in tennesse. i got walter from there this summer and we have had so many problems with them that i am thinking of suing.
so i just wanted to warn people that i think they are a shady organization who refuses to fess up for mistakes that they made.
ive had so many problems i dont know where to begin:

1. when i started to inquire about their puppies i made it abundantly clear that i wanted a puppy at the youngest age possible. for them this was 8 weeks, but at the time their youngest pups were 10 weeks. after being reassured that my pup wouldnt be too big i said ok. i picked out a pup via pictures (something i now know wasnt the best idea) and got him about 2 weeks later. but when i brought him home he was almost 30 lbs! i couldnt believe it so when i looked at his birth certificate and found out he was 3.5 months old i was furious. when we emailed them to tell them that we were slightly disappointed with this they were incredibly rude and didnt take fault instead they just said there was a miscommunication within their offices. everyone tells me that its my fault for accepting the puppy, but after a dog i had my heart sent on got sent here by plane from tenesse im not going to just send him back on the plane!!

2. he came with ticks. i had to pay for tick medicine. thats fine i understand it can happen anywhere, but it still sucked that i wasnt informed.

3. the day before he was to come the lady called me to tell me that walter had a herniated umbilical cord. i sort of freaked out because at the time she just said 'your dog has a hernia, its nothing to worry about'. so i called their vet and he told me it was just like an outie belly button and its no problem for a dog im not going to show. but when i took him to my vet he said that it was absolutely imperative that walter had his hernia removed. it wasnt serious but if he didnt get it fixed he could have serious problems later. so heres more money in vet bills that i dont think i should have to pay!

4. because i didnt get walter as soon as possible he went through a lot of socialization at the farm he was bred at. when we got him he already had signs of food aggression, he would cry at and whine around his foodbowl and was a little protective over it. because they didnt make this clear to me i had no idea, so i tried to correct it on my own by sticking my hand in his foodbowl and trying to make him more comfortable. of course that didnt work and ive now spent more than 1000 on training.. not to mention all the stress and physical pain. his aggressiveness is either a sign of early socialization problems (i dont completely exclude myself from the fault but it definitely wasnt all my fault) or it was a result of genetics. either of which the breeders are responsible for.

5. since i got the dog they have not been receptive to my attempts at communication at all. ive called them many times and written emails to try and ask them about walters behavior problems and to tell them about the problems ive had. the one time i got a lady on the phone she told me her husband would look into it and call me back. of course i got no call back and the machien every time ic alled.
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I know you mention you had Lil-Walty sent by plane...but just a thought?
do you have anyone or know of anyone in their area that could go check them?maybe the OES-List can help you with this.
Hope every thing turns good in the end.
Three years ago I contacted the owner and her brother about getting a six-week old white German shepherd. I paid a good deal of money for it, and I paid an extra two-hundred dollars to have her bring it to me. (I don't like to drive long distances.) They brought the puppy..which had diarrhea. It wa only five pounds..but rather big, as well. She had no papers from AKC...I paid her in cash since she sounded so nice. After taking my puppy to the vet, I found out he had severe cocydia!!! He had to take medication ($$$) for two months...Then a short time later, I noticed his fur was falling off. To the vet again I went...My puppy had demodectic mange!!! The vet said that perhaps the breeder were first-timers...he said the puppy inherited from her mother, and that she should NOT have been bred!!!! The dipping went on for six weeks ($$$$). I tried to contact the woman, but she'd create static and then hang up. When I got the papers (I won't go into all that) was noted that my puppy was 9 weeks old, not six!!!! And so for that age, she was very skinny. Did they starve her to make her look younger? The are definitely con-artists, and I wrote a letter to the Chamber of Commerce of Bolivar, TN. The good thing, however, was that my puppy is now a healthy , large, beautiful thanks to her. I think the AKC should know about this, but perhaps they couldn't do anything either.
Just as a note to anyone reading this in the future: you should NEVER get any dog from any breeder before 8 weeks. It's just too soon. The puppies need that time with their littermates to learn to socialize. If someone offers you a puppy earlier than that, they probably don't know what they're doing and you'd be best finding a different breeder.
I was in Ohio this week and noticed an ad that somebody was
looking for small breed puppies.
In the ad it stated they wanted them at 3 weeks!
SICK< SICK< SICK!!! :evil:

On the subject though, I have never heard of Rolling H
but, I have heard of a few "Rolling" kennels with different
letters in NC that are horrid.
This breeder does have a health guarentee on their pups, so I am surprised they didn't either pay the vet bills or take the pup back.
Seems to me a lot of millers or unscrupulous breeders will say whatever's handy. I love this board as a means of checking out somebody's real world rep.

