lower jaw shaking???

Hello, I have a question. Jack's lower jaw started shaking on Sunday, what I would consider like a human's mouth chattering from the cold. The weather was around 55 degree's and we were getting ready to leave in the van to take Jack and Annabelle to my mom's house who was going to watch them for the night and the next day. Jack loves to ride and didn't seem nervous or anything. Anyway, it had stopped after around 5 minutes of being in the van. We went ahead and stayed at my mom's for 3 hours to get the dogs adjusted to their stay for the night. (This was their first time there.) It never happened again while we were there and they were there from 2pm on Sunday until 11:30 pm on Monday. Well, today (Tuesday) it did it again while we were sitting and petting him. It only lasted around 2 minutes and he seemed just fine, maybe a little hyper than usual, but I figure that was because of being gone from us for the night. Anyway, I don't think the jaw shaking is anything, but it did concern us. If anyone has had this or has an opinion please let us know. I appreciate it. Thanks, Stormi
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Hello again,

He just did the lower jaw shaking while I was brushing him it only lasted a few seconds this time. I think we are going to call the vet and ask them. My motto with kids and pets is it is better to be safe than sorry. I will let you know if I figure something out.
This is something that Jake did as well. The very first time we saw it was during an acupuncture (with electrical stimulation) visit for his hindquarters.

This "behavior" of chattering lasted the rest of his life (I think it was another few years, anyway) at random times, at least daily, for no apparent reason. Vet didn't seem to worried about it, though it seemed quite odd to us.

My own personal belief is that something about the electrical stimulation from the acupuncture that triggered it, but maybe it was just a coincidence.

Please be sure to tell us what the vet says if you decide to give him/her a ring.
Good luck!
Our vet seems to think it is a nervous twitch, but that it could be something else. Since we left Jack and Annabelle while we went on a trip that it was most likely just nerves. I have still been noticing it, but it only lasts seconds at a time now. The vet wants us to wait until we get settled back in and see if it stops. I think we will take him back in a week if it still happening. I am sure he is fine, but we want to make absolutely sure.
Happy New Year! Stormi
I adopted Tyler when he was 4 years old, and I noticed the chattering movement you described from the begining. When I seem to notice it most is when he is happy or excited in a good way. Like you are talking to him or brushing him or petting him in a place he particularly likes. I never was worried about it. However I did wonder about it. Kiera does not do this particular thing, but then again she is much more aloof to her human contact than Tyler is. Tyler thrives on our relationship, and is very sensitive to any changes, like if my husband and I are arguing, he seems upset. Kiera in the begining could care less about us, she is changing now. She seems much more into being with me and pleasing me.

The thing I love most about rescue is that you get this fur ball who has no choice but to trust you, with Tyler it was right up front. With Kiera, it has been hard earned. But before your very eyes these personalites develop and the relationship grows and changes. I didn't see it as much as with Tyler, he and I fell in love at first sight and the love afair has continued. With Kiera she had been through 5 homes in 4 years. The trust and love has been slower but I think deeper in many ways. She is still aloof at times, but still wants to be loved but on her terms. She is warming up to me.

I love these kids.
Maudie was a teeth chatterer of great renown. Fear, happiness, expectations........and cold all caused the chatter. One sure way was to say "DQ" meaning it was time for a trip for ice cream.

With my current Simone, her chatter is strictly she's cold...especially after playing in ice cold water.
This happens to my sisters Basset Hound sometimes. It seems like it is much worse as she has aged - but it tends to be when she's been eating a bone or something (and it's like TMJ).

The thing that would concern me - sometimes they do this when they are in pain or have a fever. Is there anything else going on with him that would make you think that was the reason???

my sammy (16 months old) does it to. i adpoted him 3 weeks ago and he did it all the time at first. now he only does it when we have visiters in the house. i think it is just a nervous reaction.
Hi everyone,

