eating batteries! help!!!

truman got ahold of the remote control and ate the battery out of it!!
he has since thrown it up, and it has chew marks on it, a few puncturing the platic sheeting around the battery, but i can't tell if he got into the acid. he seems fine, no different than usual, no fever, no sores in his mouth, no blood in his stools, but i am scared to death he's been poisoned!
should i take him to the vet? being a weekend night, it would be so expensive, but of course his health is worth it, i just thought i'd check here to see if you all thought he would be okay or had experience with this.

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I hope he is all right. Sounds like he should be. It generally takes a while for the toxic chemicals to leach out, so throwing it up was such a good thing! Especially if the dog did it him self and did it withing 30 minutes to an hour of ingesting it.
Just keep watching him for blood in his poop (it will look dark black) or coughing up blood. And any unusual behavior. I think that is all a vet would do at this point. And you know your dog best.
My daughter did the same thing when she was 2, except she began gagging on the triple A battery. So I turned her upside down and out it came. Poison control said that it took several hours before the stomach acids could have leached anything out. Batteries have heavy metals in them too. They told me to just keep an eye on her for 24 hours.
The remotes without the retaining screws are something we have to watch for, but I taped ours shut with duct tape. That way it won't going scattering batteries on the floor next time.
Abbi grabbed our remote once, but my husband sort of put the fear of God into her that time. Now she doesn't go near the remote. And she isn't allowed any where near his BIG SCREEN. Especially with the BIG game coming up!
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