Besides, cash in hand, the pup far far away...
reckon it's a running joke with them.

Due diligence!! EVEN if you're absolutely dying for a pup.
As someone pointed out to me,
check it our or have it checked out for you;
once you have a puppy in your hand, you're a goner :?
and they count on it.

May all of our dreams come true.

USDA reports are available for licensed operations,
puppy mill activism sites often have links to articles,
links to other boards and news feeds.
Ferret it out.
Well they arent members of OESCA..............
and WHite German Shephards are not recognized by the AKC.....

does this give you any clues/heads up on what type of breeders these are?
I make no apologies if I offend, but Oh my god how can anyone just pick a puppy from a picture a nd have said pup shipped to you :( where is the interaction with you and pup, not to mention meeting the breeders and checking them out.

Im sorry but you are responsible for being in this predicament not to mention the poor pup.

Debs :roll:
Debs, in a country so small as yours that is reasonable. However the USA that is a laugh.
I think nothing of driving 18 hours to go to a show.... that would be to the top and back of the UK. I know I've done it!

However that being said, i have shipped pups, one to sheepieshake right here on this forum w/out have actually 'met' her in person. But believe me, I KNEW here before she was ever getting a pup from my home!

I understand what you are saying, that said if a pup I wanted was too far i.e. plane ride away I would either look nearer to home, OR make the said journey to see for myself what I was purchasing :?

Just my opinion though 8O

Dollysmum wrote:
I understand what you are saying, that said if a pup I wanted was too far i.e. plane ride away I would either look nearer to home, OR make the said journey to see for myself what I was purchasing :?

Just my opinion though 8O


In many cases, the reason someone would purchase a pup sight unseen is because of that breeder's reputation. If you know that the breeder produces quality dogs, does the proper genetic testing and shows his or her dogs, you can feel confident that you'll get a quality pup and the breeder would back up any health issues that the pup might have. When you're buying from a reputable breeder, you usually have an idea of the type of dogs that breeder has so you kind of know what you're buying.
Yes, us too. I had never seen Chewie until we went to pick him up.

I had seen relatives, pedigrees, health info (this is Kristine, remember! :D ), pictures, exchanged phone and email conversations before this though.
I'm sorry to hear you've had so many problems with your dog from Rolling H Farm.

Six yrs ago my husband and I bought a white shepard from them chosen from a photo. When she came home to us she didn't seem to know how to drink water from a bowl and keep it in her mouth. I believed then, and still do, that she had been sent to us too young and this was a symptom of it. A few months later she developed a knee problem we found out was arthritis, and also has dysplasia in one hip our vet said was most likely caused by her favoring her bad knee.

We never got in touch with them because we were already in love with her and knew if sent back to them they would put her down. Today Snowball is a happy, healthy 6 yr. old with good mobility despite her arthritis.

I hope your dog gets well quickly.
Sorry you also had a negative experience. My baby is turning 6 in a week, so it looks like we got our dogs around the same time.

I contacted them several times to let them know that we were having these problems, and as a result (I'm sure others complained as well), they don't breed sheepdogs anymore.

How old was your puppy when you got her? Did they give you a 2 year health guarantee? I know we got one with Walter, but I don't remember exactly the terms as he was perfectly healthy just a maniac :roll:
When I was going to purchase my first oes (17yrs ago) I saw an ad in dog world for ch sired Oes from Rolling H farm .I remember the ad from so long ago because it stated ,"You to can make money from breeding old english sheepdogs and white german shepards". I was alarmed and on closer look of the ad the owner boasted about famous kennels that where behind all his dogs but the names of these kennels were all spelled wrong (on purpose). Years later I remember the president of the oesca complaining to the editor of the mag and to have the ad stopped and warning about a puppy mill situation. This guy has been breeding bad dogs and mis representing himself for 30 Plus years.
I was so surprised to see the content of this thread! I bought an Old English Sheepdog puppy from Glen Hilliard of Rolling H, and have been very very happy for 13 years now. My little one arrived healthy, on time, and the sweetest most affable disposition I have seen in 30 years of dog ownership and 3 OES.
He's STILL breeding unhealthy /bad tempermented dogs and using the names of other big old tyme breeders in his ad's. But if you will look at those names very very closely they are all misspelled.......

