How much do you TIP your groomer?

After reading through the post "How much do you pay your groomer" I wonder what an appropriate tip would be: $ or %. Maybe show both because I would suspect the % would be lower for higher fees. I plan to do Maggie and Barney monthly. I'm thinking a tip of $10 per dog would be appropriate. What do you think?
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I really think it's whatever you are comfortable with giving after you see your dogs. I know what a task it is to groom OES' (as we all do), and I KNOW they'd spend more time brushing my dog out than any other dog (purely due to size and length of hair), so I would take that into account.

If it was $100, most likely husband and I would both tip about $20.
If it was a shave down/clipping that cost $50, I would tip $10.
Pooh usually costs me $55
This time it was cheaper cause she gave me her %20 employee discount.

I have normally given $10 but this last time I gave her $20.
Mine works for himself out of a little dog boutique where he is the only groomer and he sets his own prices. So I don't tip -- just like I don't tip the hairstylist if he/she is the owner of the salon.
I tip 25% as long as I like what they've done. I usually take Lucy and Clyde and I know Clyde is a lot harder than Lucy-- both in grooming and attitude! 25% ensures that they're properly compensated no matter what a terror he is.
Jill, look at that face, how could Clyde be a terror?

I also tip 25% because then you get a throughly dry dog back :D
If you groom your own dog, why dont you get a tip from your spouse???
Like a pair of shoes or something??????

I always ask for a full back massage after grooming our dog.
Yeah, Billy says why bother grooming the dogs when I can bring the dogs down to his sister and she will do it for free... Umm he forgets to add in gas money. That would be around $40... So I do it 8) and I am getting better each time. I would like a tip..especially after doing Peanut who bites :roll:
When I did have a groomer they were always the owners of the places. I never tipped them
Thanks, guys for all the "tips." Bonnie did a great job on Maggie last week. This Tuesday Barney get's his initial cleanup. Then its monthly for both of them thereafter. I admire you people who do your own grooming, especially if you're working full time or raising a family.
wow $100 dolars for grooming sound expensive if you ask me but i'm british

einy says he come back all nice from his groomers hes says she loves him

well enough from einy he is right she says hes the best dog to groom just stands there really stil untill she done

i drop him off it takess 4 hours and only cost £25 approx $40/45

she doesn't expect a tip but i give her one anyway
Joahaeyo wrote:

I always ask for a full back massage after grooming our dog.

I like your thinking girl!!!!!
I usually got around $5 for tips, $1-2 for the weekly baths that come in.

My biggest was $250 from someone that came in every single week as a "Christmas bonus". I was the only other person her cat liked, and I used to pet sit for her all the time also. Even after I quit my job there, I still went to her house to bathe her cat for her, lol I miss that cat (she passed away), but I still talk to the owner on occasion. :(
I owned my own dog groomng bussiness for 4 years.
Most people would toss in an extra $10 for a $ 55 hair cut.
Now that I'm only grooming Daisy, my tips are the kisses
from her.
Much less stress and a whole lot more rewarding.
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