My vet did think at the time that it was a nervous reaction. I have never seen Annabelle do it, so I was actually under the impression it was male thing. It is reasurring to know that there are so many other sheepies and non-sheepies that also do it. Thanks, Stormi and co.
Stormi, does Jack still do that? Or has it gone away since then?
Yes, Jack does still do that.....it doesn't seem to have anything to do with nerves anymore though.....I am trying to figure out a nice way to explain it. I guess he smells Annabelle's female hormones and will do it then and he now has decided that everywhere she urinates he has to go urinate in the same spot and he chatters after he smells the place where she went. Our neighbors intact scottie dog has also chattered after smelling Annie. I am guessing Annabelle is just about to go back into heat. She has been getting a little more fiesty and aggressive playing toward Jack and Jack is starting to exhibit the same behavior of howling and also being rough with Annabelle. Her vulva is a slight bit swollen with clear discharge, but no bleeding. We have separated them until we figure out if she is going into heat. If she goes on an average 6 month cycle, she wouldn't go into heat until Sept. 15, but this will be only her second heat so a pattern is not established yet. Annabelle has never chattered....the reason above is why I was suspecting the behavior to be only of an intact male, I guess I was wrong. We are taking Jack in on Saturday, and we will talk about it again. We are going to a new vet....my husband and I found out about this vet at the last dog show we attended and she is also the only 24 hour/7 days a week vet in the state. We talked with her and the other vet today for almost 2 hours. I was so impressed! She comes very highly recommended, and I figured with Marie expecting soon we would like to find a more accessible place for night birthing. I am hoping our talk on Saturday will be as enjoyable as it was today over the phone. Anyway, by the looks of this post I have jumped topics a dozen times, so I will quit rambling. LOL Stormi and co.
Hey -

I just saw this post and thought I would weigh -in- My first OES, Penelope, did the lower chin chatter most of her adult life. It always seemed to come up when she was particularily stimulated, good or bad. I most often noticed it when we would be playing frisbee or fetch and she would be waiting for me to throw, she would stand frozen in anticipation of catching the frisbee and her lower jaw would chatter about seven or eight times and then stop. Same thing if she spotted a bunny or a bird and was sitting dead still watching it, ready to take off in a barking tirade- again the little chatter. Never seemed related to cold, just nervous anticipation.

Sorry to be so late in responding. One of my current male OES "chatters" when he sniffs the (spayed) female's rear end or urine. She takes meds for "leaking" and they contain hormones. I had a male OES years ago who chattered the same way under the same circumstances -- he looked a little like a wine taster sampling the goods.
I love the forum. Chummie has recently started with the lower jaw chatter and I thought I would look to see if anyone else had written about it and whether it indicated a serious problem. Now my mind is at ease. She does it in moments of anticipation (mostly for a treat or even petting). . . Whew!
All my dogs have done this at one time or another. It was something
I didn't even think about till the other day when Zeke was cleaning
Tucker's eye scratch. When he was done Tucker's face was totally
dripping wet and Zeke was sitting there just chattering away. I
think - at least for us- it happens when they are very happy or
very satisfied, and occasionally when they are excited. It only lasts
a few minutes, and I kinda think it's funny!

Thanks for bumping this thread - I hadn't read it before.

We experienced teeth chatter in our 8-year old female, Rosie. When it did not stop after 3 months, we took her to the teaching vet hospital at Virginia Tech. After EEG revealed that she was having (best guess) 'minor' seizures every few seconds, we agreed to have an MRI done. It showed nothing unusual. We had already asked that her teeth receive a total cleaning as long as she was already under a general anesthetic.

Result of teeth cleaning? Discovered a horribly abcessed upper right molar in her mouth as well as 6 loose teeth (very small front teeth) that also had to be extracted. The pain must have been terrible! As soon as she had a few days of antibiotics the chattering stopped entirely.

Lesson: Our family vet had been trained at Virginia Tech, but was hesitant to refer us to them until we indicated that the cost was not a big deal (total was about $1,200). He was going to prescribe a small dose of anti-seizure medication....which would have accomplished nothing and could have done some damage.

If you value your dog's health, have those teeth checked thoroughly under a general anesthesia about every two years. If chattering begins, go do it immediately!
My male Frankie does the lower jaw chatter when he smells a females parts. I never suspected it was a problem, I just thought he likes his fava beans with a little chianti! :wink:
Hello, my dog is a sheltie and she happens to snap(bite) at another one of my dogs when she or another dog are hurt (some are her offspring if that could help). She makes a single snap, as an aftershock of the bite it appears to me that it could be a spasm of her lower jaw where it constantly chatters for about 15 seconds. Anyone that could provide a reasonable explanation would be solving my curiousity. Thanks!
I also have a male Frankie and he does the same teeth chatter when he sniffs a female when she is in heat. But only then.
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