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Not sure if this goes in this category, but I'm curious if any of you have an outdoor dog run? If so, where did you get it? What size? Any comments would be useful. I'm thinking about putting one in my backyard, not to keep Max out at all!! I just need a safe place for him to be when I leave the house during the day, maybe 2 or 3 hours, and also for times when we want to have a barbecue out back and we just can't do that with Max at this time!! I still use his crate inside the house for nightime sleep and during dinner time, but I think having another option, especially outside, would be great!! Thanks all, Sharon :lol:
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We made our dog run...its at one side of the house, we just used chain link fencing...it is about 20 feet long x 5 feet wide but only 4 feet high..if doing it again, I would use at least 6 foot high fencing. We originally made ours for our Chow who has bad legs and hips...there was no chance of jumping over the fence. Now to prevent the OES from jumping the fence we have placed a HUGE bush at the one end where they would have been able to jump. We also put gravel in the dog run..no mud and easy to clean up poop.
Hope this helps.
We also used the side of the house..we have about 4 ft from the house to the fence...wide. Then we went past the house so at the end we used a cheaper fencing wire, and built our own gate. Remy has a dog house there, even tho she sleeps inside. But if it's raining while your out they will need a shelter.

I want to redo the end with chain link too, just make it look more professional...ideal I'd use black iron to match the rest of the decor outside...we need about 10 feet of fence and a gate.
We used chain link fence, but rather than a run we went the length of the house and extended the sides farther out than a run would be. My garage door opens into the kennel so no need to walk dog/s out, and they also have/had the garage for protection. Mine is 6ft high. Whatever you do, think about what would be the easiest set up for your situation so you won't think back on it later and wish you'd have done it different. Hard enough to get it done the first time. :roll: :lol:
If you're not in a position to "build" something yourself, we purchased ours at Tractor Supply. At $175.00, it was the best price we found. I believe it is 7x13 and comes in a long box, easy to assemble. Others are right, you will need a place for shelter for them. In our County, that is mandatory. We got ours just to allow them a safe place for those days when we're running a lot of errands and not able to take them along. Great way to provide them some exercise.
I've thought about putting up a dog run, however I know I couldn't leave them outside for even 5 minutes without me watching them. Overprotective I guess, I worry about someone stealing them, but I also know they would bark at people walking by and I don't want to annoy my neighbors.
Usually hardware stores, construction depots etc have kits for dog runs that are pretty simple to put up. A friend of mine made a home made run, with a couple bags of cement, mixed ina wheelbarrow, poured in a frame of 2x4's and then used a wooden frame and plain chain link fencing. It cost about half as much as a kit would have cost, and works well. He'll have to replace the wood of course, it will eventually rot.
I know what you mean Stacey about being afraid someone would steal them. Our dog run is only accessable from inside our home. The play yard is padlocked when the dogs are in it. It would be too easy for someone to just open the gate and let them out. Of course since they are velcro dogs they arent out alone very often :lol:
Thanks for all the great suggestions!! We're probably going to look this week for some kind of kit that includes everything. We have a Coastal Farm and Supply store that we're going to check, and Bi-Mart carries a kit for about $200. that measures about 5'x13', and I will get a doghouse also. Good idea to lock it up if I am not here, luckily the dog run isn't visible from the street, and Max isn't a big barker so hopefully he'll be quiet. I just think it would be better for him (and me) if he could be out of his crate when I have to leave, and I certainly can't leave him in the house on his own yet!! I also think I will have him get used to being in it while I'm home so I can see what he does and make sure he'll stay safe.

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