Urinating while sleeping

I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this. My female puppy is 5 months old. Every once in awhile since we brought her home at 8 weeks she urinates on herself while she is sleeping. She had stopped for about a month and we thought she was done, but it happened again yesterday. She does have juvenile vaginitis and has been treated with antibiotics.

The episodes of urination do not seem to happen in any kind of pattern...ie after heavy exercise. I haven't asked the vet about it because at first I thought it might have been related to the vaginitis, but she just finished a round of antibiotics last week.

Any ideas?


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She may have a bladder infection that is resistant to whatever antibiotics she is on. Perhaps ask the vet for something different, and make sure every single dose is right on time, and don't miss a single one till it's finished.
Has she been spayed yet? That is a common problem in spayed females, especially when they are spayed early.
Is it just a dribble or a full-on pee?
She hasn't been spayed yet...she will be at the beginning of November when she is 6 months.

Sometimes there is a large puddle...sometimes just a little bit. I guess it just depends on how much was in her bladder.

It is very sporadic too. Sometimes it would happen 3 days in a row...and then nothing for 2 weeks. It had been at least a month when it happened the other day.

It also never happens at night...only during daytime naps.

I've got a female GSPointer 3 years old that has always had infrequent urination while asleep. She's been testing and treated for UTI in the past, but that is not always present when the uncontrolled accidents occur. I have her at the vet every time it happens hoping to find a pattern or cause. But so far nothing. We are on our way there again, as last night it happened twice. Very annoying and embarrassing for the dog. We are going to try meds to control urination production, which is not my first choice of solution, but I'm at my whits ends with her. If anyone has any solutions I would love to hear any advice that we may not have come across yet. I'm are starting to wonder if maybe a canine chiropractor may be able to help with any nerve function to the bladder and controlling muscles.... I'm willing to try almost anything, within financial reason.
Mercy's Mum wrote:
I've got a female GSPointer 3 years old that has always had infrequent urination while asleep.

I don't know if its the same problem, but Maggie dribbles sometimes without knowing it, while she's lying down. We have her on Proin. I give her 1 tablet 3 times a week and she's fine. But its a maintenance thing. If i stop the treatment, the problem recurs.
Hi Mercy's mom, is your GSP Spayed?

That could be the cause if she is, as sometimes they can develope what is called "Spay incontinence" . Medication for this condition can help controll the leaks. See the vet and firstly rule out another UTI, then speak to the vet about the possibility that it might be "Spay Incontinence" for appropriate medication to help her if she is spayed. :D
Tonks has the EXACT same problem! Since we got her home at 8 weeks old, she has occasional urination in her sleep. She'll go as much as 3 weeks without it happening, and then we'll have an incident. Our vet says its not incontinence; or it would be more regular. We also notice its after alot of activity; when she's really tired. Its gotten a bit better the older she has grown, and spaying seemed to have no affect.

Our trainer says one of her dogs was having a similar problem, and changing to a raw diet cleared it up. So thats something to consider.
The GSP is 3 years old and has a random history of uncontrolled urinatation.

Tonks is different as hers is probably just to do with developing more controll of her bladder, maturing for better controll in the wee deparment from a baby pup.

Ruling out medical problems by a vet, like another UTI or other medical problems I would sure be looking at "Spay Incontinence" if the GSP is spayed. The start of that is random uncontrolled leaks that progressively gets more frequent over time
Amanda P, who started this thread; her pup is only 5 months old. So like Tonks, it may just be a developmental issue.
I did rule out another UTI, she does however have acidic urine, so a food change is in process (researching if some holistic food is available that I'm happy with) Thank you all so much, I mentioned to the vet about it being a hormonal post spay reaction , and she agreed. We gave her a shot of ECP, not my first choice for the increased risk of cancer in long term use, but I figure if it helps, then I'll spend the time and money finding a natural alternative.
Thank you for all your advice, I know this isn't a site for GSP's but was desperate for some new advice! Thanks again!
P.S. All your pups are too cute! I grew up with friend who had a male sheepdog, named Wellington. He was a great dog, and a loyal friend to me as a child!
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