Does anyone have a cute OES picture for carving onto a pumpkin? Preferablly something easy? I REALLY want a sheepie pumpkin this year, but I haven't really seen anything slightly sheepie-ish. I'm not spectacular at carving tiny lines, they always end up caving in or being too small to see, so a pic with big pieces would be good...

Any other cute pumpkin patterns are good too- heck, lets all share, and then maybe we can post our pumpkin pics on halloween!!!

Karen :)
Ron wrote:
Yeah, there's a pic and a link below.
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Actually the little pic that Saul is using as an avatar right now would be easy to do on a pumpkin, very simple sketch...
This is by far the cutest pumpkin I've ever done. :)

My pumpkin (which is oldest son's nickname too) ... antern.jpg ... umpkin.jpg
Holy Gail...that pumpkin is amazing!

My pumpkins NEVER look like they are supposed to! I have such a Martha Stewart complex! I always buy EVERY magazine before holidays, get it in my head how everything is going to look...and it NEVER does! It's depressing! :lol:

I'll try and do a sheepie pumpkin...but it will probably look like a spider or something! :oops:
Gail, you are so talented. The pumpkin is adorable.

I like the idea of a sheepie pumpkin.
Will have to do a search for something.
that pumpkin is amazing. i don't even really understand how you did it. . .
LOL gail you are amazing...we dont even carve ours anymore....they last longer and i cant screw them up....I might be a designer, but my talents are limited to paper and fabric only....Martha Stewart
I took a baby pic of him and traced it onto the pumpkin...then carved away. That thing took FOREVER to do, lol I'd try one of Jasper if hubby was home, but I don't think I'll have the time to carve anything but eyes and a mouth this year. :)
Last year hubby did a freehand sheepie on our pumpkin...the kids LOVED it
Can't provide pics for you guys got packed up already 8O
You did an amazing job. I have no idea how to carve a pumpkin, so you can charge for lessons! :D
Gail- your pumpkin was gorgeous! Do you have any tips for turning pics into pumpkin patterns? I can never figure out what parts to make into holes! I can think of a lot of sheepie pics that might make cute pumpkins but I can't figure out how to make those pictures transfer into cutable designs!! (someone might see their avatar on my pumpkin this year- sorry, but I HAVE to steal from somewhere, having none of my own :lol: )

Karen :)
I found white pumpkins at the health food store today! :D How perfect is that for my spider...I mean Sheepdog pumpkin? :lol:

If you have a stained glass store near you get a pattern book called Dog Show 2, there's a simple pattern of an OES in it. I have the book so if I can figure out how to copy it I'll send it to you. Maybe scan into a file?
I don't have a stained glass store by me, our craft store is pretty generic, and the stained glass section is teeny. I think that if you were to scan the pattern into the computer using a scanner, you should be able to save it as a picture file of some flavor. Let me know if you get it to work, and I'll give you my e-mail addy to send the file to.

And a white pumpkin- you're right- that IS perfect for an OES pumpkin. I gotta get one, I know my pumkin place has them!

Karen :)
I'll give it a try, you may need to make the pattern larger/smaller. A cross stitch pattern may work too.
I see we have quite a crafty community here!

We're always willing to help out, so we created a pattern you can use to carve your pumpkins... Under one condition!!!! You HAVE to send us a picture of your sheepdog pumpkin to show!

Go to our site's downloads section and you'll find the Got Treats? wallpaper/pattern in a large size, suitable for printing.

Happy carving!
Karen, I scanned the pattern, just let me know where to send it.
Thanks Saul :D
Thanks you guys!!! I'll be sure to take a pic of my pumpkin. I've already been told that we ARE going pumpkin shopping this weekend other wise "all the good ones will be gone" :lol: So hopefully I'll be able to successfully transfer the pattern without carving out the wrong bits... Who else is gonna join me in the Sheepie pumpkin carving fun???

Karen :)
I just bought some carvable pumpkins from Joanne Fabrics, that way if they turn out well I can use them next year. Last year I made a ceramic pumpkin, I drilled small holes all over it and inserted a string of white Christmas lights in it. Looks cute in a small area like a bathroom.
I'm in!!! :lol:

Thanks Saul!!!! I'm just going to be embarassed when you post a pumpkin that looks like a spider! :oops:

This is going to be awesome! :clappurple:
Anybody doing any interesting Sheepie patterns this year?

How about this one?

Click the picture for full size; opens in a new window.
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