dogs like ice

Does anyone have a dog who loves ice. All 3 of mine love to eat ice cubes, Fergie will stand at the refrig door and wait for daddy to get some ice for his drink. He will drop a cube just for her. :lol: Just wondering.
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Mine love them too...
We have a thread about this somewhere... but I don't think the title had anything to do with ice so I doubt we'll find it
Bogart loves ice!
Its a real favorite -we freeze ice in a plastic cup
then pop it half way out of the cup (like a snow cone)
and we hold it while he licks like crazy.

The only thing better he likes is fresh snow! :D
Add Jasper to this group. :)
Ice Ice Baby!

Ice rocks! Cold, treat, they love it and best of alllllll

My 2 love ice as well...only thing is we cant put ice in the water bowl...Avalon thinks they are for swatting out of the bowl LOL
Add Darla and Reba to that too. When they hear the ice maker start up, they zoom into the kitchen like fighter jets. And if Darla isn't fast enough, Reba steals hers and puts both in her mouth. lol
It's Clyde's favorite. He can hear the ice machine no matter where he is in the house or from a dead sleep and comes bounding over. No one can get ice without sharing!
I just love Cyde's Yankee Doodle hat!!!
Mine love ice too but Carl won't take it unless you drop it on the ground and say, oops. Guess he thinks he's getting away with something!
crazy4sheepdogs wrote:
I just love Cyde's Yankee Doodle hat!!!

Lol. That's his Harry Potter wizard birthday hat from his party a couple of weeks ago. He really liked wearing it!
Bailey loves ice too. He can be nowhere in sight when you go to the freezer, but as you close the door there he is in his best Sit, with his head cocked to the side as if to say "ice for me, please?".
Barney is ambivalent about ice. My parents' dog Maggie LOVES it, although recently she started puking them up, so we've had to stop giving them to her. It's so sad to see...she'll come charging into the kitchen from anywhere in the house, only to not be allowed them anymore... :cry:
Tyler loves to eat the ice out of my Iced Coffee's. He gets very insulted if I forget to share with him.
Panda waits by the freezer door... not begging, but not not begging...if you know what I mean :D
I wish Yuki or Isis loved ice. I've tried giving it to them since they were a puppy and occassionally still do. Yuki carefully takes it from my hand (guess it's cold so she doesn't snatch it like maybe a doggie biscuit), spits it out on the carpet, examines it, licks it a few times, and walks off.

If I put it in her mouth again (which I do), she does the same thing.

If I put one cube in their water, they don't want to drink the water. They think it's something that's not supposed to be in there, so try to drink around it. :lol:
I never use ice but I was feeling bad because Chum's been having digestive troubles and so I've limited her snacks, but I wanted to give her something to chomp on and I remembered this thread. Well, it turns out she *loves* ice!! She looked so excited when I took out the tray (perhaps she's had ice before?) I was worried she'd get brain freeze so I doled it out a few pieces at a time but she ended up eating the whole trayful! Do I have to be careful about how much ice I give her? I'm so excited that she has a new crunchy diet snack!
The person who gets ice out of the ice dispenser gets body slammed by Sam (who loves her "cubes") ...there are warnings on the freezer :lol: !
I know that since Norman has gotten older he can only eat really small pieces of ice and only one at a time. If he eats 2 or more he throws up. I'm guessing it's the temp because he doesn't do it after drinking. Other than that you just have to watch for wet spots after they get distracted and forget they left that thing melting on your rug!
Pooh will wait until you put them either in his crate or better yet, put one on the floor so he can "play" with it before he eats it. He jumps on it, pawws it and nudges it with his nose!
My dogs all bump into whoever opens the freezer
The moment i open the freezer door, my little one is there to be treated to a *cube* or 2, bear in mind i live in the uk where temps aint that warm but she loves here ice....strange eh?
We were tired of all the water splashed all over the place when Bosley drank, so we thought we'd be smart and freeze the water in his water dish so it would slowly melt and could drink a bit at a time, and also lick it so none would splash. WRONG!!!! As soon as it started to melt he would just take the whole thing out of the bowl. Picture a huge ice cube the size of a mixing bowl, slowing melting on the kitchen or hallway floor. BRAT!
Louie loves ice. anytime someone gets a drink he is there wanting more ice. he also loves it in his water dish. he likes to pick it out and play with it before he eats it.

