Winter Expectations?

Hey There,

We are approaching the winter season and this is our first winter with Hendrix. Just wondering if we should expect anything different with his coat? It seems he's sheding a bit more and itching more, is that normal? Thanks for all the input!
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You can expect a HAPPY sheepie frolicking in the snow, coming in with snowballs attached everywhere and the lovely smell of wet dog! 8O
But on a good note...snow is incredibly cleansing to the coat LOL!
Make sure that you check the fur between the pads for ice. It tends to accumulate in their and they can get frostbite if it's left in their. Also check for any salt that gets into their paw fur, they try to lick it off. Either rinse or watch for extra licking.
I echo Kim - all my sheepies have LOVED the snow! I can still see Drez out in the backyard, in snow up to her belly, with her tongue hanging out and smiling about as big as she could, then taking off and just leaping like a deer in and out of the snow banks. What fun she had, and what a sight she was!

Keep plenty of towels on hand for when he comes in. And like Mandy said, be sure to check his pads for snow.

Have fun!

My guys love the snow, and it does keep them so much cleaner! You do have to watch the fur between the toes, it can mat horribly because it's always wet from going outside and getting snow stuck in it.
We keep a towel by the door to wipe off feet when they come in, but sometimes if they've been rolling and diving in it, we just give up, gate them off in the kitchen, wait til they dry a bit, and wipe up the floor.
Yup! Sheepies love snow! :lol: BOING, BOING...that's my favorite is the jump-running through a huge fresh snowfall! :lol:

I'll take winter over spring anyday with sheepies! All the dirt is well below snow level! :D YAY! :lol:
When we had our Flora years ago and the kids were little, we got a harness like the huskies wear and hooked it up to a saucer, and she pulled the kids all over the snow filled yard. They love snow and they are lovely to see bouncing around in it. They do get wet and ice does form in their pads as everyone has stated, but so much fun for the entire family. Makes for many happy memories for our family.
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