He also has a partner up in Canada that will call and he gets to buy pups from people from. They then get put into their 'so caled breeding program'.
I've very sad to hear of all the problems you have had with your dog, and I can understand the issues you have had due to the age he was when you received him. We did get a puppy from Rolling H Farm, and she is a beauty. But we did go to their kennel to pick her out, un-anounced, and from what we saw, the dogs live in a clean enviornment and are well cared for. We have had a couple of issues with our female, and that was that she was very shy and was not socialized at all. She is now almost 2 years old, and has just begun to be a very trusting dog. I feel thats because it is a kennel, and the puppies are not raised in a loving home enviornment. She also has skin allergies, but having been the owner of other rare breeds in the past, this is not completely uncommon. I'm on the fence as to the subject of purchasing from them again. For the price you pay for such a rare breed, they do have good dogs, and their color and markings are outstanding. But socialization is a problem.
HeatherRWM wrote:
Sorry you also had a negative experience. My baby is turning 6 in a week, so it looks like we got our dogs around the same time.

I contacted them several times to let them know that we were having these problems, and as a result (I'm sure others complained as well), they don't breed sheepdogs anymore.

How old was your puppy when you got her? Did they give you a 2 year health guarantee? I know we got one with Walter, but I don't remember exactly the terms as he wa
s perfectly healthy just a maniac :roll:

Hi i purchased 2 puppies from rolling h farms and i am very unhappy with them. They have had several problems including hip dysplasia. They where also very shy and not socialized. After several attempts to get in contact with them they finally called me and where rude and didnt care . I will never purchase from rolling h again.
Ali wrote:
Well they arent members of OESCA..............
and WHite German Shephards are not recognized by the AKC.....

does this give you any clues/heads up on what type of breeders these are?
I have a white shepherd from rolling h farm he is the best healthy huge great with people and other dogs they did us well with him. i would send anyone to get a pup from them he came from white chocolate bullet and sophie2 litter of april 2016 fore the person who said they can not be akc reg. you dont know what you are talking about i am looking at his papers know what you are talking about before you post
Do your research, they are negotiating in trying to recognize white or dilute colors, but as of now they are not AKC recognized. Pale or white colors will be disqualified in show. A purebred can be registered. But will not be recognized. Sable and liver colors are treated the same.
Always research your breeder. I spent 6 months doing my research before I purchased a pup. With the internet at your fingers, it is fairly easy now.
So... the AKC does not withhold registration from GSDs that happen to be white, but they do disqualify them in the GSD conformation ring, and they are not recognize a separate breed. ... ized-breed
Exactly. Registration is based on the pedigree of a purebred dog. I don't think colors affect it. But it is still not recognized by the AKC as a purebred. The rules are weird.
In The UK the White Shepherd are recognized as a seperate breed. But they have different standards in the UK.

As much as I get standards, why the AKC is allowing mixed breeds such as doodles to be sold at such high prices, and even allowing on their site that these dogs are AKC registered is a joke.
It's a mutt, a fairly expensive, based on coloring for price mutt.
So all in all, registration is based on pedigree, if the parents are purebred, than so are the pups, regardless of color.
But take that standard into the ring, and your dog gets the boot.
for ali and the person who said i need to do my research i did i left the post showing where you can see white shepherds are recognized by the akc they just can not be in show they are a pure breed dog i have had german shepherds my whole life and was a military police dog handler the last two were white the first adicus hooked me on them after adicus passed i found rolling h and can not be more happy with prince adicus he is two now as i said he is huge and beautiful i think you should meet the pup before you get them faye showed me three and prince picked me he came to me playful like lets go home dad it was a instant bond with all the pups they have had there are going to be some with problems but the temperment is up to how you raise them prince is my last as i am now getting up in age but if someone wants a white shepherd rolling h is a great place to go faye and glenn were great with me all i can say rolling h white shepherds rock
Your personal choice. I just did a quick research on them, and would never purchase from them period.
Not enough reviews, nothing on AKC about them, besides them being on the marketplace. Facebook is filled with poor reviews.
Just with a quick eyeball, I would never consider one of their pups. If they have been in the business for 35 years, why is there not much info on them?
I can Google my Breeder, and the Ckc is in the first page, first on the Google search.
So in a nutshell, with not knowing this whole thread, as I did not read it, I don't know about the breeder, besides my quick search. I would not put money into a breeder who cannot prove themselves to be worthy of the breed.
Look up Lee River Shaggies, and see the info that pops up, pictures, training, links about the breed. They put their life into their dogs.
Now do that with Rolling h farms. See the difference.
Be blessed you have a healthy dog.
But that doesn't mean others have received the same luck.
everone has there own choice for this very special event after all this is a new member of your family i respect your choice all i can say are my own experience as far as i know now they only breed white german shepards i did check there blood lines which are great i checked there kennels and dogs this is not a puppy mill and i am very happy with my dog for anyone that is the most important thing i will always recomend them based on my experience
i also just checked there facebook 4 posts only 1 bad
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