Stuffing outside the bird

Okay, this year my inlaws are cooking...and they dont cook well. I offered to cook the turkey and stuffing...I was told no...okay, so instead of stove top, which is what she wanted, I told her I would come over early to stuff the bird....well, to thwart my plans she bought a turkey breast...sigh...shes afraid of "samanella''...whatever...anyway, I am still making the stuffing or now I guess I should call it dressing...however, I have never not stuffed the long does dressing take? I was planning on 40 min at 350...does that sound about right?
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It sounds a little long. I usually do about 30 minutes, to prevent drying cover the dish with foil and a lid. You can also add more celery and onions than usual, it will help keep it moist.
So what's wrong with Stove Top? Hmph!
Stovetop on THANKGIVING :?: 8O Say it isn't so Mandy. Ha, I don't even like stuffing :lol:
It doesn't take very long at all for the stuffing. We always use Mrs. Cubbison's (I would recommend that over Stove Top, but they don't sell it on the East Coast :cry: so I had my parents bring some!).

Basically just make it and put it in the oven and that's it (I think the stove top directions say to just cook the onions and celery and then add the liquid and stuffing mix and then cook for 5 minutes, so I would say any additional oven time is just extra for crisping the top...

I never stuff my bird because it makes it take longer to cook and I am a worry wart and am afraid of salmonella too :roll:
and apparently that's why I'm bringing the drinks!
Stove Top on Thanksgiving is wrong.

Never stuff the bird in advance. You can make the stuffing ahead of time in the morning and leave it in the pan until you are ready to stuff the bird. You can even make it the night before and put it in the fridge. Basically it's cooked so you just need to reheat it. In the oven at 350 til it's warm/hot.

In our family we use Brownberry's Sage and Onion Stuffing, usually 2 packs. There can be no deviations from this. Chop onions and celery fine (usually 2 large onions and several stalks of celery). Melt a stick of butter in a frying pan and saute the onions and celery until the onions are soft. You're really "sweating" the onions and celery. Dump the stuffing in a big pan, add the celery and onions. Pour another stick of melted butter over everything, and use a mixture of heated water and chicken broth to moisten the mix. Pinch off bits and eat as you mix. When thoroughly mixed, eat a bunch from the pan.

Stuff turkey and heat remaining stuffing. Mix half the bird stuffing with half the oven stuffing because the bird stuffing is really moist and the oven stuffing is drier.

Leftover stuffing and gravy makes a perfect breakfast.

Think I like stuffing????
I love stuffing aka dressing, but I prefer it out of the bird. My parents stuff the bird and then make extra "stuffing" and just wrap it in tinfoil and put it beside the bird when it's close to done.
The problem comes if you pack the stuffing too tight and don't cook the bird long enough to penetrate the stuffing.......imagine all that raw poultry juice dripping into the stuffing. Still the stuff inside is better, in our humble opinion, just not enough is made. So I make both, inside and outside cooked.

Personally I dispise cooked onion in dressing. Just me, I know. So I use celery, walnuts and cooked sausage such as Jimmy Dean's sage or regular sausage and mushrooms if I remember to buy them (I forgot again this year).

Years ago I used to make a cornbread stuffing/dressing flavored with green chile and chorizo. Alas, the chorizo here is too vinegary and I'm not into making my own sausage.

Anyway, my DH loves dressing so much, I make it throughout the year...and not Stovetop. I'm not sure I've even tried Stovetop....

We use Jimmy Dean sausage and mushrooms too. We also make enough to stuff the turkey plus have an extra dish on the side, but the stuffing from the turkey is WAY better.

Darcy, next year come to my house! No fear of salmanella here!
NO, I'm coming to your you remembered the mushrooms!

Same great dressing, but warmer climate. Alas brother was just with my mother last week, so no need for me to fall off the rim into the valley for awhile. (only AZ people understand the last line)
Paula, that's exactly how Mom makes her stuffing except she adds raisins and Jil eats a bunch from the pan.

Dad always made a HUGE batch of his special sausage stuffing and that cooked in foil packages and used milk as the liquid.

I found a recipe for apple sausage stuffing that's pretty good, but nothing's really as good as Mom's from the bird.

The stuffing is the best part!
I know this is an old post but its interesting to see how everyone makes their stuffing. I love Stove Top and homeade stuffing just depends what I'm hungry for. I make stuffing like my grandmother.I cube two loaves of bread and let get stale or dry in oven on low with door cracked.I fry onions and celery in lots of butter till browned.Then I mix it in with the bread and dump in poultry seasoning and salt to taste and pepper . I peel my potatoes to boil for mashed potatoes. I boil three potatoes soft and mash with the potatoe masher and stir into my stuffing and then stuff the bird.I like my food spicy and the spicier the better. THats probably why I like the STove Top stuffing.
I love homemade dressing. The way I make it is to use: cornbread, a few biscuits, salt, pepper, celery, green onions, yellow onions, chicken broth, shredded chicken breast... Hmm, I know I'm leaving a couple of things out but that's the jist of it.
I find that stovetop is too salty...Give me Mrs Cubbison's any day! And keep it away from the inside of that turkey! :D
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