Panda waits by the freezer door... not begging, but not not begging...if you know what I mean

i know exactly what you mean.
My West highland White Terrier loves ice cubes. Everytime he hears us open the freezer door and reach into the ice holder he runs and expects his piece. Then he drops it on the floor and pushes it around the kitchen like a hocky puck. Cracks me up to watch him. Sometimes he will just chew it up when it is given to him.
does ice do anything bad to them? cause my dog loves ice too and i don't know if its harmful or anything

plz answer? ima first time dog owner!
^^^^ I can't think of any reason why ice would be harmful for dogs.
If it's too cold for their sensitive tongue they'll spit it out...
Otherwise, I think it'd be better for them to lick on ice cubes than to drink hoards of water when they are hot after a long walk.
My dog once threw up a whole lot of water from drinking too fast, too much after a long walk.
I've found that after meals, ice will make Clyde throw up. I have no idea why because any other time, he can down cube after cube.
Oh MY - Bingley has decided that he LOVES ice! I can't be anywhere near him when I have a glass of water because I made the mistake of giving him some of my ice from the cup. Now he hears the ice water and comes running over! I like the fact he likes ice cubes and as soon as he is calm I crack some ice for him and let him take it from my hand! :wink:
Fozzis LOVES ice cubes. I can't open the freezer without him running to stick his nose in there! He takes the cube to the living room and kicks it around :D. I need to get a video of that.

I suppose ice cubes could be dangerous if a pup swallows a large cube whole and it cuts off the airway.
Jack loves ice, but then he love anything that comes from the refrigerator!! Or the pantry...... :lol: He's the only dog we've had to likes ice. The rest of them look at me like I'm nuts....."It's only water......"

It's incredibly dangerous to give your dog ice or even ice cold water. Stop it!
That's just one opinion and one incident. In fact, upon searching, almost any mentions of ice causing bloat refer back to that single Dogster incident. Bloat is common in large, deep chested dogs and ice alone wouldn't necessarily cause the bloat to occur. In that article, in fact, the owner mentioned that dog gulped down a bunch of water as well.

This came from a newspaper article out the News and Advance in Lynchburg, Virginia. It's a Q & A with a member of the health team:

Q: I got an e-mail about how ice cubes can cause "bloat" in dogs and that it can be dangerous. Is this true?

A: I talked with a local veterinarian to find out more about what bloat is.

Dr. Luke Delpo, Westlake Veterinary Medical Center says, “Bloat normally happens in deep-chested dogs when they accumulate and excessive amount of food, drink or gas in the stomach.”

He says that he has not found anything that shows ice alone can lead to bloat. But, dogs that eat large meals and drink excessive amounts of water or participate in strenuous activity right after a large meal are more prone to bloat.

The condition can be very serious as it can lead to the stomach twisting which cuts off blood supply and the dog’s system can start to shut down. This condition usually requires emergency surgery.

And according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, “For certain large breeds of dogs, your veterinarian may recommend that several smaller meals be fed rather than 1 large meal.”

If you have any further questions about your dog and bloat talk to your veterinarian.

Actually eating ice cubes is harmless as long as your dog is not too overheated. Our Vet said if your dog has been running and playing hard and is over heated do NOT give him ice until he cools down some. Just cold water only. Until he cools down a little. If he cools too quickly from the ice he can go into shock and die from his temp dropping too suddenly. Just thought I would add that. :)
Bella loves ice cubes, which is good because we are trying to work out her allergies, so no cookies or treats for now. Sadly, Nigel barfs every time he eats one now. Weird because he could eat them as a young pup, but not anymore. I wish I knew why he does that. My last OES boy also barfed after ice cubes.
Charlie loves Ice cubes but I'm not sure if it is ok for her to eat them!??? :roll: She also loves Ice Cream which she get's in the summer, she loves it!! :wink:
Ellie's Mum wrote:
Charlie loves Ice cubes but I'm not sure if it is ok for her to eat them!??? :roll: She also loves Ice Cream which she get's in the summer, she loves it!! :wink:

Morgan loves ice cubes and will eat any I spill out of the freezer (happens more often than you would think). Puppy adores Morang and would do anything he did this summer. so Morgan runs over and gets ice cube - yum, crunch crunch crunch. puppy grabs one - Dude! its like water! are you crazy!

ahh idols fall quickly.

seriouslly though I do notice Morgan eating a ice in the yard too - perhaps thats why he isn't so hungry at dinner :oops:

I assume - since it doesn't make him barf and we try to control how much he gets - it isn't a big deal.
Wow, this is an old chestnut of a topic.... 2005
Pirate and Liz love ice. Keira doesn't. Maybe a sheepie thing.
Not sure if it's to eat, play and make a mess, or just cool off. But he likes it.

Our yellow lab comes running anytime he hears someone getting ice from the refrigerator door. He loves his ice treats!
Butchy does too and even Tripper who hates ice comes for his little piece because Butchy got one.
My guys like it if I happen to drop one on the floor but this doesn't happen often.

One cool (pun intended) :D suggestion which you guys probably already know about but that i sometimes do when I place bunnies outside or have to take dogs to the vet on hot summer days. I freeze a bowl of water and the critters are content to lick it until we get to our destination.

My dog Kai just absolutely loves it, he follows you to the kitchen every time he thinks you getting and ice cube fore him
My other dog Penny won't have anything to do with ice cubes but she loves fresh snow and shaved ice lol
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