Breeding - When is the best time to breed?

can anyone tell me when is the best time to breed - when is the best days for her to get get caught pregnant
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After lots and lots of research, and then a little more research after that. :D I am assuming this is an OES, find an OES breeder that has some experience behind them and ask for mentoring. If you are a first time OES owner, enjoy this time to get to know the breed, and then when you are really prepared, and know the answers such as when to breed.
There are more complicated questions involved, such as the pedigrees, is there any inbreeding? Has any of the dogs, or grandparents been tested for hip displaysia,, I just figured out I could go on forever. I want to stay sincere to you in my post. Please think long and hard, go through some of the past post regarding breeding. A lot of members here have a very passionate view on breeding, please don't take offense to what is said. Everyone means well, even if I or someone else doesn't always come across the best way.
I am not a breeder, I just did some research and learned enough in 3 years to know that my dogs were not right, even if I thought I was ready. Now, I am happy with the 2 best sheepies, that are altered and one of these years....maybe....WAY DOWN THE ROAD....LOL, we may think of breeding OES again.
I apologize for ranting, it is late, and I couldn't sleep. :D

Best wishes,
Stormi and co.
Not to sound harsh, but if you don't know when to have a dog breed you haven't done the research into it.

At 2 yrs old you must have them checked out by a vet, hip x-ray for sure the #1, thyroid, eyes, heart, once all the tests are cleared, find a stud, not related, and has passed all the tests as well.

Then you can worry about when to "catch" her cycle. If you go ahead and do this willy nilly, be prepared for a tremendous amount of work, and alot of poo...puppies take up all your time, you are housebound for MIN 8 puppy should leave the litter before that. And are you prepared to gaurantee those puppies against hip dysplasia? Keep them if they do not find homes? Take any back? Answer all questions about the breed, and be available to new owners who may need help? It does not end with them walking away with that puppy.

Are you also prepared for the delivery, a c-section birth, the potential loss of the mother, infections, still born puppies, not all births are perfect.

Just some things to consider....before you do this. Do more research, your not ready yet.
Sheepdog puppies, the almost, most adorable thing on earth. At least until they howl all night, get sick, chew up everything within their reach, potty all over your house, scratch up your arms and legs, bite too hard with those razors they call teeth, etc........

Leaving out all the technical stuff like the xrays, tests and such, the first question one should ask is why they want to breed the dog. Cause they're cute, well all puppies are cute. For the money, what money. There is no profit in raising puppies.

You already have the expenses of the adult dogs. Plus, possible vet fees for the pregnancy and delivery. Then comes puppies. Add expenses for docking tails, shots, wormers, registration papers, supplies, possible vet trips for illness, food, etc.......There went the profit. If someone disagrees, check out the prices, figure it up for about 8 pups, 8 weeks plus, and see what you come up with. At what price would you have to sell those puppies for to make a real profit. One that would be worth all the time, emotional stress and work involved.

Say you don't have buyers waiting for the pups when they're born. If you plan to advertise, check with the newspaper companies for prices. Last time I advertised for anything it was about $50 a week. If one paper isn't enough, times that price by however many you would advertise in.

On top of all of that, add the expenses of the xrays and tests that should also be done. There is no money in raising puppies. The only thing you get out of it is self satisfaction, joy and heartache.

If one feels the need to raise a litter of pups, since they'll be sold anyway, perhaps one could foster a litter or part of a litter that has been uprooted due to Katrina and the upcoming Rita. Plan on fostering for a minimum of 8 weeks (unless they find a home, of course), that way you'll find out what you give up and the time involved to raise and sell a litter.

There are so many animals needing homes now that there is no need to breed. We should all focus on them rather than bringing another cute little puppy into the world to take the home they couldv'e had. After all, they started out with the cute little puppy face, and look where they're at now.

The right time to breed your bitch or any other, is never, at least until all those needing a home have one. JMPO
These are some excellent replies...
There is simply so much that goes into raising dogs.
I have spent the last decade of my life in preparation for raising OES. With time, (thousands and thousands of hours of research) to learn about the breed, including health issues, temperment, what they were bred for, testing, genetics, pedigrees, grooming, showing, standards, as well as at least one great mentor who has experience and the willingness to teach (I have a few wonderful mentors who have between 30-60 years experience) on top of all that, you must ask yourself some very important questions and answer them honestly, at least to yourself. Why? Why do you want a litter of pups? Do you think you are ready without doing a great disservice to the breed?
There are really very few up and coming breeders, who are reputable, and truly want what is best for the breed, and almost no OES in the show rings anymore. A lot of the breeders who have given so much of themselves over the last 60 years or so that OES have been in North America are retiring, I'm not sure what that leaves for the future of OES if all that is left are back yard breeders and mills. It is a sad end indeed.
I would not discourage anyone who genuinely loves the breed, and is willing to learn, learn, and learn some more before considering breeding.... however I would strongly discourage those who are breeding for their own reasons, as there are far too many OES from bad breeding without homes already. Just take a look at the links to rescue on front page.... and when you see the horror stories, the sadness, heartache.... I hope anyone considering breeding will give it a good long second, third, fourth thought if necessary.
Also a formal welcome to the forum :) I do not wish to offend with my opinion.... asking questions is a great first step to making the best decision for your dogs, yourself, and OES! :)
We can't wait to hear more about your OES, the pics are beautiful! :)
I have to agree with Willowsprite. I am planning to breed OES
someday, but that time is long off for me. I look forward to
that time but I know I have miles to go before I can do it.
I am glad you are asking questions. There are those here who will
assume you are asking because you want to jump into it, when
all you did was ask a question! The more you read here the more
info you will have about OES. My only suggestion is to learn all
you can, good and bad, before you actually decide to breed.
To imply nobody should breed OES while there are still rescues to
be adopted isn't realistic. But do be responsible - as I am
sure you will be. Ask questions, get informed, read read read! As
a lover of OES I know you too want the best for the breed!

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